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As Germany's main tabloid reports, a child abuser who has a 15-years-sentence for 105 rapes wants to become a Jehovah’s Witness.  At silentlambs we are not surprised and hope the local congregation and the public will be alerted that in a few years “brother” Mederake may be making a personal visit on their home to offer a free home bible study with the entire family.,geo=3295462.html


Mederake wants to become "Jehovah's Witness"


Dresden-His family and his friends have been disgusted by him. Now Stephanie's tormentor Mario Mederake is looking for consolation in the "Jehovah's Witnesses".

The cult has visited the child molester already four times in the Torgau (Saxony) prison.

A JW spokesman stated: "Mederake has invited us. Anyone who repents and proves this by deeds, will not be rejected by God."

One year ago Mederake was sentenced 15 years in prison, followed by preventive detention.

The cult hopes to soon make him a baptized member.


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