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Elder Cairns exposes himself at a Mall and was an elder in good standing at the time. Could it be there was only one eye witness?  The information below shares some interesting insight on the extent of the crime as well as the possibility that Cairns may have been involved with the case of a victim of abuse.  Victoria Boer won a lawsuit against Jehovah’s Witnesses but was cheated out of her settlement, if the statements below are true it would appear Elder Cairns may have either been related or directly involved in the case within the congregation.

Could this have contributed to a fair and impartial decision?  


THE MORNING STAR Sept 24, 2006 Page A6 Vernon BC Canada newspaper.


An Armstrong resident and former North Okanagan-Shuswap School District bus driver was given a conditional discharge and nine months probation in Kelowna court earlier this month. Wayne Dale Cairns pleaded guilty to performing an indecent act. The charge stemmed from an incident at Kelowna's Orchard Park Mall last spring, where patrons complained of a man on a school bus exposing himself. The bus had taken North Okanagan-Shuswap students to Kelowna on a field trip, but no students were present for either the incident or the suspects' subsequent arrest. Cairns had resigned his driver's position prior to pleading guilty.

Wayne Dale Cairns has NOT been disfellowshipped for "having performed an indecent act". At this writing he remains an Elder in good standing, participating in Judicial Committees where JWs are disfellowshipped and deemed "disassociated by their actions".

He is listed on the Canada Revenue Agency Charitable Organization listing (2004 Return) as a Trustee of the JW congregation where he attends. His congregation position listed is "Secretary".



September 22, 2006

Cairns Sentence

A former North Okanagan-Shuswap School District school bus driver pleaded guilty in Kelowna court in connection with a spring incident at Kelowna's Orchard Park Mall. Wayne Dale Cairns of Armstrong was charged with performing an indecent act and was handed a conditional discharge and probation of 9-months.

Police moved in after people complained a man was walking around exposing himself. No students were present either for the incident or for the arrest on the bus.

Cairns resigned in the spring.

Bob Crouse Standard Radio News


Comment made on a JW forum about the current status of Elder Cairns:

“My source made a phone call to the congregation to find out if he was still an elder.  The answer was yes.  The individual in question also was a member of the Judicial Committee that DFd and recently reinstated my source.”


Comment made on the newspaper forum regarding Elder Cairns:


“A friend of mine was the one (or one of the ones) who called the cops on this guy. He was outside of the mall when he saw this guy walking towards him with his "member", fully erect, sticking out of his pants. My friend casually mentioned, "you're 'hanging out' there, man". The man gave it a shake, and responded, "yes, I am" and continued on his way.  My friend then called the cops on his cell phone. Creepy guy, hopefully he's learned to keep "it" to himself.”


Comment sent to silentlambs:


“Wayne Cairns is an alleged elder.  He resigned from his job as a school bus driver after being arrested on the school bus for exposing himself at a mall.  The incident took place a while back but allegedly he remains an elder in good standing.  I started a thread on a news forum and someone who claims to have personal knowledge of the incident posted an interesting story.  The other thing I thought was peculiar about this case is that this guy allegedly shares a last name with an elder who served in the Boer case."     


Comment sent to silentlambs on 12/20/06 by "Tim"

Comments="Your article about Wayne Cairns is not accurate. Wayne was removed as an elder immediately upon his informing the other elders of the situation being a day or two after it took place. He has also gone under extensive, court appointed mental evaluations that revealed that he was suffering from acute stress and post traumatic stress. He has not served on any comity of any type and is under restrictions in the congregation. Wayne is working hard to regain his mental ability and self esteem which has been shattered by this and feel very lowly. If he is still listed as Secretary this is only because the paperwork has not been updated since. If you are going to publish something I admonish you to make sure that you get the facts as it can be slanderous otherwise. He is also not related to any Brian Cairns.



Vicki Boer information,


NO COMPASSION FOR VICTORIA BOER - Latest newsletter (click here) The following is a letter recently written by Watchtower of UK regarding the Vicky Boer judgment in Canada.  The letter is misleading as usual in that Watchtower attorneys petitioned the court for legal costs in an apparent attempt to punish her.  The letter seems in indicate the court forced the legal costs upon them as a result of law once again compassion for abuse survivors is hard to find when "theocratic warfare" is employed to mislead the public. (click here) to read letter. (click here) to read about the Vicky Boer case.  If you would like to write a letter or email to express your outrage at this decision (click here) for information on how to do so. Transcript court case              


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