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Jehovah’s Witnesses Fight to Protect the Pedophile Paradise


June 2013 Rick Simmons replied to the appeal of the Jehovah’s Witnesses regarding the judgment against them in the Candace Conti trial.  The document [read here] is quiet revealing regarding the basis and arguments of the appeal to the case launched by the Jehovah’s Witness legal staff.  As you read the document you get a distinct impression about the religious legal team.  This is of interest as in the years past it is a well known fact that lawyers for the JWs present themselves as being virtually invincible in the court.  They give lectures to their members citing the Supreme Court rulings of the 1940’s as evidence of their legal prowess.  In addition, they describe the fear of other attorneys and judges when they enter the court room and present this to their membership as something to be proud of. 


The interesting part of all of this is, in the last fifty years they appear to be not that adept or even intelligent when it comes to legal matters.  Time again and again when they face experienced attorneys with valid litigation, instead of going to trial they pull out the check book and use donated funds to pay millions to settle the negligence and malfeasance perpetrated on the public and members alike.  It seems that by all appearances Watchtower cannot put together an adept or formidable legal team.  Their primary successes seem to be in the matter of child custody cases where the opposing party is of limited financial resources and they can coach members to misrepresent what their actual practices are to the court.  Many would consider this just simple perjury in order to win. Once again the unlimited coffers of billions in donations allow them unlimited legal funding to destroy families and prevent children from having a normal upbringing with the love and acceptance of both parents.


Yet when they come up against a non member family willing to spend money to defend and protect their children they simply slink away and accept they will not win if in a fair fight.  It makes them bullies of sorts that use unethical and immoral practices to perform law in the name of God as they serve as elders within the religion.


If any  member were to actually read the court documents of how these super fine elders present themselves and their religion to the court they find that they would be ashamed to be associated  with such spiritual leaders that have such low morality when it comes to just telling the truth.  What is that truth?



The organization has an international policy of protecting child molesters and putting children in harms way.  It was very specific policy decisions made by their leadership, the Governing Body, which allowed all this to happen.  When the Governing Body was informed of the extent and the thousands of victims that were being hurt over twenty years ago, they callously turned a blind eye and did nothing.  To this day they try to justify their actions and still have not enacted even one of the measures suggested to them in 1992 to adequately protect kids from pedophiles.  What were the recommendations?


  1. Never appoint a person that abuses kids to positions of authority in the congregation.
  2. Never allow child molesters to go door to door in Field Service.
  3. Immediately report any allegations of abuse to proper authorities for investigation.


Sadly it remains these measures have not been enacted by the Governing Body.  This represents a knowledgeable negligence of men given the responsibility to protect their members as accorded to their belief at the direction of God.  In 2002 when I was an active member and elder I brought charges against the Governing Body with a letter to the Service Department.  In that letter I charged them with three spiritual offenses and requested the Service Department set up an impartial committee to review the testimony of over one hundred eye-witnesses to their intentional crimes against children. You can read that letter here.  On September 27, 2002, over one hundred and twenty five active Jehovah’s Witnesses presented themselves at the front door of the 25 Columbia Heights building (Headquarters for Service Department) and asked for their meeting to testify.  The Governing Body refused to face their accusers and as a result by their actions refused to live by the very standards that were used to protect thousands of pedophiles within their organization.  You can view a video of that moment here.


While so many times the Governing Body in their literature speaks of persecution of the “Agents of Satan” as something to be in fear of and avoid, yet their very actions prove who the actual “Agents of Satan” are.  An actual “Agent of Satan” would be a coward, take advantage of the weak, bully them into silence with intimidation or money, allow children to be hurt, go to court and defend the right to injure kids, and have no remorse or humility.  What better definition of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Philip Brumley, Jim McCabe, and the other members of the JW legal team in my opinion are the lowest scum on the face of the earth.  By their actions they spend the donations of members and the public to defend the rights of pedophiles while insulting and discrediting abuse survivors.  


