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In 1965 a boy was molested by a ministerial servant in a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses en route to an assembly, where the molester was due to give a talk at the convention. Repulsed, the boy was nevertheless forced to be around this molester in the years ahead in agonizing cruel ways. When the matter came up before the Service Dept. of the Watchtower in Brooklyn, and the elders in the local congregation, no reply was given, no apologies, no offer for counseling an abuse victim, just the warning that you "could be disfellowshipped for gossip." That in spite of the fact that the molester not only acknowledged his dirty deed to the young man later on, but that the other elders and Brooklyn had "taken care of the matter." The molester moved on to be a Special Pioneer and Elder in the boy's congregation. He remains an Elder in Jehovah's Spiritual Paradise to this day. No offers for help were ever given to the young man, who will remain anonymous as he is still a Jehovah's Witness and would be attacked by the organization to silence him as have many abuse survivors that have spoken out.

The following video is a shocking reminder that in spite of the Watchtower's Public Relations Dept. and their statements on their web site, the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is still VERY MUCH INTERESTED in keeping molesters a secret in the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses, even using such ones in responsible positions! Will such a one be coming by your door soon? In his letter to Brooklyn dated March 2005 the victim, who chooses to remain anonymous because he is still a Witness, writes the Governing Body these questions in the light of their refusal to address his previous letters to Service Dept. Rep. Lon Schilling:

1. Why was I never contacted by the Service Dept. or a Judicial committee as a sexual assault victim?

2. Why was I not offered psychological and emotional help as a victim of sexual assault?

3. Why did you not keep him away from me?

4. Why was this action committed in Jehovah's Visible Organization?

5. Why did the Governing Body torment me by having such an unhealthy and inhumane child abuse policy?

6. You paid him to be in my face while I was still a minor; you paid him as a special pioneer and appointed him to be my elder in Mountain City, TN. Why? Were you not psychologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually beating me up in the JW Spiritual Paradise by appointing him as the Presiding Overseer of my congregation?


See the compelling testimony in the following 20 minute video.


10 minutes on Windows Media Player

Video program click here


The special Talk on April 30, 2006 has the title "Is God Still in Control?" in the concluding remarks the following is stated,



We are involved in the issue of sovereignty (Job 2:3-5; cl 124; it -1 1210)

Jehovah wants us to serve him willingly, out of love (De 10:12-21; 30:6, 15-20; Isa 1:18-20; bh 113-14)

He gives each of us freedom to demonstrate that we prefer his sovereignty and that we allow him to govern our lives

Recognize the authority given to Jesus, and submit to it (be 276)

Christ has a legitimate right to our obedience (Ge 49:10; Mt 28:18)

No one else has been granted that right (Jer 10:23; Ac 4:12)

This affects our everyday activities, decisions, and goals

Our obedience to Christ's commands shows that we appreciate and respect Jehovah's sovereignty (wt 58-9)

When we do what is right, Jehovah's heart rejoices (Pr 27:11; w 03 4/15 14-15)

 Jehovah blesses those who love his sovereignty ( w 94 11/1 7)

In summary, we have seen that Jehovah has the right to control what is happening on this earth and to direct our personal lives

He exercises such prerogative in love

Because of the first rebellion, Jehovah has allowed Satan and humans to be independent of His rule

However, he has not relinquished his right to control matters

He has exercised that right in harmony with his purpose

By means of the Messianic Kingdom, God will soon reestablish full control of human affairs

Eventually, all those living will acknowledge Jehovah's right to rule (Ps 83:17, 18; Eze 38:23)

Additional source material can be found in Insight, Vol. 2, pp. 159-70, 1008-12, and Bible Teach, pp. 8-17, 27-36, 106-14)


So much authority given to God yet no responsibility offered on how love should be demonstrated on behalf of abused children.  The organization has control of policy on child abuse they claim authority from God on how they direct His affairs on earth, yet who is responsible for "beating their brothers" by the cover up of child abuse and silencing of victims when they try to seek help?  Is this "Jehovah's way of ruling?"  Will he bless the directives of those that have purposely put children in danger and not acted on behalf raped children? In a better world God will no doubt punish those who act as an "evil slave" and beat the children of those that slave for Him.

Help brothers and sisters worldwide this Sunday to follow the right course when abuse issues arise.  We at silentlambs ask that you freely distribute this bulletin to Kingdom Halls and message boards around the world. The bulletin states the following:

You can copy and paste below or print out in word format here [click here]


Service Bulletin

                                                               (Please post on information board)


For all Jehovah's Witnesses Worldwide


Has your child been physically or sexually abused?


If so report all abuse to properly trained authorities immediately. Professional investigation of any abuse allegations will protect the emotional and physical well being of your child.



The May 24, 2002 letter to all congregations makes this statement:


"In any case, the elders know that if the victim wishes to make a report, it is his or her absolute right to do so.----Galatians 6:5"


Encourage elders to respect your right to protect the best interests of your child by staying out of criminal investigations of rape.


Seek assistance from those who care,

or call




It's time to protect children it's time to stop being a silent lamb









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