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Jane Thursday, May 24, 2007
@ 4:01 PM
Any comments on this?
Greetings to you all! Today I came across this information from a discussionboard in Denmark. What do you think about it? There seems to be some progres, or is it just another trick from the WT to avoid more lawsuits? Silent Lambs Mod Team______________________________________ Do you have the web address? The link didn't work and we were unable to locate the site because we didn't know the topic. Can you elaborate please. Thanks

M.A.N. Thursday, May 24, 2007
@ 3:07 PM
To thank everyone
I wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments of encouragement on my behalf. This situation is exactly what I've been saying for years. Religion, God, faith (whatever you want to call it) should not divide families. It should make them stronger. The WT fails to do this. They are fully aware that their policies hurt the innocent, yet they refuse to change them. They also punish all who criticize them. It appears that freedom of speech is something owed the WT, seeing how often they brag about winning cases in the Supreme Court. But JW's as individuals have NO freedom of speech. I don't understand the logic. I also wanted to thank Maluenda especially for her encouragement, along with her calling Bethel. I lived near Bethel for decades and visited it and knew many Bethelites. I am not bit surprised at the phone conversation that she had. They call themselves the "Truth", but there is no truth in them. If I ever can write or publish anything, my theme will be the psychological damage that the WT does. I feel this is the best way to help victims and is one of the reasons that I got a degree in Psychology in the first place. If the public can be warned about child molesters, I think they will view the JW's with a lot less tolerance the next time they come to the door. One step at a time. My best to all and again, thank you all who posted encouragement for me.

Maluenda Thursday, May 24, 2007
@ 1:54 PM
RE: Background checks
Well, I guess they have superhuman powers that allows them to see into peoples past history. After all he also told me repeatedly-Not just anyone can become a JW. It requires a lot of time and effort. We just don't accept anyone

Maluenda Thursday, May 24, 2007
@ 1:50 PM
To all
Here's the link to post your comment about knocking. Please go there and post. Of course, the jws posted tons saying how wonderful this documentary is. Imagine that! Please leave a message. You don't have to join the site or register or anything! Get everyone you know to do it!

Thursday, May 24, 2007
@ 1:43 PM
To Maluenda
Did this person you talked with in Brookly indicate in any way how the JWs manage to learn the backgrounds of people with whom they study?? I mean, do people just say, "Oh yeah, by the way, I have a history of being a pedophile (or any kind of criminal history)"? How on earth do they become aware of everybody's backgrounds? This makes no sense! You're right. Their idea of logic is illogical.

Maluenda Thursday, May 24, 2007
@ 1:27 PM
To all
Thanks for the tip J-I'm heading over to the PBS site now! I hope everyone here joins me!

J Thursday, May 24, 2007
@ 12:06 PM
knocking has a survey about the film "Knocking" and their film making in general that allows for free flow responses. I completed the survey and listed my objections to the film (funded by JW's, made in cooperation with JW's by a gay man, despite the fact that the WTBTS constantly bashes homosexuals, the fact that lawuits regarding child sexual molestation were not mentioned, the policies that let sexual predators run amok in their organization and especially because PBS failed to warn the public that JW's who come "Knocking" very well may be child molesters as well as their incorrect information on disfellowshipping.) I hope everyone else does the same. Please let PBS know you are unhappy and that they should be doing an expose` on sexual predators within the organization and the ongoing emotional torture of their victims.

