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Switzerland Program "Present Time" Exposes Abuse Within JWs


Watch silentlambs Media Coverage of Press Conference in Nashville!

05/07 Watch Video


Listen to interview with JW PR spokesman JR Brown about the Bethel Elder that was arrested for trying to molest children.  There are two parts that discuss the case as well as JW doctrine.

Part One [Click Here]

Part Two [Click Here]


Canada silentlambs speak to media! Watch video[click here]

Read transcript [click here]


VH1 Program-Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood

Michael Jackson's life is on the line in front a California judge. But no matter the outcome of his trial on child molestation charges, the gap between how the world views Michael and how he sees himself has never been wider. In this special, VH1 News explains how the beloved child entertainer became such a bizarre public figure.

The answers lie in Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood. VH1 News has examined the singer's upbringing and found a life filled with abuse, hard labor, relentless ambition, and conflict between his religious upbringing and growing fame. Beginning with Jackson's birth in 1958 to the record-breaking success of his Thriller album in 1984, the special delves deep into Jackson's past, such as the mental and physical abuse he endured from his father, Joe Jackson (e.g., incessant rehearsals, whippings, calling Michael "big nose"); Joe exorcised his frustrations over his own failed musical career by exploiting his musically gifted children - especially Michael - by forcing them to perform in seedy bars and strip joints from Indiana to Ohio. At the same time, the proselytizing of his mother Katherine - a devout Jehovah's Witness - confused Michael about singing, sex and family secrets.

This show opens the doors to the Jackson family homes in Gary , Indiana and Encino , CA , to uncover bizarre, never-before-seen home movies of Michael dancing with Emmanuel Lewis and cavorting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. In exclusive interviews, viewers are introduced to Michael's first "little friend" the child actor Rodney Allen Rippey. Other interviews include former CBS Records music mogul Walter Yetnikoff, the man responsible for Michael pursuing a solo music career, but knew him since his childhood years as a member of the Jackson 5, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael's co-star from "The Way you Make Me Feel" video who tells her tale of unrequited love for the shy pop star, and Teresa J. Gonsalves, a childhood pen pal who got to see a side of Michael that very few were privileged to see. These people, along with celebrity family therapists, biographers and religion experts, all offer their theories about the man whose public antics have become a national obsession.


Watch Program Michael's Secret Childhood

Extensive video of Michael Jackson's life [click here]

Read Transcript here Transcript Part one  Transcript Part two


Silentlambs Summit Press Coverage [Click Here] (2-04)


2003 District Convention Talk on abuse issue, "Beware the Voice of Strangers" Transcript 1    Transcript 2      Listen 1   Another version given in Hawaii Listen 2


  New Video of silentlambs march in Brooklyn New York on September 27. 2002.  We also now have a complete video of the "March" one hour in length email silentlambs for information on how to purchase.  [click here] to watch the website video.


CBS EVENING NEWS !   Week of 04/28/03

See Transcript and Video

Spanish Transcript

William H. Bowen along with three JW abuse survivors interviewed on the CBS EVENING NEWS with Dan Rather.


Bowen Interview

  Above is a link to a recent interview on the child abuse issue.



CBS EVENING NEWS !   See Transcript and CBS WebVideo    Video                                                                                              Spanish Transcript

William H. Bowen along with three JW abuse survivors interviewed on the CBS EVENING NEWS with Jane Clayson. (04/28//03)

NBC Dateline-Witness to the Prosecution-Read Transcript  Spanish Transcript Italian transcript                 view Video- A  Video- B

DATELINE Correspondent John Larson spoke with victims, their families, and former church officials. JR Brown states. "We have a very aggressive policy on child abuse." A young sister is given death threats from her local congregation after reporting a confessed child molester. William H. Bowen uses term "Pedophile Paradise" for the first time to media.

(05/28/2002 )


CNN/Connie Chung-Read Transcript    Spanish Transcript view Video

See an interview with sexual abuse survivors Heidi Meyer, Amber Long and former elder William H. Bowen by Connie Chung. Bowen calls Watchtower PR statement a bald faced lie. (08/14/2002)


BBC/Panorama-Suffer The Little Children-Read Transcript   Spanish Transcript view Video-A  Video-B


Panorama tells the harrowing story of a young woman who was molested after her father was publicly reproved for molesting her sister three years earlier. Governing Body member Ted Jaracz, quotes scripture as he tells the BBC to go to hell when asked about evidence of a database of members suspected of child abuse - many of whom have never been reported to the police. (07/14/2002 )

BBC Panorama Live Forums [Monday, 15 July, 2002]

Jehovah's Witnesses: child abuse policy (REAL Media Format)
Article on BBC Panorama Website