It is a gratifying sight to read the pages of this legal document as it represents the efforts of thousands of victims that have come forward and each in their different ways have offered support to bring to task those that thought they were untouchable.   While the document could have been stronger, it gives an eye opening look into the depth of this problem and the ineptitude of the JW legal team.   One day it is my belief that members of the Governing Body will be arrested for willfully committing crimes against children and put in jail.  Just like back in the early 1900’s they will try to make their corruption appear to be a prophecy from God of imposed persecution to cover their wickedness.  Yes there will be those that believe them while the rest of us shake our heads in disbelief.


Candace and her mother Kathy are just two of those thousands that exposed the most intimate details of their lives in an attempt to help others know they are not alone.  Mr. Simmons is one of numerous attorneys that have fought this fight to give victims a voice and protect future children from abuse sanctioned by religions misuse of the first amendment.


When Silentlambs was started it was with a simple story it was called, “The Day the Lambs Roared”.  This story set the basis of what was purposed to be accomplished.  You read it and see if you feel that is being accomplished.


The Day the Lambs Roared

Picture if you will, going for a walk in a beautiful forest along a winding path.  As the graveled walkway gently descends you realize you are coming to a picturesque mountain valley.  As you get closer to the clearing you notice a broad field covered by thousands of sheep.  From a distance it looks almost like a paradise, the rolling green meadow with the towering mountains all about, it seems like it is almost perfect.  As you amble closer to the flock you sense something is not right.  It is one of those things that you feel at first but then a slow realization prickles down the back of your neck.  What is it? Throughout this valley with literally thousands of lambs there is a total silence.  How could this be? You draw closer and then you notice other things.  The lambs appear to be abused. Some are underfed and appear to be weak, others seem to have massive scars across their bodies, yet others just lay there and do not move, it is as if they have lost a will to live.  What is even more bizarre is that you notice many have destroyed their lives by trying to swim a large river that runs through the valley and its banks are strewn with small lifeless bodies.

Then you see them, well dressed, clean cut and well fed, it is the shepherds.  They have an air about them, they seem firmly in command.  It is not long after this discovery you find the reason the lambs are silent.  Across the valley comes a small bleat, a lamb has managed to pin itself between two rocks, it is in trouble and needs help.  It seems to be almost in an instant that three shepherds rush over and begin beating the lamb with their staffs.  You try to shout stop! Don’t do that!  But it is to no avail, this one will not make it, it is to late.  It is then you realize the shepherds heard your shouts and are moving toward you, now you fear for your own safety.  You begin a swift walk to get away, but they sped up their pace. You begin to run but they are gaining and then at that moment something happens.  A small ram steps between you and the shepherds and with all his might makes a sound that betrays his anger, his pain, and frustration for living a life of fear.  The shepherds are startled at first and the other sheep look at the little ram like he is crazy, but the shepherds quickly move to end the problem and gather around him, this is surely the end, but across the valley comes another sound much like the first except this one is even more piercing, it has the sound akin to a woman’s scream and again the shepherds divide their number to address the problem.  But then there is another but it is deeper and has the sense of rage unleashed at that very moment.  Then another weaker but no less angry, then another, another, another and soon the sound is reaching across the valley.  Each lamb starts lending their voice and the sound starts to become deafening.  The shepherds are rolling on the ground holding their ears in pain, but the sound continues to rise, louder and louder until the mountains around start to shake, rocks and boulders come tumbling down and yet the sound continues to grow. Trees are shattered and the river is dried up as the mountain begins to fill it.  Yet still the sound continues to grow.  You fall to the ground and hang on for dear life as a massive earthquake rocks the entire valley.  Everything is flattened and you think it is never going to end.  As the earth moves you are hit by a tree branch and knocked unconscious. 

Finally, you awaken and are amazed to see what lies before you.  No barriers, the mountains are no more, the shepherds are gone, swallowed by the earth and no longer a threat, the river is just a gentle stream now with easy access.  Then you notice the lambs, they were a bit worse for the wear, battered, bruised, and still scarred, but different.  They moved freely now among one another on a long level plain.  It was not just the movement it was the sound, soft bleats and gentle baas waft across the land.  They seemed to have a sense of direction as the flock moved away as one.  It was true they were not cured of their ills, they do not have great security as before, as to what their new life would be, they did not know, what they do know is that they would never live again as a silent lamb.                     


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