Earl Thursday, May 24, 2007
@ 11:17 AM
maleuenda and all
I should not have read this before breakfast as it did make me want to puke, This is the same story I get from witnesses. Actually it is one of 2-3 stories as one will say our congregations are clean, or we always go to the police and my favorite top 3 is "We are not the POlice"we have no contol over what others do.Then you hear the elders take care of things. I am convinced the members do not know what the guidelines are. They need to get their story right.I had a witness tell me lately that they are warned in their congregation of two pedophiles they have and that they go immediately to the police if someone has a problem. So their public statement is an out right lie as we all know. I was laying in bed thinking last night of all the perps that got away with their dirty deeds, at least for now because when a crime of rape happens time is of the essence to report it to police to acquire evidence. The idea of waiting to talk with an elder is a crime in itself as they have no training for such a serious crime.If no dna is found it can be hard to prove a case. But I suspect the WT knows this also and in an effort to save face they are contributing to a crime as far as I'm concerned. I asked a witness, what if your daughter came to you and said she had been molested or any girl for that matter, wouldn't you rush her to a Dr and call police and follow up on the investigation. I know she would but when it comes to others who have come forth they are treated like the criminal and the members turn their heads. When I found silent lambs and realised the truth I lost all respect for the JW's. or for that matter anyone who turns away from these issues. The witnesses I have talked to about this refuse to believe there is a problem and will not seek the whole truth of the matter, truly not an expression of love. We will be held accountable when we see evil and turn our backs on it. For this reason I pray for the JW's that they come to their senses and see the damage that is being done to our lambs. Thanks for calling WT I am surprised they didn't hang up on you, they do get upset when you question them which is defensiveness and a good sign they don't know what they are talking about. Keep up the good work. Blessings to all

Maluenda Thursday, May 24, 2007
@ 8:17 AM
I called Brooklyn
I identified myself as someone who was curious about the JWS. The man who answered the phone refused to identify himself because he said i could put his name all over the internet. I said,"If your telling me the truth and its public knowlege what difference does it make if it's on the internet?" He got very angry and told me to put any further questions in writing. We talked for about 20 minutes. He was very nice until I questioned him about the Bill Bowen and pedophiles. Basically this is the highlights. Be prepared to puke. I asked him how Bill Bowen was associatd with the JWS. He said he was a former JW who disagreed with their policies. We talked about Bill for a few minutes but he wouldn't link Bill to Silent Lambs or to the child abuse issue. He stammered so much that the conversation could have been condensed into one minute but took 5 minutes because of how many times he paused and said-uh, well, uh, I uh, well! Finally, I just came out and asked him about he issue. I asked," Do JWs have a pedophile problem?" Mystery man: No its very hard to become a Jehovah's Witness because we do very strict and complete background checks." I said," The police do them?" He said," No the brothers that study with someone who wants to be a JW know their backgrounds and know their heart and that's why pedophiles don't get into our organization." I said," So you don't get their drivers licence or have the police run a criminal hystory." He said," We don't need to do that we already know their background." Later he quoted the statistic that 1 in 4 children will be molested by a family member or close family member by the time they are 18. I said," Given that there are 6 million JWs and one in 4 will be molested by the time they are 18 by a close family member or friend hoe can you say that you don't have any pedophiles in your religion?" He said," Because the brothers know their background." I then said," So you've never had a pedophile in your church?" He said that they have very few cases and they are handled immediately by the elders. I asked,"How is the case handled are the victims sent to counseling, does the church help them pay for it?" He said," The victims are counseled by the elders from the bible and do not need outside help because all of our counsel comes from Jehovah's word the holy bible." I asked if the elders had any special training in counseling vicitms of abuse. He said," Yes we are trained thoroughly in counseling from the bible." I said, "But not trained by going to college and studying with professionals." He said, " All of our counsel comes from God's word the bible. He tells us everything we need in his holy scriptures." I then asked if the police are called in. He said ,"Oh yes, we call the police immediately!" When I questioned the logic of his statics he of course got furious and indignant. After all I must have temporarily lost my mind. Me, a colege educated woman questioning the illogic of a man who perhaps graduated high school if he's lucky. He then told me to put any questions in writing and they'd answer in writing. I would highly recommend you call the service desk yourself and inquire about their policies. After all, it's good to have all these apostate lies verified as the truth by the very ones we are suppose to be telling lies about! Blessings to all!

