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Maluenda Sunday, May 13, 2007
@ 10:08 AM
To all
I just wanted to take a moment and say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on the sight. I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and am getting ready to go do some gardening! My hubby and kids made me pink pancakes that spelled out MOM and a yellow sun with a red heart pancake. My son made me a beautiful card too. Another special moment to add to my collection of wonderful memories. I hope you all have a beautiful day full of love! Blessings!

M.A.N. Sunday, May 13, 2007
@ 7:07 AM
To: David W.
Hey, David, how are you? Maluenda asked me for your email address but I couldn't find it. We are doing a major cleaning out of my house here and it got lost along with other things. Believe me, we tried to find you. You have been missed. If the local papers have JW's working there, then find another place. There can't be that many JW's in town so that they control it. Call a town a few miles away and try that. Stay active here on SL. Write letters to editors of newspapers from other areas. Hey, you might even tell them that the local JW's on the newspaper are covering up child abuse by refusing to publish letters about it. If that's what you are encountering, that would hurt the WT very much. Please keep in touch. My best to you.

Maluenda Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 8:40 PM
To Dave W
We all get discouraged. Believe me. It's a hard fight and an uphill battle. But we are making great strides. The latest is this court case! Maybe there's a gag order but it sets a precedence. I wish you could have been there in Nashville. It would have done your soul good. But like the rest of us you have to work. I just got lucky ths time and things worked out for me to be there. I don't go to the site you mentioned because of the bickering and bashing that goes on. After reading some of the things that have been posted on there the last week I can see why you feel depressed. It's such a shame that they can't see the benefit of working together instead of trying to outdo each other. I just don't get it. But anyway, you have friends here. Even when you went visiting we were still here thinking about you and everyone was so glad to see you here and posting again! Your sense of humor will return soon, you'll see! I can't wait to talk to you on Tuesday! Until then- we're always here for you!

David W Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 7:07 PM
Thanks Maluenda
I dont know if I have a sense of humor anymore, I believe I lost it when Amanda left. Im just feeling really down right now, I just dont feel wanted or needed anymore. Im just wore out from fighting this battle for the last 10 years. I have tried to make friends, but its all failed. I have tried to organize events here, its all failed. To top it off,my local newspaper wont carry any of our articles because they have JW's working for them. I have a rare opportunity coming up, but Im starting to get discourged there too. Im thinking I just need a break from the JW world, to save my energy for this opportunity.

Maluenda Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 6:29 PM
To Dave W
Hey guy! I told you people were asking about you while you were gone! We miss your sense of humor too! By the way, I don't know if I told you this but Bill contacted me to see if I had your email addy to invite you to Nashville! I had to dig through a ton of papers to find it and emailed you as soon as I found it. Now that I've got it I'll be able to give you the heads up ASAP! Now don't stay away soooo long! You've got friends here! Blessings!

Catherine Manna Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 5:41 PM
Watchtower your so guilty
your so guilty Watchtower, and your members, too. there is no room for forgiveness, here. Forgivness requires a change, repentance, and your not that watchtower. no nothing like that at all, you like even love yourselves and the way things are, you are sick, perverce, evil, and you have no place in Gods new world. and you will get exactly what you deserve, watch how God creator of us all here on earth, exercises his power, watch, watchtower, watch....Revenge comes from God and he will see that it is complete..God have mercy on the victems of watchtower abuse.In the name of God, in the name of this wicked false religion where God is not a part of or will ever be. God is one, and not a religion. seek him outside these will be happy, and you will learn who God really is. Not there...

adrienne Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 4:21 PM
have they the right
when you leave the jws as i did why have they terantrecord in there files and put you down on record as a undesirable person i think its discrimanation against the person. why have they the right to brainwash people into not speaking to you and making your name unworthy in there eyes in the neabourhood. i feel this is wrong it makes me angry they have my name down on paper. and still possible have me on there files. im glad they dont speak to me as i want no contact with them but i still feel hurt that indivduals can be treated like this in a society that is soposed to be more tolerant they feel there above this law. they have done me a lot of damaged in the pass and sometimes it plays on my mind thanks for being there you have helped me from time to time.

