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A brother writes,


July 2, 2002




25 Columbia Heights

Brooklyn NY. 11201


Dear Brothers,


I am concerned with the recent events that revolve around the pedophile issues within the WT Society. I do realize that there are things in the Bible that do apply to modern day times, I don't understand how you can use the "two eyewitness rule" to justify your position on this important issue of child molestation. Even if child molesters are allowed to be in the congregation they should not be allowed to go from door to door. They have impure thoughts and should get help before they are allowed to go and preach again. AT LEAST MAKE IT TOUGHER FOR THESE PEOPLE TO COME BACK INTO THE ORGANIZATION!!! From what I understand they are welcomed back with no problem. Even if they didn't get any counseling or help they are welcomed back. THIS MUST STOP!!!! It is amazing that people look at me like I'm crazy because I now wear a cross because my wife gave it me as a gift. I don't worship it but to me it represents that I pay my respects to Christ and for what he did for mankind. Jehovah's Witnesses look at that as a cardinal sin. My own fellow brothers shy away from me over a symbol. A symbol that was once used on our literature for 40 years or so in the early 1900's the symbol is on the gravesite of C T Russell. If this cross is such a horrible thing then why did Jehovah allow it to be incorporated into his very doctrine? I wrote you a letter before and I received no response. I am a brother in the Conway Congregation in Central Fl. And I await your response. Are the lawsuits starting to add up? You need to change your policy or your probably going to have more.







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