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Nationwide Bulletin Alert from Silentlambs




We are mounting a nationwide campaign to alert the public and Jehovah’s Witnesses of a fugitive that is on the 15 most wanted by the U. S. Marshalls Service.  Rick McLean is a “serial child molester” that used his knowledge of the inner workings of Jehovah’s Witnesses to access and molest numerous children for many years.  McLean was a ministerial servant and pioneered (more hours in door to door work) and often took children on camping trips to build trust and allow him access.  


We believe that McLean may have assumed a new identity and may be pretending to be a new convert to a congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  With his knowledge of the inner workings due to his long association with JWs this would be simple for him to do.  As a JW member he would be active in calling on the homes of the public which would allow him further access to children by offering bible studies.  


McLean is very cunning and deceptive, it is estimated that he molested over 30 children and used the religion as a way to gain the trust of children and cover his actions.  For those reasons we are issuing a one page flyer to be distributed to Kingdom Halls, (Churches for JWs) public bulletin boards, laundry mats, churches and any place where public information can be displayed. 


Silentlambs is making the flyer available in two formats, Word and PDF, to download click on the links below and then make copies for distribution in your local community.       


Word Format Flyer


PDF Format Flyer


This man has been on the run for three years, he is a compulsive molester of little girls 5-12 years of age.  If you know or see anyone that matches his description calling at your home or in a congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses please follow the instructions on the flyer for your safety.

If you would like further information contact silentlambs at 1 877-WTABUSE or 1 877 982-2873 or email at  


Also there are some more details located at these links,,,




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