Australia/Sunday Program-Silent Witnesses-Read Transcript Spanish Translation view Video-A  Video-B

The District Convention speaker for Jehovah's Witnesses accuses the media of demonism. A brother molests forty little boys as elders and the Branch Overseer demonstrates effective use of theocratic warfare. (09/22/2002 )  

UPDATE- New program with new abuse interviews - Read Transcript Spanish Translation view Video


  German Program/WDR-The End of Silence-Read Transcript    Spanish Transcript view Video

(German language) Watchtower Branch in Selters was interviewed extensively for this program when it was discovered that conclusive evidence was being presented they withdrew their interview. A seventeen year old Jehovah's Witness is stopped from suicide after she finds silentlambs. (02/16/2003 )    


  Denmark Program/DTV2-Silent Children-Read Transcript Spanish Transcript view Video

A young Jehovah's Witness girl was raped at the age of twelve, when she became pregnant and gave birth her father murdered the baby. He remains a JW in good standing. (11/24/2002 )


  Canada Program/CBC-Spiritual Shepherds-Read Transcript view Video  French Dubbed Video

A young man was raped by his Ministerial Servant bible study conductor who now continues in the door to door work. A policewoman says the elders were negligent and home office lawyers tell her it is none of her business regarding reporting when a child is molested. (01/26/2003 )  

  German Program-Protecting the Perpetrator Comes First-Read Transcript   Spanish transcript

One of the first programs after Dateline, the German Branch Overseer stated to the program that "I don't know of any cases of child molestation here in Germany ." This was before he knew of the Jehovah's Witness abuse survivors interviewed on the program. (06/16/02 )

Slovenia Program-POPTV-Read Transcript Spanish Transcript view Video

Interview with abuse survivors and a Watchtower spokesman that states there is no place written where it says not to report to police after the reporter read it to him from the Elder Manuel he had no comment. (10/12/02 ) Sweden/STV/Assignment-Investigate-"Do Jehovah's Witnesses Protect Pedophiles?" Video A   Video B

Watchtower takes out thousands of dollars on newspaper ads to discredit a brother who spoke out on abuse and use the testimony of the pedophile to provide their information, review the letter sent to the victims mother HERE.

Another update! [click here] (05/12/03)

(04/08/03 ) CLICK HERE for latest info also review guestbook for comments about program.

J. R. Brown   JW-Media-We Admit No Wrong-Read Transcript Spanish Transcript view Video

The Jehovah Witness website features interviews with key people in which they state, "The policy that Jehovah's Witnesses have on how to handle cases of child molestation is without equal in the religious community ." The original comments are found in the posted transcript, the video has since been changed to stay what it does now.

2002 Interview with JR Brown on abuse issue audio Listen

Radio Interview JR Brown Listen

God Show JR Brown Listen 1  Listen 2    Listen 3   Listen 4  Transcript

Elders School 2002 audio "Proper Handling of Judicial Matters"

Interview with William H. Bowen about the abuse issue and current Watchtower response.- View Video



Dallas, TX NBC 2002


Seattle CBS 2002


St. Louis NBC 2003


Evansville, IN ABC 2002


Las Vegas, NV ABC NBC CBS 2003


Video 2

Video 3

Silentlambs March in Brooklyn, NY (09/02)

Newscast of silentlambs March VIDEO

Video footage of silentlambs March (dinner afterwards)

Additional video of silentlambs March


Pictures of Judicial Hearings CNN, Silentlambs March, German interview, UK interview

Pictures of Las Vegas Press Conference, CBS News interview, SNAP Conference, WT in court, Lambs to Protect Kids

Pictures from Dateline program  Download pics



Erica Garza court Testimony [2001] [Real Audio Format]

Erica Testimony in Real player one format

Dateline NBC

Audio Clip
Transcript (HTML)

Silentlambs March in Brooklyn, NY

March to Bethel (765k audio)

Arrival and Introductions (752k audio)
Courage Awards (2.2M audio)
Non-JW advocates Speak Out (1.3M audio)
Survivors Speak Out (A) (575k audio)
Survivors Speak Out (B) (1.3M audio) (Ted Jaracz accused of molestation)
Special Delivery (164k audio)
Conclusion (301k audio)
Channel 11 Newscast (372k audio)

William H. Bowen Television Interview

Evansville WFIE TV recording.html

Radio Interview

Radio Interview: Mark Fuhrman-William H. Bowen (01/03) Read Transcript

Radio Interview: Mark Fuhrman-Wiliam H. Bowen (02/03)

Radio Interview: Meria Hellar-William H. Bowen (04/02)

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