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Pat Garza Publicly accuses Ted Jaracz (current Governing Body member) of molesting her as a child on the front steps of 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY. Fifth Estate Coverage of the March. CNN/Connie Chung Interview.






Spiritual Shepherds

What to watch: The Fifth Estate (CBMT-6, 9 to 10 p.m. ) features Spiritual Shepherds, an explosive full-length report hosted by Bob McKeown that reveals disturbing allegations and evidence of sexual abuse of minors by elders of the Jehovah's Witness Church in Canada and the United States .

McKeown's interviews with abuse victims are heartbreaking and revealing, as they share their s tori es of being shamed, shunned and ultimately exiled by a church hierarchy more interested in keeping their allegations a secret than protecting defenseless children from horrific acts of abuse that they allege.

It's a shocking, powerful program that's sure to make waves in the Church, the officials of which refused to respond to the victims' allegations on camera, though not for a lack of trying on the part of the tenacious McKeown and the Fifth Estate team. The likely impact of this kind of report is precisely why it's essential media organizations continue to devote the substantial time and resources required to produce such important investigative journalism.



Archive # 2


The following material will be offered for thirty days only from the dates mentioned above.


  1. CBC video program the Fifth Estate-Filmed 2002 and released in February 2003, it shows the silentlambs march in Brooklyn , NY . Also, extensive coverage of the Vic tori a Boer case in which she was cheated out of her settlement after winning her case against Watchtower for mishandling her childhood abuse. You can read about this at this link,
  2. Letter written to all Canada Elders in 1988 that showed instructions on how to properly handle abuse allegations. Elders were instructed privately to do otherwise. This letter shows that it was not ignorance that allowed child molestation to be unreported.
  3. Letter to all Canada congregations that was sent out on May 24, 2002 in an attempt to defuse the Dateline and CBC programs on abuse.
  4. Video of Pat Garza confronting Ted Jaracz at the silentlambs march 9-27-02 . See what she had to say a few short months before she passed away due to cancer. Also an interesting clip of Milton Henschel, then Chairman of the Governing Body accepting a silentlambs flyer as he walked through a crowd of silentlambs supporters after the march. Included are the first silentlambs courage award recipients be presented their awards on the front steps of 25 Columbia Heights along with the video of the “lambs in the fence” left after the march was over. This material has never been released and is very powerful to see.
  5. CNN Coverage with Connie Chung See the ten minute clip of the interview with Heidi and Amber. This is the video where William H. Bowen calls Watchtower PR “Bald Faced Liars.” A short but very powerful program exposing the abuse issue.
  6. Silentlambs Pin