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Your Confidentiality Guaranteed


Silentlambs has been contacted by many key persons in the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses. We have ongoing contacts with elders, pioneers, members of the anointed, and many brothers in authority positions. We maintain absolute confidentiality for these persons due to the past attacks on those that have chosen to speak out publicly on the abuse issue in the organization. We would never discourage anyone to leave the organization and often render assistance in how to best deal with organizational guidelines while helping the child as a priority. Elders can be forced to deal with authorities while preserving your membership in the organization if matters are handled properly. We are glad to assist in that regard. In addition, if you have information that you think would be helpful in proving how the policies of the organization has worked in the past or come in contact with new information in articles are internal documents that might help show new developments we welcome them to be sent to silentlambs. You can do so anonymously by email or by regular mail at


P O Box 311

Calvert City , KY 42029 .


The email link is you can send scans of documents or fax documents to us directly at 877-982-2873. If you do not wish to be identified you will be protected in that regard. We understand the great fear that is instilled for being caught so to speak supplying information to protect children. We want to assure you that many brothers and sisters have came forward with information that remain anonymous but have rendered a great service in the interests of changing a policy that hurts children. If you think you have something that might be helpful please contact us and see if we can help each other.

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