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Transcript: JW-Media

DATE: January, 2001

The following are direct quotes from the new PR Video being sent to reporters around the country and advertised on the WT Media website. The video has since been modified due to negative reaction from viewers.  If you read closely you will find there is no admission of any problems with policy regarding child molestation in the organization. Watchtower categorically states that WT Policy is perfect and there is no need to change anything. If these comments are true, then why all the victims?


*Jehovah's Witnesses Policy on Dealing with Child Abuse

J R Brown: We've heard the suggestion that our policies may not be adequate to cover the problem of child molestation. But that's not the case at all. The fact of the matter is we have a very aggressive policy (those 2 words spoken with emphasis - but the clickable link for the words *aggressive policy* did not seem to provide a *policy* as such) to handle child molestation in the congregations. And it is primarily designed to protect our children. And then it also is in compliance with the laws of the land, or the State, so that there is not a conflict.

Dr Infante: I think that's a very good policy, umm, that the er, elders er, you know, essentially would take charge of the situation of reporting the abuse to the authorities if there is no, you know adult, in authority, any other adult in authority to do that, to protect the child.

Mr Sinclair: If we didn't have a policy, it might be confusing to some who have never dealt with things like that before, like I had never dealt with it before. You are not sure where to turn for help. But when you know that there is a policy in place - that you can go and get the help that's needed - that is very comforting. And then, within the congregation, through the arrangement of the congregation, you can provide the spiritual help and the encouragement to get over the difficulties that the individuals have faced in their childhood.

Mr Brumley: There are instances when a situation that should have been reported is not. Or where care should have been extended and it was not. But to say that the policy is not followed perfectly is a far cry from saying that there exists a policy to affirmatively minimize, or hide this problem. The policy that Jehovah's Witnesses have on how to handle cases of child molestation is without equal in the religious community.*



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