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Would you want these instructions given to your child in the event molestation occurred???

This book is designed to be studied with two year olds up, would you want this material considered with your child?

It is interesting to note that on pages 86, 106,150-151 there are three examples in which children are encouraged to respect policemen and report breeches of the peace.  The illustrations are regarding mild misdemeanours that the Watchtower organization says should be reported to the authorities.  On pages 150-151 it would seem that cooperation with police is exhorted. 

However, on the pages below, 170-171 the particular crime described is far from mild and yet here cooperation with the police is not exhorted and the phrase, "I'm going to tell on you" is passive and no deterrent.  The descriptive anatomical language is obviously for the parent and yet the parent is not encouraged to report this serious crime to the police.

Why does the organization encourage cooperation with authorities for misdemeanours and yet purposely omit the importance of reporting child rape to police?




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