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The following is a story recently reported in Italy on a Jehovah's Witnes Accused of Attempted Molestation


English Translation

The Jehovah's Witness drove around in a black Alfa 147 with tinted windows. He carried around with him a briefcase and a cell phone full of porn clips. He'd approach children in front of the school, other times at neighborhood parks, and offered money - twenty euros-. He showed them the images and asked if they wanted to come into the car. In some cases he tried to fondle them. Agents were hunting him for days. There were days of anger and worry for the town quarter. Only a few leads for the investigation: the dark car and the rings on his fingers.

From Tuesday - the day the last accusation was made- it was a non-stop job: Planned ambushes, follow-ups and checks on people with specific precedents, but nothing. There was no trace of the man with the briefcase. Then a stroke of luck broke the stasis. Saturday afternoon, a victim, a 13 year old boy, recognized the madman, while walking in the town quarter. He was ready. He immediately called his father with his cell phone "It’s him, I see him, I'm sure of it, the one who tried to get me into the car."

The father notified the 113th and the hunt was quickly on. An hour later the pedophile was caught at the bus stop. He was boarding the #75.

The accused is a disquieting character. He didn't say a word. He didn't admit to anything but didn't try to justify or defend himself either. The accused remained silent and stared downward he had no previous convictions and an unsuspicious background. He works at a thriving body shop and has a home on Strada Altesanno.  Very well attired, and particular with his hair, and many showy rings on his fingers. Almost all of his free time was spent on activities carried on by Jehovah's Witnesses, or at least that’s what his friends thought. No one suspected his double life. Saturday evening the case ended up on the desk of the local magistrate, Marcello Tantangelo. Charges are underway. Investigations are being made on the computer and phone. No compromising footage was found on the phone he had in his pocket. The briefcase only had the literature being distributed pertaining to his religion. For now there's only been an ID made by the boy who triggered the searches. The boy’s testimony appears concrete in his unhesitant and with particular detail describing one of the rings worn by the accused.  Other details are also coming forward from the other victim’s accusations. Meanwhile the father of one of the victims says, "I thank the police for the timely response, but we're not at all happy knowing that the man is still out and about. If he shows up in front of the school we'll make our own justice."


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