Earl Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 4:15 PM
Thanks Mann:)
You also bring out many good points. I notice when I use my God given brain and reasoning from the scriptures I get irratated because I see the Org has been able to say anything they want and if you disagree you are an outsider. There are many examples we know of but one that comes to mind is the Bible states that all will see Jesus as he returns. To anyone else that would make sense as it is clear he has an agenda and he wants all to know about it. To a JW who has set dates that is clearly against the bible's admonition not to, they said he already came but because of clouds or whatever we missed him or that he set up his kingdom in heaven etc I can barely type this nonsense even with half my brain tied behind my back I could't believe this:) I have to jest rather than get angry because look at all they have misled. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but my goodness, how far does one have to dumb-down to accept this.Over the years they have gotten progressively desparate to explain their false prophecy. One of the reasons I comment on these things is I hope that some JW's are reading what we all write here with hopes some may come to their senses. I am glad Florida has such laws and Bill Oreily from Fox network and the Oreily factor radio/television show has helped by pressuring states to adopt guidlines related to Jessicas laws, one of many gals abducted, raped and killed by a serial offender. He is pushing for mandatory life sentences after a first conviction. Michigan has laws and a pedophile registry also but still no mandatory fines and jail time, and I read some are getting out on good behavior after a 10 year sentence they may get out in 5 or less but at least the public is warned. But that doesn't prevent the JW's peds as they are not reported, clearly a violation of the law and clearly a moral violation. How do they justify 20 some thousand peds on the WT list not being reported when we all know that each ped can on average offend 70 kids 70x20.000, that number should get any elder thinking I would hope. before being caught.The scriptures say to hate evil and I do. Now I must go calm down but this stuff bothers me so. Everyone of us can influence someone else to stop this madness and the more we get the truth out there the more lawmakers will step up and bring about justice. I promise to do what I can. You all keep up the good work and I hope to see and hear from more people on SL's. My thoughts and prayers to all :)PS Happy Mothers Day

David W Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 2:35 PM
Own agenda
Well sometimes I just wish I was included on that page. I basically went on my own agenda, because no matter how much help I offered, no one even accepted.I havent even received an email update here in almost 2 years. I have offered my time, my home,my help. I even offered to contact local TV shows in person to get some local coverage, but yet nothing. That is why I had to go out on my own. Actually Im not alone as I have a helper or 2. I'm making contacts through my helper. I have the desire and the potential to see this through. During these next few years I will have the opportunity to network with some high profile lawmakers, and Im gonna use every opportunity I get._________________________________ Silent Lambs Moderation Team Reply: Dave we would love to have you on our page. We are truly sorry that you haven't received anything from us for two years. We had a lot of problems in the past with spammers and hackers on the web site. This has all been resolved and the only explanation we can offer is that your email address may have been omitted accidentally or as a result of the problems. You're one of our old timers here and we missed you while you were away but that doesn't mean we weren't thinking of you. Many people ask about you all the time. Several members have access to politicians and it would be great if you could get together and petition them as a group. It would make a difference. Thanks for all you do to help the victims and let us know if you'd like us to put you back on our email list and which address. We'd love to see you back here on a regular basis lending your support, creativity, and motivation to press forward with this important cause.

M.A.N. Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 1:15 PM
To Earl
You brought out many excellent points. I liked the one about forgiveness. When I question an elder or the WT about their lies and abuse cover-ups, why am I DF'd as an "apostate". What about a little "forgiveness", hey WT??? What is worse, protecting child rapists or my asking an elder WHY they protect them??? Where is the logic here?? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot. Silly me. I thought we were dealing with people who actually used the BIBLE. How careless of me. We are dealing with people(?) who use THEIR Bible. But of course, the WT publications come before the Bible, so those have to be followed first. Wait, now I'm confused. Does anyone know how this works? (Sarcasm intended.)

Earl Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 12:09 PM
keeping public safe
Good discussion here. I once had a conversation with an elder who was bashing the Catholic church. I said to him, why don't you concentrate on keeping your congregation clean and quit judging outside the hall.The bible is clear that a church has a responsibility to keep the congregation clean. The WT does not want outside interferance but they will make the argument that they are not the police, I hear that all the time from witnesses so it must be preached by WT. Yet we all know that they want to keep their issues from the public, to make it look like they are Gods only people.They surely police when they try to keep information hidden or manipulating people to do what they want with threats of expulsion. A witness will tell you that they can not stop a pedophile member from going door to door. Well how can they disfellowship someone then for lesser violations. Does anyone think a pedophile would continie in service work if they were not encouraged to do so by the society.,or if they were told that it wasn't allowed in the JW org. If they were shunned like others have been for speaking out about truth they would not be at your door. So the truth is that they could be stopped. I discussed this with a witness lately and they keep referring back to forgiveness and I keep bringing them back to that it is not about forgiveness as I understand scripture we can be forgiven for just about anything short of blasepheming. The point is about the church accepting them back in without them paying for their crime according to Caesors laws, and in the mean time protecting the public. The bible is very clear about submiting to the civil authorities. The trouble goes back to thinking that they are the only group approved by God and logic would tell someone that surely God's organisation wouldn't have such criminals.The org needs to be humbled and I believe it is in the process at this time.Those that are exalted will be humbled, Right? And they surely have exalted themselves above all others. I had a longtime JW tell me that they are the only ones doing a worldwide witness and I said you are absolutely wrong as groups by the millions have been reaching the peoples for many centuries and I had to remind him what a small group they really are. But the point here is the smugness that is built on lies and told over and over to the members and like any liar they start to believe their lies. If love was the theme none of this nonsense would happen. LOve motivates one to protect the helpless, to bring justice to victims, to keep a congregation clean and safe as possible. They shall be known for the love they show to others, enough said. Love and blessings to all

