I had an anonymous call this evening, it seems there was a guy who owned a crop duster who has been pestered by JW's every month for several years. He is very angry and wished to make a statement about how he feels. Then there is another guy who has never been a JW who wanted to make a statement against his JW family who have persecuted him for several years for not joining.

These two guys get their heads together, printed up several thousand flyers with the message, "Watch Dateline to see how Jehovah's Witness child molesters operate, Tuesday, May 28th." or words to that affect.

These two guys then made up a map of fourteen Kingdom Halls in their area. The crop duster guy painted the identification numbers off the plane. They took off and would line the plane and come barreling in at a 100 ft bottom end. The pilot would give a thumbs up and scream dump! Then the guy in the back would cut loose with the flyers blanketing the Kingdom Hall. The covered fourteen Halls, the last just coming in for the book study with about twenty cars in the parking lot. When he looked back they were covered with flyers.

Now silentlambs does not encourage or support such actions, but crop dusting for Dateline though ilegal, could be a completely new form of witness work. I wonder how you would count your time?