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Going Undercover to Rescue My DaughterWe are happy to let abuse survivors know about this book about the cover up of abuse in the Jehovah’s Witness organization and the brave effort of a mother to rescue her daughter.


Book Description
No communication was allowed among family members after my husband and I resigned from the church of Jehovah's Witnesses. It became imperative for me to rejoin and go undercover as a member so I could achieve a successful rescue of my daughter which took a two year journey.



Nancy Sage writes:


Jehovah’s Witnesses are defined as a CULT by some and not others. Individuals will have to make that determination for themselves based on ones own accumulative knowledge.


According to Steven Hassan, a former Moonie and author of the book Combating Cult Mind Control there are four qualifying components of mind control. Page 66 of his book says:

“Behavior control, thought control, emotional control, and information control: each form of control has great power and influence on the human mind.  Together, they form a totalistic web, which can manipulate even the strongest-minded people.  In fact, it is the strongest-minded individuals who make the most involved and enthusiastic cult members.”


Religious indoctrination is successful when an individual can be persuaded to believe a particular religious institution is the ONLY VOICE OF GOD. They are then subject to believe and obey all of their dogma. Do CULTS only come in small groups? Are CULTS also identified as such with centuries old established religious institutions?


My story reveals the reason why it was imperative for me to take the action of going UNDERCOVER to rescue my daughter. What is it about the organizational structure that makes it different from other religions? Knowledge is a defense. It is my desire to give comfort and hope to all the millions of families world wide, who are suffering as our family had, by writing about my personal experience. This is my story of a two year journey to rescue my daughter.






H. Baker "Passionforlife & Books" (Kannapolis, NC USA) - See all my reviews


I was deeply impressed with this Mother and Dad's devotion to their daughter. How the Mom was willing to submit herself to a high control religious organization like the Jehovah's Witnesses to get reinstated. Love moves us to do many thing but this Mom really took the extra step to save her daughter and her granddaughters from a monster of a husband. Sadly the monster husband was embraced by the JW's as a good and decent man but he was anything but having molested his young sister-in-law and his own daughter while they were children.

I encourage you to read it especially all those who wish to understand how high control religious organizations operate.


Tommy Lions - See all my reviews

This is a wonderful story about a real life event. Ms. Sage does the unthinkable and goes back to Jehovah's Witnesses so she may rescue her daughter. Only if one is truly acquainted with the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses can one appreciate the delicate nature of such an adventure. Ms. Sage not only had to fool the members of various congregations in order to accomplish her task but she had to have a will of steel not to get absorbed once again in the Witness culture, which is truly all consuming. Nancy Sage is a remarkable woman that had to do an extraordinary thing in order to save her daughter. I highly recommend this quick read.



Theresa (New York) - See all my reviews

The extreme form of shunning that Jehovah's Witnesses are forced to practice on anyone, including life long friends and family members, is heartless, cruel and not based on the what the scriptures actually say. In reality, this extreme form of shunning is not to "keep the congregation clean", but to try and limit contact with anyone the Organization deems as a threat to exposing their wacko doctrines and endless manmade rules that they try to pass off as God's.

This story is a wonderful example of a mother's love for her daughter and the long process it took in getting her out of this very destructive cult.


Read an excerpt from the book here


Read the letter that Nancy Sage's daughter wrote to the Jehovah’s Witness home office about abuse


To order your copy click on this link, 


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