It's not enough to have a dream unless I'm willing to pursue it...

It's not enough to know what's right unless I'm strong enough to do it...

It's not enough to join a crowd, to be acknowledged and accepted...

I must be true to my ideals, even if I'm left out and rejected...

It's not enough to learn the truth unless I also learn to live it...

It's no enough to reach for love unless I care enough to give it...


on the watch below the tower
silentlambs with open eyes
while the chiefs from ivory tower
do the child molest deny

asking for each 2nd witness
who nowhere exists in crime
as the one who injures children
does not pay there any dime

give them answer, loud with power
cry the roar as lions can
show those actors in the tower
children need practical men

not such spiritual molesters
who support white collar crime
we want Moses back who justice
soul killers with the right fine.

thousands silent lambs are crying
what’s the spiritual paradise?
more and more stand up just sighing
are we lost? where is the wise?

we need righteousness and freedom
we need yet the helping hand
we need protection from molestation
ivory tower leave your stand

recognize the facts that melt us
recognize the present time
recognize your past reaction
it was worth not any dime