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Killing Kids Makes Good Jehovah’s Witnesses



Recent reports of child abuse cover up within Jehovah’s Witnesses show there is little change in the interests of protecting children.  A common way to frighten a child into submission is to threaten them with punishment.  Recently JWorg has released video and music with death threats to children if they in any way deviate from protocols of the organization.  A child’s music video is filled with biblical references of slaughter by God within the Bible with the admonition to basically obey religious directives or face a similar fate at the hands of God at Armageddon. Watch the music video here with children’s voices added to make the lesson even clearer. 


“If you disobey any of our directives you will be murdered by God”


What are JWorg directives??  As an example Jehovah’s Witnesses teach children are to be taught to sit still at meetings.  They have no nurseries for small children or babies.  Meetings are twice a week and two hours long and one is always on a school night.  If you drive past a Kingdom Hall on one of these mid week nights you will often see parents out in the parking lots beating their children for falling asleep or making noise during the two hour affair.  Infants being required to remain silent for two hours are an example one directive.  Small children 3-6 years of age are required to stay awake and take notes for a solid two hours or face sanctions before and after the meeting.  As a child I was often given a beating when I arrived home for failure to keep awake or for not paying attention during the two hour meeting. 


Recently the JWorg website released a new video for children on falling asleep at meetings.  In this nicer version the cartoon parents note the children falling asleep and playing during the two hour meeting.  They take the children home after the meeting and tell them the story of Noah and make the application that if Noah had not paid attention God would have certainly killed him.  Even in the cartoon the children are terrified into staying wide awake at the next meeting for fear of God killing them as well.  


This is manipulation of children using murder as a weapon to instill fear, guilt and forced compliance.  It is child abuse of the most insidious nature, emotional blackmail.  The members are telling their children, “If you do not obey you are dead to us with regard to any directive we wish to infer such as a little kid on a school night falling asleep in a two hour church meeting.”


This has nothing to do with God and has everything to do with the abuse of children.


Watch video here:  


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