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Grandir avec Jéhovah [RTS]


On November 11, 2010 the Swiss program ‘Present Time’ aired a documentary on Jehovah’s Witnesses and the abuse scandal. The program is in French and approximately one hour long. Below is a rough translation of the description of the program.

Watch the program at this link, it is in French.


You can read a partially translated transcript to English here

You can read a partial transcript of French here

Comments from the key person that worked to develop the program


“Present Time”, French Jehovah’s Witnesses agreed to reveal their beliefs about purity, Armageddon, end of the world, which they estimate is imminent, how their brothers and sisters treated them, their years of mental control under the strict monitoring of followers through a quasi military organization. With the investigation “Present Time” goes back to the source; a worldwide scandal of sexual abuse. Former members of Bethel - the Vatican of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Brooklyn, New York - present documentation of the abuse scandal. From childhood to adulthood, indoctrination in the first years create a quasi impossibility of leaving the sect under threat and radical social insulation, the journalists raise the veil on what means “to grow up in the truth”. Repeat broadcast on Friday November 12, 2010 at 0:30 and on Monday November 15, 2010 with 15:40 on TSR2.

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