Maluenda Tuesday, May 22, 2007
@ 8:01 PM
To Charlie
You are right on both accounts! MAN, you do have family. People who love and care about you. Don't turn your back and shun us as they do. Let us be there for you and hold your hand and love you while you suffer. This is about suffering needlessly. It's not fair! Let us be thereto help lift you up. We all love you.

charlie j Tuesday, May 22, 2007
@ 6:45 PM
to M.A.N.
I was sorry to hear about your loss of association with your daughter. I, as well as many other have lost family, but gained new family, here. Don’t give up hope. I used to be a stone cold JW ready to defend “the truth” under any circumstance. My wife was fighting me in my efforts to leave. But now we are both safely out of the fold. You never know what simple thing might change her direction in the future.

charlie j Tuesday, May 22, 2007
@ 6:36 PM
a silent lamb
There seams to be a misunderstanding about what defines a silent lamb. That this site, and being involved with it, is only for victims who have reported to elders and been silenced, however that is not really the case. In my case I never tried to report my abuse to anyone. However the man who molested me could have, and likely did molest others. We can never know because unless there were 2 witnesses to an incident or an admission on his part it could not be spoken of in the congregation. Just because it was a person’s father rather then an elder does not make that person any less of a victim. The whole point is that in a situation where someone should feel safe guarded within their congregation, we experienced fear and guilt instead. Fear of being punished for talking about it, and guilt for wanting to speak out against a “brother”, thereby being victimized again. Those of you who have never been molested or raped are still silent lambs. Simply by expressing concern or questioning the authority of any of the “brothers” will bring inevitable discipline and a label of apostate or rebellious. Any who do not follow along with shunning will also receive discipline from the congregation. Your being forbidden to talk to us or talk about your concerns makes you silenced, and according to the organization all it’s active members are sheep.

Earl Tuesday, May 22, 2007
@ 10:00 AM
I know I have enjoyed conversing with him and he seems like an intelligent, kind person. Sorry to hear you are going through a tough period at this time. Wish I could help. I will say a prayer for you and yours and hope you continue shareing your wisdom with us. Hope to see you on here soon. God Bless

mt Tuesday, May 22, 2007
@ 9:09 AM
Hi Maluende
I just have to write and tell you, that I would so much wish, you were in my family. You have such a warm loving heart, and you are so great, when you are comforting everybody that writes here. In spide of your own troubles now and then you still can be so much to other people. You are an inspiration to me. Than you so much. Bless and love to you too.

mt Tuesday, May 22, 2007
@ 9:05 AM
to M.A.N.
I am so sorry to read that you are sad. It is very difficult, when you can not see your daughter. It's tuff. We can only hope and pray, that she will understand some day, that it's false religion she belong to. Some day, she have to understand that something is totally wrong. And I am sure, if/when the day come, she could not find better help, than with you. With all the kind and loving words you write here, she will be so comforted by you. You have so much to give, and you know so much, you are helping many people. I can tell you, that it was also because of something you wrote, that gave me the idea, to start a bigger work here in Denmark. You and Bill, are the persons, behind my idea's and work now. So I do hope so much, that you will find a way to solve your problems, and that you will have your life filled with sunshine again. God bless you.

Jane Tuesday, May 22, 2007
@ 8:35 AM
To M.A.N.
I am sorry that you dont feel so well. It happens to us all from time to time. Having read all you postings here at SL, I have began to appreciate all you comforting words and good advices to others. I wish there was something I could say or do to make you feel better. I can only send you my love and best wishes that you someday will get what you hope for; seeing your daugther again. And of course, getting her out of that system she is in now. This is a sincere wish from me from a long distance in the far land of Norway. May God give you strenght to hold in there. Lets all hope there is something in that old saying: "There is a Nemesis that walks the earth". I mean, justis must come at the end. All my love to you from Jane.

Maluenda Tuesday, May 22, 2007
@ 8:04 AM
To All
Our dear friend M.A.N. has been feeling blue. He's had some hard decisions to make and is missing his daughter terribly. She still belongs to the cult. Or should i say they still have her captive. Anyway, I thought it might cheer him up if we sent him some messages of how we feel about him! I for one adore him and love our email chats. I love when he posts here because I know his wisdom helps a lot of people. So blessings to you M.A.N. and may todays forcast be sunny and cool for you! Blessings!!!!!!!!!!

