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Jehovah’s Witness Elder Arrested for Sexual Assault



Cancun, QR, November 11.




Enrique Bahena Robles was detained under an arrest warrant for the crime of aggravated rape of a minor.


Taking advantage of his responsibility at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses as an elder, he molested the girl six years ago when he and the child were in the door to door canvassing work of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a task peculiar to this religious movement.


After the victim filed charges, authorities executed an arrest warrant from the State Police (PJE) and took Robles into custody.  


Robles, 34 years old, a native of the Federal District has for several years resided in this tourist area where he was a Presiding Overseer in charge of a Jehovah’s Witness congregation located in region 96.


The subject, while in a position of trust responsible for spiritually shepherding and guiding members of his congregation, went on to molest the child when she was barely ten years of age.


PJE personnel revealed that the events occurred six years ago, but had not executed the arrest warrant due to the accusation not being reported by the victim because of fear of repercussions from the church and shame, until she recently told her mother about it.


According to the victim’s accusation, she accompanied elder Robles during field ministry preaching days in different territories of this tourist hub. Children in Jehovah’s Witness congregations go door to door canvassing for new members paired with an adult as a common practice of the religion. On the day of the sexual assault, the victim went with Robles, while her older sister went with another worshipper.


It came about that hours after having finished preaching in field ministry, they headed toward Robles house since it was there her sister was to pick her up. On the way to the elder’s home they passed a wedding dress boutique where he pointed one dress out to the ten year old and said that it would be hers as he was going to marry her.


After seeing the boutique, they later passed by a cemetery and Robles said that they would be buried together there as well. The little girl took it as a joke, but when they arrived at the suspect’s home he hugged her at the door and escorted her inside where he sexually assaulted her.


In the process of the sexual assault the child managed to hit the elder on the head and flee to her sister that was waiting for her outside.


The suspect is now in custody at the municipal jail. It should be pointed out the arrest of Robles took place this Friday as he was leaving worship services at the Kingdom Hall. Upon being offered opportunities to confess, he decided to remain silent. When he was asked whether he wanted to give his version of the events, he kept his head bowed and did not respond.


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