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Summary On silentlambs march of September 27, 2002

Video footage of silentlambs March

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On September 27, 2002 , 125 abuse survivors from 22 states delivered hundreds of stuffed lambs for victims around the world as a symbol of innocence lost. The march started at Pierrepont Place and Columbia Heights and proceeded down Columbia Heights to Jehovah's Witness Home office at 25 Columbia Heights at the front entrance. We had the t-shirts at the park and were setting up when the park officer asked if we had a permit to be in the park. We had to say no and it was moved to the Promenade, which was much nicer anyway. The park officer said they would be glad to store any extra materials we had on the march until we returned. We supplied them with silentlambs t-shirts when we returned. The hurricane that hit the gulf was supposed to be coming over New York that day. Rain was predicted at 90% and it looked like we were going to be drenched. I had bought forty ponchos' just in case. I am sure six million Jehovah's Witnesses were praying for rain to see us get washed away, but it appears our prayers were answered instead. It did not rain one drop through the entire march. Do you think that our experience will be in the next Watchtower? We passed out silentlambs t-shirts to everyone there and then the press showed up just as we were getting ready to go. There was two newspapers, three television crews, and one very well known radio DJ on abuse in the New York area. While this was good, I am sure it could have been better, but we were happy just the same. The march was for those who were there to march more than anything else. As we started off the police decided to have us march on the sidewalk instead. I think it was better as we stretched out for over a block and made it look even bigger. As a side note, we were in Brooklyn Heights at noon . I found it interesting to see bethelites patrolling all over in two's. Now they were supposed to be working why were they walking around the Heights? They had patrols on every block and when they saw our t-shirts would follow and switch off. Boy, were they sneaky, it was like trying to hide two Mormons walking around Iraq , it was a little obvious.

When the police arrived, they were very kind and helpful. Asked to see the permit and we were ready to go. A few locals from the Heights stopped by and asked to join us, I found that interesting. Some walked up and asked what it was about and were appalled to find out what Watchtower was doing to children as the survivors testified. Most were aware due to news coverage that there was a problem. As the march started certain ones started marching chants and everyone joined in, they were as follows:

One, two, three, four, Silentlambs No More!

No More Pedophiles at My Door!

I Don't Know What You've Been Told, But Silentlambs Are Mighty Bold!,

It was quite loud and I am sure we woke up the neighborhood along the way. People were looking out their windows and stopping on the street to see what this was about. Then we got to 107 and 124; it really got loud there. I am sure all the homeboys and housekeepers knew when we walked by. As I got closer, I realized I had forgotten how loud it was with the BQE going in front of the 25 building. I was so happy Jeannie suggested we get a bullhorn; it really came in handy to speak to the crowd. When we arrived there were a few more chants to wake them up. Several noted different ones peeking out the windows and hiding trying to look. It was a surreal scene, 125 abuse survivors all smiling and laughing coming together to support one another. It is true there were those angry but more importantly, everyone felt they were being support and cared about, something few get from Watchtower when it comes to abuse. When we arrived they were chanting, J. R. Brown Must Go Down!! Silent Lambs No More!! "They're looking out the window, when we looked back or waved they would hide.

I started the program off with the following script:

Opening Statement: Bill Bowen:

Bill Bowen: Today is a wake up call to the men and women who work behind these walls. For twenty-one months, we have been saying something is wrong and children need to be protected. For twenty-one months, they have been saying nothing is wrong and you do not exist. Today we are here to say we exist, your policy hurts children. Acknowledge the problem and apologize to those who have been hurt by Watchtower Policy. This march is about a cause for protecting children, it is about exposing the protection of child rapists, it is about a religion crushing a movement that has as its only goal and purpose to support and encourage healing to Jehovah's Witness victims of abuse.




Bill Bowen rings the intercom several times with hope of finding somebody at "home" to give them a message and a stuffed lambs , but no member of the Governing Body answers in spite of all being at "home"




Bill Bowen here is giving silentlambs "Courage" award to Corrie Pandelo in front of 25 Columbia Heights , the awards will be distributed quarterly to honor those survivors that have dared to speak up, also to those who defend the protection of children fro m child abuse.





Barbara and Carl Pandelo accepting their award for "Courage" from Bill.




Corrie Pandelo here is interviewed by a reporter of the WNYC in the sector of Pierrepont on the walkway in Brooklyn Heights this was the establish area for the march of Silentlambs . Laurie Fitzwater is next to her. She was one of twelve people that received the awards for Courage of the meeting of Silentlambs .




Some of the demonstrators walking down the street from Pierrepont Place , toward Columbia Heights . The banner says "STOP WITNESS TAMPERING" is the inverse side of the banner of the picture below requesting the FBI to investigate the Watch Tower . There are FEDERAL laws in the USA , which require the parents to inform about child abuse to the appropriate authorities. Notice the cameramen filming from the steps in front of the demonstrators. The team of cameramen had to run to the front of the demonstrators will they shouted, One, two, three, four, Silentlambs No More! No More Pedophiles at My Door! I Don't Know What You've Been Told, But Silentlambs Are Mighty Bold!,  Some dissatisfaction was heard loud: "J.R. Brown must go! ( But I couldn't know who they were.)



When we arrive, the WT basically lock their doors and it prevented all the people who wanted to gain access to the entrance of the building of 25 Columbia Heights .




A very nice guy from Cincinnati , Ohio ! (The young man in T-shirt)




Several demonstrators gather around the banner to take advantage of the opportunity and to take a picture while they wait for kick off. The demonstrators aligned themselves on the walkway in front of the park while they waited for the march to start.




According to what I heard, the older gentleman inside was trying to allow a visitor from California to entered. The reporters that were there realized that and they descended to see if they get a story there. (Apparently, this visitor got a good ear-full from Erica Rodríguez, she was motivated by the answer this visitor gave the reporters when they asked him his opinion on the problem of child abuse. This came to us from third or fourth person, but as was alleges, he said that he had heard speak of the problem, but he didn't think that it was something as bad as was being made.) The guy of white hair was bothered when the visitor didn't ignore the reporters and those that were protesting. Do you see him trying to pull the visitor through the hall doors?




Kim Norris, a lawyer from Fort Worth , Texas is shown here a CONCERNED LAWYER, announces a multimillionaire lawsuit against the WT and the elders of the congregation, which was submitted that same day in the state of Oregon . It is one of the first of several lawsuits that will be submitted nationwide by their office. (Mike Pence who is standing next to her - was interviewing many of those that were protesting.)




The poem of LadyLee and the stuffed lambs those finally were able to arrive at the footsteps of the WT together with some others (one was a swine).




Bill Bowen holds one of the official stuffed lambs after the cowardly officials of the WT refused to talk openly about the problem or call the Judicial Committee for the Governing Body as was requested in a previous letter by Bill.



One more photo on the establish area before the march. I am sighted behind the young brave boy with the purple hair. (The reporters of the WPIX Channel 11 interviewing the Pandelos.)




Who is the masked man that pointed out the duplicity of JR Brown next to the billboard quoting the Awake! Magazine, which tells their faithful ones they cannot go looking for advice from outsiders for their problems or mental health? Is written in the opposite side.





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