Below was a letter to editor that was printed in the Paducah paper. I thought it might be relevant now as JW's are defending their position on child abuse as being OK. It all boils down to the FIVE QUESTIONS. If the typical JW can answer the five questions truthfully then they are forced to admit there is a problem. If they choose to lie, then they are contributing to the "pedophile paradise" by their efforts in defending WT Policy. I encourage all to distribute these questions far and wide and demand JW's everywhere face reality and stop defending a policy that protects child molesters. If you look on the front page of my website you will see the "response to JR Brown" button at the top on the home page, there you can get the "in writing" answers to the five questions posed. The letter is as follows:

I was recently mentioned in the public media as a minister who resigned because of not condoning the church policy of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society which, in my opinion, protects pedophiles within the organization. Local Watchtower officials have chosen to respond to local congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses with a local needs talk that basically requires the following of its members:

1. Forbidding church members to speak with me about this matter.

2. Forbidding me to speak with anyone within the church with the threat of disfellowshipment.

3. Telling church members I have been untruthful about the facts.

4. Instructing church members to tell anyone they meet in door-to-door witnessing work that I have lied about Watchtower policy with regard to pedophiles.

The question that begs to be answered is, who is telling the truth? Does the Watchtower organization really protect pedophiles? I would like to offer you, the public, five simple questions to ask any Jehovah's Witness you meet to define what the truth is.

1. If a pedophile were to move into your congregation, would you be informed?

2. If a pedophile molested your child, would you be allowed to warn other parents in your congregation?

3. If a pedophile denied he molested your child, and you could not produce two witnesses to the act of molestation, would the church discipline him/her in any way?

4. If the state where you reside does not require reporting a pedophile that has molested a minor, will church officials report it?

5. If, as an adult, you charge an elder with molesting you when you were a child and he denies it, would he discontinue serving as an elder?

The truthful answers to the above questions are no, on each account. If any Jehovah's Witness says otherwise, he is not being truthful.

I base the answers to the questions above not on my opinion, but my personal experience with Watchtower Legal Department, Watchtower Service Department, letters to body of elders and the personal experience of those whose children have been molested within the Watchtower organization.

If this is the reality for Jehovah's Witness congregations, then I ask you, the public, are pedophiles protected within the Watchtower organization?