M.A.N. Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 10:52 AM
Re: Laws
Down here in Florida, they are very strict with molesters. A teacher about 35 years old just got life in prison for ONE act of child abuse. There is a newspaper that comes out and lists ALL abusers, their pictures, addresses, height, weight, the works. They are not allowed within so many feet of schools and possibly churches. So they couldn't go door to door near schools, could they? If anyone wants to check into how their county might pass a law, it might help to contact the Brevard County Sheriff's Office here and see about it. Also, they are so strict that if a molester fails to register, he is hunted down with helicopters and dogs and dragged to prison in shackles. I'm serious, they don't play around down here.

Maluenda Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 10:05 AM
I agree with you. I think exposing the truth about this cult and it's horrific policies is the only way to put a stop to it. The more the public knows about the secret lives of JWs the better. Bill Bowen's work has helped to bring this subject to the forefront through the press conferences and assisting with court cases, etc. We have to continue to focus the fight on the laws that exist. These laws are flawed and need to be reworded so there are no loopholes that TWBTS can use to elude prosecution or judgements that force them to admit their guilt and compensate victims. The recent judgements Bill announced in Nashville are a step in the right direction. They had to admit guilt and pay! Well, actually, they don't have to admit guilt(you lawyers know what that means) but they admit guilt by settling out of court and placing a gag order on the victims. This is what we need to be fighting to change. After we win the right for victims to speak freely then we can go after the smaller issues. Let's face it, anyone who comes to your house could be a sex offender- the plumber, cable tv installer, appliance delivery man- are we going to expect our governments to police everyone because when you introduce a law like that that's what your asking them to do. That will be the oppositions arguement. Of course there are other issues but to in depth for this forum. I really think that our energies are best served changing the existing laws. After all we will accomplish a lot more if we are all on the same page. If everyone goes off on their own agenda nothing will be accomplished.

Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 9:51 AM
There are several problems with a law like this. 1)There are too few convicted JW sex offenders. 2)Finding a city that would agree to put this into effect would be time consuming and a losing battle. People have fought for years just to get a registry. Micromanagement of sex offenders is NOT a criminal justice priority. 3)Enforcing this type of law would be next to impossible. Police agencies are already overtaxed with duties and policing door to door salesman or JWs would be classified as nonpriority. If someone complained the police would want the name of the sex offender so they could verify it via registration lists before sending a unit out to investigate. You couldn't call and say you thought they might be sex offenders or that they were sex offenders without a name. If they did send someone out and it turned out to be a false report the person who made the complaint could be charged with a crime. 4) It isn't going to put a damper on JW sex offenders going door to door. The bottom line is that the law would have to be policed by the JW community and we already know they are not going to do that. I suggest everyone order the "no child molesters at my door" stickers from SL and put them on your door and then buy extras for stocking stuffers at Christmas for all your family, friends, and neighbors. However, if you've got the time , money, and patience to pursue somethng like this you might be able to get some small municipality to put it on their books. Now would be a good time with the elections in the near future and politicians building their platforms. Good luck!

David W Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 7:24 AM
My plan
Ok, I think I will do a better job explaining my plan. What I would propose is finding one city willing to pass a law that requires all convicted sex offenders to register with the police every time they go out door to door, religious solicitors included. If we can get something like this passed, it will be sure to make it to the supreme court, as the WT Society would challenge it. I realize that most JW offenders arent "convicted" because of the coverups involved, but still there has to be a few cities that have JW convicted sex offenders. Folks, I believe in the not too distant future, we will have that city. All it takes is one person dedicated to doing this, and it can be accomplished. I cant say too much here yet, but I will avail more of this in the future, as plans unfold. This may lead to overturning at least one aspect of the WT Society's victory in the Stratton Case. Yes, the federal law would be a good one too.