Maluenda Tuesday, May 22, 2007
@ 8:00 AM
Glad you had a nice visit and are feeling better. There's no better cure than a good talk and laugh with friends. By the way your friends here wish you sunshine and hugs! Blessings, Peace, and Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mt Tuesday, May 22, 2007
@ 1:01 AM
Hi friends,
Just writing to tell you, that I feel much better now. We have had friends from Norway, visiting us for some days, and we talked very deeply and had also a lot of fun. So that was a very big help recovering. And thank you for all the kind and loving words, you have been writing to me. I got so warm inside, and now when I write, I feel so happy, because it seems like I am starting to know you, it really feels like writing to friends. I hope you all are doing fine and may you have a great day filled with sunshine. Oh yes, it's a litle strange, here in Denmark we never say God bless you. People are not so related to God here, many only go to church when it's neccesary. Baptism, weddings and funerals. But I have often been thinking, that the way you are using you belives in, feels so good. Using the believe in God the way you do, must help many people recovering from the pain, they have gone through or go through. I mean, when I was a JW, I did'nt feel very often that God helped me, maby it was because, I always felt quilty somehow. You know, for not doing enough reading, preaching, so I maby kind of blogged. But now I think that God is not like JW tells. And it's not neccesary working so hard for reaching his love and accept. So it feels so right and good, when I now wishes that God may bless you all. Sincerely Maja

M.A.N. Sunday, May 20, 2007
@ 8:23 PM
Re: Janet and Maluenda
It appears that a problem here might be "advertisement". Maybe a larger percentage of victims don't know this site exists. After all, most JW's are told not to use the Internet if they can help it, and definitely not to go to "apostate" sites. So they aren't likely to explore too much on their own. And seeing how much the WT hates this site, I wouldn't be surprised if warnings weren't given to JW's about SL a long time ago. We can look into making sure that SL shows up more often in searches that people do on abuse and the WT. I'm not a web page expert, but I know it's possible to let the major search engines know about a site so that it shows up more often. We just might have to make sure that Google, Yahoo, etc. all know about SL. I'll try to find some information about this and submit it to the team here. My best to all.

Maluenda Sunday, May 20, 2007
@ 7:35 PM
RE: Heros
It's true though, I have heard so many survivors who said the same thing: I thought I was all alone. That was the first thing I said to Bill Bowen when I called the hotline years ago. Doesn't that speak for the social isolation JW's feel! How many billion people are on this Earth and they think they are all alone once they step out of the cult. And sadder yet is the fact that they endure such needless suffering while they are in the cult because they feel they are alone there too! I hope this makes sense. You have to understand I've had an absolutely exhausting week and I just want a shower, two tylenol, and bed!!! But I had to check in here first! LOL! Blessings, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

SJG Sunday, May 20, 2007
@ 6:38 PM

Love & Peace to All! It's always so encouraging to come here and read people's posts. Thanks for all the hard work people are putting in to keep this site and the fight going. I too am saddened by the wonderful people I met when I was in the JW cult, who are sincere, but misled. People who are being conditioned to hate, even their own children. We really do have to pray for them because the watchtower organization is a joke that satan is playing on them. I'm up to 25 on things that they teach that run contrary to the bible. Have a wonderful blessed week All!

Janet Bowen Sunday, May 20, 2007
@ 2:54 PM
It is true that it takes time and money to manage the website and keep up with the phone calls and emails, as well as press related issues. Our average week consist of around 60 emails which is mainly responding to individuals who have had circumstances surrounding Watchtower's horrendous abuse policies. We offer suggestions as to how to move forward with healing and always encourage all to report the crime. However, this website would not exist if it were not for brave people like you, who want to shout out about their abuse and tell their story. We just received a phone call this week on our 'Hotline' from a female who had been abuse by her father for years. She kept saying 'Until I found this website, I thought I was all alone!'. Seven years in the making of silentlambs, and someone has just found our website. One more sign of many, that we need to continue our work in helping and supporting others. Thank you for doing your part.

Mod Team Saturday, May 19, 2007
@ 8:15 PM
To Janet
Thanks Janet. It feels kinda funny to have you thanking us when you and Bill live, breathe, and eat this every day 24/7. We should be the ones thanking you two constantly yet you always act like it's us doing all the work! But thanks for the compliments and right back at you!

M.A.N. Saturday, May 19, 2007
@ 7:36 PM
To Janet Bowen
Thanks so much for mentioning us by name. It is nice to know that what all of us do here is of benefit to the many victims out there. I hope someday that this site is no longer necessary, but I'm afraid that day is in the distant future. My best to all.

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