Manhunt for alleged JW Abuser Continues – Did Jehovah’s Witnesses Protect Him?


On April 22, 2005 we reported the manhunt for Rick McClean. A recently disfellowshipped Jehovah’s Witness. The news reports following have omitted any reference to his long involvement with Jehovah’s Witnesses. In a recent Fox news report a very ominous comment was made at the end of the newscast. It was reported by Theresa Bowen, “Despite an alleged twenty year history of sexual offenses he doesn’t have a criminal history.” You can watch the news cast here,


At silentlambs we have reported time and again the cover up of child abuse within the organization. Many s tori es relate the silencing of victims while pedophiles would go on to molest multiple children of unknowing parents. Elders remain silent at the instruction of Watchtower Policy on keeping confidential any information that might protect children from child molesters. Why? The administrative arm of Jehovah’s Witnesses (Governing Body) dictates that not only are untrained lay ministers investigate the crime of child rape, but also that they use a biblical edict of requiring “two eye witnesses” before the child can be believed. To see a description of this policy that ran on the JW website see this link,


If there are not “two eye-witnesses” to the actual crime of child rape, and the perpetrator denies the charge, the child is told biblically they must threat their molester as an “innocent man.” This was highlighted in an article of the Watchtower dated 1997. You can read the article at this link, The admonition to “leave it in Jehovah’s hands,” clearly means to remain silent and not do anything to the biblically dictated “innocent man.” The effects on the victims has been horrendous and thousands have reported being raped while feeling helpless to do anything about it.

In the recent case of Rick McClean more information continues to come in to show the extent of how WT Policy not only protected this man but allowed him access to numerous victims according to news reports. A discussion forum noted this comment regarding McClean,


“I am a very concerned mother.  I knew aka Rick McClean for several years.  He spent many years with our family.  We attended the same Kingdom Hall as he did.  My children were exposed to him although the elders knew of his private confession , though the congregation did not have a clue, other than the elders and those privy to such information.  Not once was I told to watch out for him.  He held a position as a ministerial servant.   They appeared to be the "perfect family".  Thinking that he was just trying to be spiritually upbuilding to my family, he abused that.   I wish that Jehovah's Witness elders would have warned me even if they didn't choose to mention his act of a prior molestation.  I feel very victimized and hope he is caught. There were many young girls in the Alpine Kingdom Hall when he attended.  I hope they all get the help that they will need as they grow into adults.”

A very concerned and frightened mom.


Another comment from someone in that says they were in his congregation makes this statement,


“He was a pioneer and was well-known by many current elders and CO's and PO's around North San Diego County .”


These comments show that not only was McClean a member of the congregation but he also held positions of trust by being a pioneer and Ministerial Servant that no doubt allowed him further access to children. It was stated the McClean was disfellowshipped in the summer of 2004. If you put two and two together it had to be for his crimes against children. Knowing the directives of the organization apparently there were either multiple instances that allowed for the biblical edict of conviction to apply or he confessed to his crime. At that time why wasn’t he reported to authorities? If this matter were addressed properly how many children could have avoided being molested by this monster? The evidence to this point seems to indicate once again Watchtower Policy has allowed children to be hurt and protected another pedophile. True to form elders will remain silent on the extent of his crimes and avoid any comment to media or police to help apprehend this fugitive from justice. Thanks to misapplication of the first amendment they can get away with it. For comments on the First Amendment se this link,

The disgrace they bring on God and their organization shows where their true loyalties remain.


Below are additional articles on the story.


Manhunt Under Way For Child Molestation Suspect

Suspect Vanishes After Being Charged

POSTED: 8:38 am PDT April 22, 2005

UPDATED: 9:00 am PDT April 22, 2005

SAN DIEGO -- Authorities asked for the public's help in finding a fugitive suspected of sexually assaulting young girls for decades.

An arrest warrant issued in San Diego three months ago accuses Frederick McClean, 54, of four counts of child molestation and an allegation of

lewd acts with a child younger than 14.




McClean is a predator who gains children's trust, then exploits it for his sexual gratification, police and prosecutors allege.

Though he most recently lived in the Riverside-area community of Winchester , detectives believe most of the alleged crimes occurred in San Diego County .

One alleged victim, now an adult, reported that McClean assaulted her more than 100 times, starting when she was 5 and ending about seven years later, said Brian Lucio of the U.S. Marshals Service.

"Investigators believe McClean has committed these devious acts over a 20- year period and ... has no reason to stop," he said.

The last known sighting of the suspect was in September, when he made contact with his ex-wife, Lucio said. Authorities believe he went into hiding because he realized that criminal charges against him were imminent.

McClean, the former owner of a race car restoration and sales business, may be driving a small, dark-colored pickup truck or a 1955 Chevrolet, license number 4WQH018.

He is an experienced camper who has frequented the Anza-Borrego and Cuyamaca Mountain areas. Authorities believe he may be hiding in northern San Diego County or southern Riverside County .

McClean is white, 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 170 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Officials asked anyone with information on his whereabouts to call Deputy U.S. Marshal Tom Maranda at (619) 557-6620 . Anyone spotting McClean is urged to consider him dangerous and to immediately call 911.


Brother Frederick McClean, aka Rick McClain was a member of the congregation in Vista and Oceanside , CA during the last 25 years.  He's on the loose at this moment with the newscasts here in San Diego showing his mug all last night and today still.  Write ups in this morning's San Diego Union Tribune and North County Times.


Man sought in 8 child molestation cases

Law enforcement asks public's help

By Pauline Repard

April 22, 2005

Authorities are looking for a fugitive suspected in eight child molestation cases covering 20 years in North County and Riverside County .

Frederick McClean, 54, was described as a sexual predator who knows the law is after him and has nothing to lose.

"Those kind are the most dangerous," said Brian Lucio, spokesman for the San Diego Regional Fugitive Task Force. "He'll do anything to get away."

A warrant for McClean's arrest was issued in January based on a Sheriff's Department investigation. Lucio said the task force has been unable to find McClean and now is turning to the public for help.

Investigators believe McClean may be hiding in North County or south Riverside County , Lucio said.

In May, a woman reported to Riverside County sheriff's deputies that McClean had molested her more than 100 times when she was 5 to 12 years old, Lucio said. McClean, who is married and has children, lived in Winchester , north of Temecula, at the time.

An investigation revealed seven other alleged victims, most of them from North County , Lucio said. The case was turned over to San Diego sheriff's detectives.

McClean knows a warrant was issued for his arrest and told family and friends that he would rather die than go to jail. He asked one person to buy him a gun, and, though that person refused, authorities assume McClean has obtained one some other way, Lucio said.

Lucio said investigators fear McClean will continue to find child victims while he is on the run.

"Predators like this don't stop just because a warrant was issued," Lucio said. "He finds families and establishes a trusting relationship. He takes on the role that if they (children) have any problems to come to him."

McClean once owned a race-car restoration business, specializing in Lola chassis Can-Am racing cars from the 1960s and 1970s. He is an experienced outdoorsman who has frequented the Anza-Borrego desert and Cuyamaca Mountains , Lucio said.

McClean may be driving a small, dark pickup and may have a 1955 Chevrolet with California license 4WQH018.

Anyone with information about McClean is asked to call Deputy U.S. Marshal Tom Maranda at (619) 557-6620, ext. 240.