MB Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 7:08 AM
UK Silent Lambs?
Are there any organisations like Silent Lambs in the UK?

MB Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 7:05 AM
UK policies question
I was abused when I was around 10,11 or 12 by my elder father. I don't know over what period of time, just that it happened more than once. I came forward in 1998 when I was 22, partly prompted by the 1/1/97 watchtower which had set me off on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. My father confessed was removed or stepped down and had the opportunity to get responsibilities once more about 2 years afterwards, the last time he had the opportunity he phoned me AT WORK to ask what I thought about it, I just about held myself together for the rest of the day but he obviously thinks it is quite unimportant. When I had firt came forward in '98 an elder did say to me that I could tell whoever I wished but no more than that. At that time I felt ashamed and also felt that speaking outside the organisation would bring dishonor to god's name. Has the UK ever had letters stating that they should encourage ones to go to the police or get outside help?

mt Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 3:40 AM
To all
Hi everybody I am so disapointed. Thursday afternoon, I called 8 or 9 news-papers and one TV-station. Everybody expect one, wanted the links, so I mailed it to them. And not one of them has brought the news fra Nashville. I surely think, that this are more important than our Grand Prix singer, was woted out. Useless news. Or anyway, not so important news. Yesterday I translated a text from the internet. It is a woman, a victim, who describes what the consekvenses are, when you sign a gag order. It got to me, very hard. I posted it everywhere I know. No response. The witnesses here in Denmark are so silence right now. But there was no response from anybody but one, at the danish support group. Offviosly, Denmark is a very non active country, and it stresses me. What can I do, to open peoples eyes here in the north, in Norway there are also very quiet. Something has to be done. I am so frustrated. But it was so good to follow you in Nashville. I was with you in my heart all the time. Hope you all are doing well. God bless you. mt

M.A.N. Friday, May 11, 2007
@ 8:26 PM
To: Justin Time
I too will add a few points in the hopes of helping you. I need to establish my credentials so that you and others will realize that I am not a raving apostate. I was a Ministerial Servant for years. I was a book study conductor even though there were elders without any due to my teaching ability. I have read EVERY WT publication from 1940 to the present. That means every WT, Awake bound volume, the Aid book, the Insight Books, yearbooks, the works. I have been invited to join Mensa, which requires an IQ of genius level (140) and mine is 150. I have a BA in Psychology and took extra courses in "Abnormal Psychology". I am nearly 60 years old and have spent thousands of man hours researching the WT and its perverted policies on molestation. My own daughter was raped and molested from the age of nine until she was thirteen. I trust this proves my knowledge and expertise. Now, you happen to belong to a cult. I understand how it happened, it also happened to me. But I did not know the WT's history when I joined over 30 years ago. Now that the Internet is here, all JW's can learn of the WT's past and present conduct and beliefs. If you can defend the WT's policies on molestation, then in my professional opinion, you need serious psychiatric treatment. If Satan has anyone, he has the WT and all JW's. Many individuals might be "nice people", but they share the blame for being a part of this crime. They are no different than the German people (and I am half German) who supported the Nazis. Hitler could never have done what he did without the German people. JW's are the same when they support the WT blindly. I cannot ascertain your age, but you are probably a younger person with much hatred, as Maluenda said. No matter what age you are, you have serious problems with your emotional and psychological development. I have been kind to you and I have treated you with dignity and compassion. But I refuse to validate your statements about Silent Lambs and its members and purpose because I don't condone lies. What you believe about Silent Lambs is twisted. You also know very little about how the WT works. I know many Bethelites and members of the Governing Body, having lived in the NYC area for over 50 years. I know what I am talking about. You do not. If you are as young as you appear to be by your actions and statements, you can get treatment and still live a productive life, free from this cult always controlling you. Self-righteousness is a classic sign of insecurity, immaturity, and ignorance. However, you can change all of that and become a better person. As Maluenda stated, "LOVE" is the theme here. The WT likes to say that the theme of the Bible is "the kingdom", but it is not. The Bible's theme is "LOVE", pure and simple. Since most JW's hope for the death of six billion people and gloat over it coming soon, I must question THEIR sanity and understanding of God's purpose and of his essence. Like Maluenda, I hope that you can grow and someday be rid of the sad attitude that you still appear to need to maintain. If you require any supporting evidence for any of my statements to you, then I would be happy to supply them. But I believe that there is enough information on Silent Lambs to show ANY honest-hearted person that Satan has the WT and JW's, not rape victims. How could you possibly believe that Satan has US because we try to protect children from being raped? Satan would logically have the people who DO the raping and approve of it by their policies. Those people are the WT and JW's. I think if you see a psychiatrist as soon as possible, you might be able to be given the treatment and medications that would help you regain your mental health. My best to you. M.A.N.

