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Often many abuse survivors feel a let down after settlements from lawsuits. In many instances they wanted to be heard and now they are left to deal with all the issues and basically not talk to anyone about it.  For those reason we share this letter to those that are part of this process.




May 04, 2007



To all those that are part of Watchtower Settlements on abuse,


We want express the great appreciation that all the silent lambs have for your effort in forcing Watchtower to assist you in your healing.  Silentlambs over the years has often had the opportunity to go before the public to speak on abuse issues.  If you ever have the opportunity to view one of our programs or see us in court you will always see a small stuffed lamb carried when we make an appearance.  Why? They lamb stands for all those that could not be there and the reason that we exist.  These little lambs have been placed on Kingdom Halls, carried in marches, put on the front step and fence of Watchtower headquarters, and handed to Watchtower Lawyers as they walked out of court hearings.  It is a reminder of the people they hurt and that cannot be there to confront them. 


We can never find the words to express how much your courage is appreciated to stand up and reveal the worst point in your life in the interest of standing for what is right. Never feel bad that you had to sign a gag order for by your efforts precedents have been established that will benefit abuse survivors for years to come.  We all work to push this issue up the hill and by each of our efforts we help get a little closer to justice for those injured.  In the end what is the result? Children are protected.


Your honorable course will protect thousands of children that you will never meet.  Be proud of your efforts to fight the good fight and stand for those that cannot defend themselves. 


Thank you for being brave and helping others to know they are not alone.  Soon media will cover this story and while you may not be able to be there or comment publicly please understand that whenever you see a picture in the media you will see someone holding a lamb.  You see you will be there, that lamb stands for you and all those that are there in spirit and that each have a role to play in doing their part in the effort to protect children.


We are proud of you and proud to hold the lambs in your honor.  Thank you from all of us and if silentlambs can ever be of further assistance please feel free to contact us.





William H. Bowen, National Director



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