World Wide Work Monies Spent to Protect Pedophiles

As many may know in January of this year Erica Rodriguez/Garza filed a lawsuit against Jehovah’s Witness headquarters for the gross mishandling of her and her family after reporting the convicted child molester Manuel Beliz. When the initial case was filed it was inadvertantly misfiled under the wrong statue for the courts in Washington State. The Jehovah’s Witnesses hired local law firms to assist in defending their position against Erica. What is their position? Manuel Beliz is innocent of all charges. In a written statement submitted by Watchtower attorneys Brother Beliz has declared his innocence by stating , “ I am innocent of all false charges”and Watchtower is using his written statement as a basis to call Erica a liar once again. It is interesting to note in the court transcript Brother Beliz confessed to two law officers his molestation of Erica. The presiding overseer of Beliz’s congregation, John White, indicated in earlier court testimony that Beliz was disfellowshipped for child molestation. Now Watchtower attorneys wish to use the lies of a confessed child molester to defend their case against Erica?

In the course of making the adjustment for the filing under the proper statues the original filing was dismissed as the new documents were filed. What was the reaction of Watchtower? They requested close to $7,000 in lawyer fees to compensate them for the misfiled case. That means they can provide documentation to the Judge of spending $7,000 in fees to defend Manuel Beliz from being sued by Erica. Where did this money come from to begin with? The donations you send for the “World Wide Work” of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Thousands and thousands of “donated” monies are spent each year to defend Jehovah’s Witness child molesters as the victims not only suffers in silence but are financially drained by the abuse of unlimited “World Wide Work” funds being donated to the Jehovah’s Witness organization. The deep pockets provided by these “funds” are a formidable foe to over come when an abuse survivor endeavors to seek justice due to the terrible abuse they have suffered at the hands of Watchtower Policy.

Will Erica and her attorneys have to actually pay the $7,000 legal bill submitted by Watchtower? The answer is no. Typically no judge would allow such a nasty, mean spirited “fee” to be frivolously applied to a person who is coming forward with such a legitimate lawsuit. It appears once again the “pedophile paradise” comment made on Dateline is still very alive and well within the Jehovah’s Witness community. Pedophiles now have literally millions of dollars in “donated” funds at their disposal if they simply will become a baptized Jehovah’s Witness. Even if they confess to molesting children, the church is more than happy to spend any amount necessary to prevent molestation survivors from being compensated.