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A sister writes,


June 10, 2002


25 Columbia Heights

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Dear Brothers,

It has taken me two weeks to write to you after the airing of Dateline. I have been baptized for almost 23 years. What I have learned concerning the pedophiles amongst us is very disturbing to me! Some of "The Friends" don't have the courage to write, how much courage does it take to stand up for what is right? Very little in my humble opinion!

As a baptized witness of Jehovah for a long time I've always prided myself in saying I was a Witness but not any longer! I'm ashamed and hurt by what I've come to learn in the past couple of weeks! Why are you harboring known pedophiles by allowing them to remain in our congregations? I simply don't understand! How does Jehovah look upon those who have taken the innocence away from our dear children? More important how does Jehovah view The Watchtower Society for allowing this to continue?

My entire life I thought we were "different than the world" that we had God's blessing. Do we have Jehovah's blessing when you're allowing a few select Elders within the congregations to know of a known pedophile and choose to keep it secret? Do you think Jehovah and his Son, Christ Jesus approve of your actions? I hang my head in shame and disbelief!

Have you read the heart felt letters and yes, sometimes angry letters on the Silent Lambs website? We are told they are "Apostates", well that simply isn't true! As of this day, all those on Dateline are still in "good standing". Please don't silence them! There are many children among us that are hurting and have been hurt and continue to hurt if something isn't done! Do you know how long it takes for someone who has been molested/raped to come forth? I know from personal experience, it can take almost a lifetime!

You have done so much damage by keeping silent! I'm sad, upset and ready to walk away forever! The Awakes and Watchtower magazines over the years have given us suggestions on how to protect our children. Was I to know, that I had to protect my child within God's Organization, too? I had no idea that child molesters are among us!

What about the victims that don't have "two witnesses"? Child molesters don't commit their crime for others to see! Molesting/raping a child is a crime and needs to be brought to the authorities whether we are "obligated by law" to do so or not! It's the moral, loving and right thing to do!

There has to be a way to protect children from being victimized any more in our congregations! This must stop now! I for one will never come back to a Kingdom Hall until things change! There have been things I don't agree with over the years but I figured that either your understanding or my understanding would change. That was ok with me. I was willing to "wait on Jehovah" but I'm not willing to wait when it comes to those who rape our children and then still attend meetings and go out in "Field Service". Don't you put the public in harms way when you allow pedophiles to knock on their doors?

You owe the victims and their families an apology! You owe "The Sheep" an apology for allowing this to continue for so many years! You owe the world an apology, for they are watching to see what you do! And last but certainly not least, remember our Heavenly father Jehovah & his Son are watching and expecting you to act with meekness and humbleness in this matter!




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