Monday, August, 12



William H. Bowen: KY 270-527-5350,

“Whistleblowers” Silenced by Church Tribunal

Bowen Denied Right To Present Evidence


At 1:30 PM today, Dan McMullen of Princeton Ky , Chairman of the Appeal Committee for Jehovah’s Witnesses against William H. Bowen informed his attorney Rush Hunt of Madisonville , KY that the decision to disfellowship was upheld. The announcement will be made at the Draffenville congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Benton , Kentucky , on Thursday, August 15 th .


“They produced no eye-witnesses and used a letter I wrote to the home office as the only evidence against me. The letter leveled formal charges against the Governing Body (leadership) of Jehovah’s Witnesses for committing crimes against children.” Bowen states, “I offered to provide written documentation and testimony from eye-witnesses at the “silentlambs march” in Brooklyn New York on September 27 th of this year. But they refused to look at any evidence or eye-witness testimony.


Bowen is the founder of silentlambs,( 877-wtabuse) a support group for abuse survivors amon g Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Barbara Anderson 62, of Norman dy TN, was disfellowshipped on July 25 th for speaking out about child abuse as well as her husband Joe. “My son called me Friday and disowned both of us as his parents.” Anderson laments, “We will never see our grandson again.”


Sheila Bowen, wife of William H. Bowen read a letter to the appeal Committee which concluded with the comment, “I am ashamed and embarrassed for the public to know that I was ever one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.”


Jehovah’s Witnesses have one million members in the USA and over fifteen million attend services around the world. It is their goal to call at every home in America at least once a year.