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We wish to welcome you to this section of the silentlambs website. The purpose of this area is to offer examples of "true" Watchtower Policy for everyone to see. New information will be added on a regular basis to show a reality the Society hides from its members and the public that protects "Watchtower Image" over and above the interests of the flock. Each item presented here has been double checked for accuracy and the sources have been talked to personally to make sure what is being presented is the simple truth of the matter.


NO COMPASSION FOR VICTORIA BOER - Latest newsletter (click here) The following is a letter recently written by Watchtower of UK regarding the Vicky Boer judgment in Canada.  The letter is misleading as usual in that Watchtower attorneys petitioned the court for legal costs in an apparent attempt to punish her.  The letter seems in indicate the court forced the legal costs upon them as a result of law once again compassion for abuse survivors is hard to find when "theocratic warfare" is employed to mislead the public. (click here) to read letter. (click here) to read about the Vicky Boer case.  If you would like to write a letter or email to express your outrage at this decision (click here) for information on how to do so. Transcript court case


Del ur Jehovas Vittnens annons publicerad i SvD 030504

Sweden Massacre

  1. ANDERS EXCOMMUNICATED! Anders the young man that appeared on the television program in Sweden was recently excommunicated without an hearing.  Read what appears to be a new Governing Body directive on how to deal with abuse survivors [click here] Also read the letter Anders wrote to the Swedish Branch after they spent thousands of dollars to assassinate him in the media. [click here]
  2. WATCHTOWER ATTACKS ABUSE SURVIVORS-LIES TO CONGREGATIONS AND MEDIA IN SWEDEN!- In a recent letter sent out in Sweden Watchtower accuses Swedish Television of lying and says they are going to sue. One abuse survivor is singled out and personal misinformation is given about his abuse. To see the letter sent to congregations and media [CLICK HERE] [PDF ACTUAL SCAN] to see the "actual facts" [CLICK HERE] See Swedish Branch Office response to abuse survivor's mother [CLICK HERE] See Original [click here]
  3. WT MEDIA COVERUP AND MISINFORMATION- Ten documentaries have aired around the world show numerous examples of members in good standing that have been hurt by current Watchtower Policy.  Around the world various measures have been taken to punish the innocent and cover up the truth.  There is an interesting trail of documentation that shows what lengths will be followed to misinform the public, to review this information: [CLICKHERE]
  4. MEDIA SHUTDOWN-A letter written to all congregation in USA effectively shuts down any chance of media being provided information on anything about Jehovah's Witnesses. It is interesting to note in the latter portion of the letter it makes the statement:

    "If researchers or others approach elders seeking information and some issues come up about which the elders are not certain, they should not make any comments. Rather, these inquiries should be referred to the Service Department, at the address above, for attention.'

    We are confident that this direction will be sufficient for you to provide an appropriate response to anyone who approaches the congregation with an inquiry or survey about the work we do in the community and worldwide."

    So if anyone is not sure of any question asked, what are they encouraged to do? Nothing, just call Watchtower and let them handle it. Now Witnesses are not allowed to say anything to the public. Only an authorized elder can make any comment and if it is a question he is not absolutely sure of, he is not allowed to say anything. So much for freedom of speech...

    To read - [CLICK HERE]
    To download this document - [CLICK HERE] (4.24 kb) MS Word document format

  5. MURDER LETTER-Does The Watchtower Society believe that criminals should be reported to the proper authorities? What if the person committed crimes before they were baptized, would there be any responsibility to report crimes confessed to elders in private? What if a person committed murder, would the Watchtower Society do what was morally and ethically right to set matters right with the law? Would the Society see the criminal’s side and protect them, or see the victim’s side and move to avoid obstruction of justice? If Watchtower has this view toward murders how could this apply to child molesters?

    Read the following letter and see how you would answer these questions. [CLICK HERE]

  6. MOLESTER ELDERS-If you read the January 1, 1997 Watchtower article you are given the impression that a child molester who is “known”(that is confessed) would never have “privileges” in the Congregation arrangement. Is that really the case? In a conversation with the Service Department it was plainly stated to me personally that a child molester could re-qualify again after a long period of time had passed. Was this a misstatement of Watchtower Policy? Read the form letter sent out to congregations by the Legal Department in cases of “known” child molesters. Notice the paragraph at the end holds open the possibility of being used again after writing the Society first. So the question is who is lying, the Writing Department who wrote the 97 Watchtower, Service Department, or Legal Department? Either way you are being lied to.

    To read the above mentioned document, [CLICK HERE].

  7. KEY WT POLICY LETTER -This British letter was sent to all elders in the United Kingdom when controversy arose on how child molesters should be handled in the congregation. The letter was directed by New York to put everyone on the "same page" regarding how abuse allegations were to be handled. Here it clearly states child molesters are serving as elders in the congregation and when children are interrogated the untrained elders must determine uncleanness, loose conduct, or porneia.[CLICK HERE]
    Scanned Image of Actual Document - [ PAGE 1] [ PAGE 2]
  8. HOW LONG HAS WT KNOWN?- How long has Watchtower known proper policy on abuse?  Canada letter from 1988 documents clear understanding of the importance of reporting abuse.  Why was this policy never followed as stated? [CLICK HERE]
  9. UNITED KINGDOM- Silentlambs traveled to UK to meet with the Branch committee about the abuse issue, what was the response?[CLICK HERE]

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