Fighters against children

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Posted by will notprevail [silentlambs] on January 05, 2001 at 16:20:31 {fjt1497aTcr.Eq9dlGNYKXdsQHCKmU}:

I have heard comments from time to time in the last couple of days that suggest I may not know what I am really getting into, that I may be biting off more than I can chew, that is it possible to take on the wt and survive?

You maybe forgetting a simple truth, I was raised as a JW all my life. I remember as a six year old standing in a classroom with 40 other children and being the only one to not salute the flag. They tried to make me by pushing on my arm and giving me dirty looks, but I believed I was right as I was taught. Standing for what is right has been ingrained into witnesses from the time they were born. Us against them, we take on Satan's world because we have god backing us. It is all part of wt programming and in this case it appears to work to their disadvantage. I do not fear what they say or do, as what I am doing is right. a witness will die for a belief they believe to be right. To bad for you wt, I am the monster you created. Take my house, car, anything you want, as a witness it means nothing to me anyway. I am the most dangerous threat to the wt organization, a programmed witness who is fighting for a righteous cause. It will not go away and whatever you do to me will just make things worse for wt. Wt please defend yourself, try to df me and silence the messenger. If you do you prove that you have been overcome by Satan and just like in the times of Israel you will be punished for your faithless conduct. Remember the recent bible reading of Jehu? He was just one man who was right and as a result killed about everyone in charge of god's organization at that time. A good part of it was over the sacrifice of children. How far is that from what wt policy allows today, when small ones are ruined for life due to the insidious conduct of those protected within wt policy.

Am I afraid? I am to mad to be afraid and willing to do whatever by whatever means necessary to shout from the treetops this must be changed. The silentlambs will speak, wt will be silenced and humiliated for their shameful conduct.