Anders, f.d Jehovas vittne. Foto: SVT


Anders speaks out again on abuse


The SVT program ran another update on the Anders situation. It is interesting to note in the same congregation that Anders was in last fall a child molester was discovered. In December after the family reported the man to police over the protests of the elders he was subsequently disfellowshipped. The molester was reinstated on May 5, 2004 of a grand total of less than five months the same day he was convicted in a court of law for abuse. This was reported by the STV program along with further developments in the Anders case. A comment sent to silentlambs is as follows:


“I know that there was an interview with you when you mentioned that Anders will be disfellowshipped for speaking out on abuse. They also have a sequence taken by a hidden camera showing Anders in front of the Kingdom Hall. In this congregation there are two child ab user s and one man who were reinstated the same day as he was found guilty in the court of law for molesting a mentally handicapped girl. These three men were welcome to the Kingdom Hall but Anders was stopped at the front door. One of the elder stood at the front door and told Anders that they will call the police if he didn't leave. Anders was very calm and didn’t do anything to cause a disturbance.”


The program is in Swedish but you can get the gist of it by watching. This is the link to view the program.

Anders. Foto: SVT