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In Finland the JW.ORG is coming under close scrutiny for obstructing justice in criminal investigations and then shunning victims.  This is a world wide practice with JW.ORG and thousands of victims have spoken to media over the last several years to try and hold them accountable for protecting pedophiles while ostracizing victims. The international nature of this problem is calling into the question the leadership of the group called the ‘Governing Body’. 

The Governing Body is a group of seven older men that claim to have divine powers to be the only word of God on earth.  Members of JW.ORG are required obey them without question to the point of death.  The Governing Body consider themselves above all justice systems on earth and to be the final authority for all mankind.  They openly defy court orders and refuse to cooperate with criminal investigations of pedophiles.  The group has been found to be in contempt with court proceedings and consider themselves above the law.  They have access to billions of dollars in donated funds and own billions of dollars of property bought with donations.  They currently are spending millions with lawyers to protect pedophiles and prevent their victims from getting assistance for healing.  Any contribution to JW.ORG will result in further support for pedophiles in the courts.  Think twice before you give money to this group. 

The story below is just one of thousands of abuse survivors that have suffered due to the policies mandated by JW.ORG through the Governing Body.



News 2.11.2014 11:10 | updated 2.11.2014 16:07

Abuse victim: "Jehovah's Witnesses refused to report rape to the police"

The Jehovah's Witnesses' so-called "judicial committee" is dealing with criminal cases, according to some former members of the Christian religious denomination. The committee has refused to reveal sexual abuse cases to the police. Minister of the Interior Päivi Räsänen of the Christian Democrats is asking for clarification on how police could better serve victims in such cases.


Jehovan todistajien entinen jäsen Kirsi-Maria Aho

Kirsi-Maria Aho speaks up on suffering the dual misery of sexual abuse and subsequent ostracism.Image: Yle

Kirsi-Maria Aho, a former member of the Jehovah's Witnesses denomination, faced sexual abuse some twenty years ago. Cases of abuse are heard by the faith’s judicial committee. The abuser was not part of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

“It was a crime. First, the man raped me and then he abused me sexually. This would have been a matter for the police, but the elders banned me from going to the police because the name of Jehovah couldn't be dragged through the mud,” Aho says.

Aho had to appear before the committee several times. She describes it as cruel and accusatory.

“It was really cruel. A young girl under fire in front of three men,” she says. “The men asked confusing questions, such as whether I had indulged in group sex. The Committee emphasized that I had done wrong and that I was wicked and adulterous. No one defended me.”

As punishment, Aho was ostracised from the community. At the same time she was isolated from her loved ones.

Recovery from the devastating experience has been slow.

“I thought for 22 years that I was bad,” says Aho. “Since I was isolated from the Jehovah's Witnesses I’ve thought that. Art therapy studies have brought me self-respect and understanding. I’ve realized that I’m not the bad one.” 

Minister of the Interior calls for clarification of police role

The Victims of Religion Support Association has documented 28 such human experiences under the Jehovah's Witness’ legal committee. Aho's is one of them. This week the association gave the Minister of the Interior Päivi Räsänen a list of suggestions on how society should address the issue of Jehovah's Witnesses legal committees. Räsänen is the parliamentary member responsible for matters relating to religious communities.

The association proposes, among other things, that religious courts be prohibited by law. Räsänen has passed the report on to the Ministry of Justice for clarification.

“In any case, we should not accept parallel legal systems in which crimes are investigated and sanctions considered,” says Räsänen. “Now, of course, it should be figured out where these judicial committees stand in light of our legislation.”

The report recommends that police have a better understanding of such cases and Räsänen has already called on her own Ministry to clarify their role.

The Jehovah's Witnesses see the Victims of Religion Support Association as an attack on the principles of the faith. The Jehovah's Witnesses community did not wish to comment further.



Watch News Cast of the story here:





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