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11/09/17 opinion of JWorg losing appeal of not supplying court documents

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Watchtower Telememo on Reporting Abuse


Kristi Hynes Case [click here]



Transcript of Vicki Boer Decision

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Australia Appeal Case

Appeal case for Quick Build molestation

Erica Rodriguez

Erica Sentencing Transcript - 1
Ritzville, Washington August 24, 1998

Erica Sentencing Transcript - 2

JW's Testify as character Witnesses for Erica's Molester

Listen to Audio of Testimony

Paul Berry

From day one of this issue being raised the Watchtower has maintained there is no problem with child molesters being shielded within the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The questions that beg to be answered are:

  1. If a child molester is convicted in a court of law will the brothers and sisters support the victim?
  2. Will a sex offender be disfellowshipped if he maintains innocence after being convicted by a court of law?
  3. If a molested victim no longer goes to meetings and the child molester has been convicted what will witnesses do at their sentencing hearing.
  4. Will Watchtower encourage elders and publishers to testify in behalf of a convicted pedophile?

Please read the sentencing hearing of Paul Berry, a Jehovah’s Witness in good standing, and see if you can determine the answers to the above questions.

Paul Berry Sentencing Transcript

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