This is a rough draft of the talk follow the Drama at the DC. Do you see any subliminal reference to Dateline?

Notes on the Talk - Be Like Jeremiah, Fearlessly Proclaim the Word of Jehovah

Since 1919 we have been experiencing times that ancient men of old like Jeremiah could only dream about. We have become a part of something delightful, beautiful, life preserving, yes our being gathered here today shows there exists a spiritual paradise provided by Jehovah. Even though we have these benefits our times are more troublesome and worse than Jeremiah’s times. The reason we are persecuted and suffer abuse is that people don’t understand our way of true worship (Jer.15:18-19)

There are those who would criticize and ridicule Jehovah’s people, sometimes it is motivated by outright hatred, in addition, there are financial pressures, families are under attack as well as health problems, all these pressures can cause our love for Jehovah to be worn down. How can we endure and fearlessly proclaim the good news? (Rom 15:4) Our reason for hope has been highlighted by the Bible drama seen today and is part of the things “written beforehand for our instruction”. Will we listen to that instruction? Do we really appreciate benefits the spiritual paradise brings us? (Heb 12:2)

Whether we look back into the things written beforehand or look ahead into the things prophesied, either way we look we are given the basis to gain hope. We can learn many lessons from the example of Jeremiah a faithful man of old. The problems he faced are similar to problems that are being experienced by us today. Jeremiah was treated without honor he endured a great deal of persecution. It is interesting to note all age groups hated him and joined in the ridicule of this faithful servant of Jehovah.

In the drama, elders and little boys joined in persecuting faithful Jeremiah. Today we also have to face that kind of ridicule from those associated with Jehovah’s organization. Remember Urijah a companion and fellow prophet with Jeremiah. When the heat was turned up he lost faith and proper focus on pleasing Jehovah. Instead he fled to Egypt and was subsequently returned to be executed for neglecting his assignment. Imagine how Jeremiah must have felt by being betrayed by a fellow servant, how would you be affected if a fellow publisher or elder was to have similar conduct?

Another example citied in the program was Baruch. Though being a loyal and faithful man even he lost proper Christian focus at times, even so, by enduring faithfully he made it to the end. (Jer.45:3,5) What about us today? Do we lose our focus at times? Do we feel weary and sigh? Baruch started to try and create a comfort zone for himself. This was the wrong course as he was corrected by Jehovah for his actions. (Jer.45:5) Baruch was reminded not to put trust in men but to keep his faith in Jehovah.

Then there was Jeremiah, from early times he was insecure,(Jer.20:9)not a fluent public speaker, how could Jeremiah continue to faithfully follow his commission? (Jer.20:11) We can learn from Jeremiah’s example today by relying upon Jehovah as we live in a spiritual paradise in this wicked world. Jehovah’s people are facing problems as an organization. In France through malicious propaganda brothers are being persecuted. In other areas there are those who distribute literature to discredit Jehovah. (Jer.15:16) How can we cope with such persecution? We must show ourselves eager as in Jeremiahs day. (2 Tim 1:7-8) It is important to keep a sound mind in troublesome times, do not allow false reasoning to influence our thoughts. Jeremiah was very careful of his associates there is a fine lesson in his example. (Jer.15:17) If Jeremiah was living in the 21st Century what association or trust would he have placed in the media, TV and worldly news sources? He would have had nothing to do with them knowing they were part of Satan’s world. Today would it be any different? Our lot is to use the Christian brotherhood as a source that we can rely upon for truth. We know what the TRUTH is, therefore let us make it our resolve not to be associated with or listen to those who criticize us using worldly sources controlled by Satan. Jehovah is stronger than Satan and whatever the media might say they cannot win against us.

Let us all endeavor to have Jeremiah’s courage as we face these trial some times. We know these trials will not be for long as we look forward to serving for eternity in an earthly paradise in the new system that Jehovah promises in the very near future.