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Justices Fail to Consider Mind Control in Appellate Hearing

Sex Abuse Victims Denied Apology


In a denial of appeal Friday July 15, a the Supreme Court of New Hampshire rendered a decision for Holley and Heather Berry that found Jehovah’s Witnesses not civilly liable of improperly handling abuse allegations within the church. The panel failed to recognize the mother, Sara Poisson, was held hostage by mind control as well as coercion to not report abuse of her daughters by church mandates. Mrs. Poisson was conditioned in an atmosphere the theology created to do exactly what the elders instructed her to do and threatened with death from God if she disobeyed.


Holly and Heather Berry stated from the beginning that the money was never the primary issue. Holding the church accountable to better protect children remained the focus of filing the civil lawsuit. “We would like to have an apology but it appears that the church was willing to spend thousands of dollars in donated funds to see that never happens.” Holly commented.


The case failed because the court found no duty to report child abuse under existing statutes with t he majority of judges concluding that people can be criminally charged but not sued for failing to report child abuse unless they have a heightened level of responsibility to the abused. “The judges missed a key point in that elders are considered the mouth of God when they offer advice to members,” states William H. Bowen, National Director of silentlambs. Bowen went on to say, “the elders assumed that responsibility when they directed Sara to not report the abuse of her children.”


The problem continues to be highlighted at conventions being held around the world this summer entitled, “Godly Obedience,” members are advised to obey elders to show their loyalty to God even if they err in their advice.


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