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Would you like to help silentlambs?

We offer this page as a place where you can get involved with specific action to get the word out and assist silentlambs with getting the work out on this vital this issue:


"Lambs to Protect Kids Nationwide" starting May 30th-Memorial Day through June 30th, 2005

We currently have a worldwide distribution to religious institutions, Kingdom Halls and Branch offices around the world. The program will last for thirty days starting with Memorial Day (May 30) and ending on June, 30. There is a simple bulletin designed to be posted on information boards where membership information is reviewed along with a stuffed lamb as a reminder to put the interests of putting children first when it comes to abuse allegations. For further information CLICK HERE


Local advertisement using want ads or "penny pincher" type newspapers. This should offer an inexpensive way to get the word out to many who do not know of this issue. You are responsible to pay the ad costs and by doing so helping to let others know. To look at the ads you simply need to CLICK HERE.


Two downloadable brochures that are tri-foldable, it works as a pass out to anyone you may meet and gives the basics of what silentlambs is trying to accomplish. The second brochure can be used as a helpful educational tool to reconize the symptoms of abuse.  You can read the brochure and download it. CLICK HERE


Monies donated will be used exclusively for the benefit of victim assistance and making known this issue to force Watchtower to change its misguided policy. You may use a credit card, money order or Pay-Pal. To utilize this option, CLICK HERE

Legal Assistance
If you have experience in legal areas such as an attorney or paralegal and wish to volunteer or work at a reduced rate to assist victims to be protected and help them have a voice when threatened by Watchtower Policy, CLICK HERE

If you have credentials for counseling victims of molestation and would like to help direct them on
how to get the best assistance, CLICK HERE.

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