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 Timothy Gardener is now a released child molester registered as living in Orrick, Missouri.   His mug shot has been featured on the U.S. Department Of Justice website  He was convicted while a ministerial servant of Jehovah’s Witnesses at nearby Richmond, Missouri.  Please do not approach or accost Gardner in any way, but do keep children away from him including small boys.   He may also be at kingdom hall buildings located near Richmond and at Liberty, Missouri, or preaching door-to-door in those or adjacent communities. 


Gardner was recommended to be a Ministerial Servant by the local Body Of Elders of the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Richmond, Missouri, the appointment was approved by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Inc., which is over all Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide.  


While the Richmond Body of Elders gave a special local needs talk saying to watch your children when they need to go to restrooms but did not link the talk directly to Gardner.  Also, after Gardner was convicted some of the brothers and sisters were told to keep their mouths shut, that they would be under surveillance, disciplined severely as was Job, and by any hint of speaking against the decisions of the local elders and the worldwide headquarters also be reckoned as meriting the application of Psalm 6:16-17 which speaks of apostates as horrible, hurtful liars trying to divide brothers. 


Now, we who write have family members we are worried about.  We do believe that the Richmond elders and Timothy Gardner may take additional actions designed to harass and intimidate outspoken Jehovah’s Witnesses and former JW’s, although such things are difficult to prove and therefore we can only speak of the possibility.  However, Gardner’s criminal record speaks for itself, and if the more than 23,000 secret files kept by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Inc. about pedophile JW members (see ) come to light in a courtroom, then those may also speak.


Meanwhile we ask that the mug shot of Timothy Gardner be shared in order that children and their rightly concerned parents can be informed and fore-warned.  This is not done with any unlawful or malicious intent but for the lawful permitted purpose of protecting people.  The Watchtower maintains oversight of JW’s and requires local elders to send convicted child molesters as well as other criminals who are said to have paid the price and be repentant among the ranks of JWs to try to preach at every door around the earth.  This means Gardner and other pedophiles have probably knocked at your own door or will.  Please help by emailing, posting, mailing and distributing the mug shot for good purpose to the good citizens that live in the Richmond and Liberty, Missouri area.


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