Maluenda Friday, May 11, 2007
@ 7:31 PM
To Justin Time
Satan may have me but the world has my story. I can't and won't be silenced. It's obvious you are a child and have a life time of learning ahead of you. I pray that the first life lesson that you learn is how to love and be loved. In order to do this you must allow your heart to release all the anger and hatred you have been taught. We will all pray for your healing and growth. Blessings your friend, Maluenda

justin time Friday, May 11, 2007
@ 6:31 PM
"It was very healing to stand there in our SL t-shirts holding our lambs and telling the world our stories." Maluenda, haven't you yet figured out that now that Satan has you, he has no interest in your story. ___________________________________________________________ Silent Lambs Reply: This poor young person is just another example of the hatred Jehovah's Witnesses teach to the very young and impressionable. I'm sure we will receive many hate filled posts as more and more practicing Jehovah's Witnesses become aware of the huge settlement their parent company, The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, will have to pay out in order to silence the victims who have suffered unbelievable acts at the hands of elders, MS, and others within the JW organization. This comment was posted as a reminder to all of just how dangerous this cult really is. However, because this is a place for support and healing, future posts of this nature will be deleted.

M.A.N. Friday, May 11, 2007
@ 5:26 PM
Re: Nashville
I'm glad the rally went well. I'm also glad that you, Maluenda, were there. I saw you on TV. There are links all over various anti-WT websites that are showing and discussing the WT, its selling of some of its Brooklyn properties, and other damage that the WT has suffered. Many people know folks in the newspaper/media business and are already feeding them the information about Nashville. I believe the WT was fatally hurt today and that it is only a matter of time before they crumble into a small group of hard-core cultists still intent on defending this religion no matter what. I think many borderline JW's will now jump ship due to the shame that they will feel from the public. I am sorry I couldn't make it, but I am grateful to Bill and everyone who did go for their hard work. My best to all. M.A.N.

Maluenda Friday, May 11, 2007
@ 5:14 PM
To All
I just returned from Nashville! It was amazing. The response from the media was wonderful. They were furious with the JWs after hearing our stories!!! The best part was when Bill and several others were leaving stuffed lambs and service bulletins on the KH doors! An elder showed up and told them they wereon private property and to leave. He was furious!!!!!! The media got it all. One reporter even made the comment that when the cameras are in your face you should be polite, kind, nice, smile not act belligerant and rude, especially to the media! It was very healing to stand there in our SL t-shirts holding our lambs and telling the worls our stories. It's all over. You can go to It's one of the Nashville tv stations that carried it! Enjoy! I hope next time more of you will be able to join us. It was worth every dime I spent. Oh and one thing you won't see on the video is the people who saw it in the paper and didn't want to be on camera but were there for support! Blessings and joy to you all!

Maluenda Friday, May 11, 2007
@ 5:04 PM
To Dave W
Hi Dave! Wish you could have been at the press conference it was amazing! The media did an excellent job and the word is out! I'm sure there will be more so I hope you can make one of those! As far as the registration of sex offenders: Most stats require sex offenders to register already. The way it works is that the person is placed on either probation or parole by the state where they are convicted. Some people are placed on probation and do not serve any prison time with the stipulation that they follow the directives set out for them by the court and report to a probation officer who monitors them. If they break the rules their probation is revoked and they are sent to prison. When you are released from prison early you are released on parole with specific conditions to follow and report to a parole officer. There are variations to these scenarios but this is a simple explanation. If you have questions I can explain further. As part of the conditions of release, they are usually required to go to the municipality where they are approved to live and report as a sex offender. They are automatically registered with the state or in some cases the probation/parole officer will register them. So with this in mind, we actually need a federal law which would cover the USA that says convicted sex offenders can not go door to door for any purpose. Now, there are several legal problems with type of law. The most important being that JW's don't report sex offenders so they aren't convicted and any laws passed wouldn't apply to them. I hope that answers your question. It seems to continuously go back to one point: JEHOVAHS WITNESSES NEED TO STOP WORRYING ABOUT THEIR REPUTATIONS AND REPORT ALL THE PEDOPHILES THEY ARE PROTECTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings to you!

mt Thursday, May 10, 2007
@ 3:33 PM
Too all and ?
Thank you for your comments about birthday. Me myself, got a great feeling when this thought came to me. And now, about those news released today. I am so angry that this really took place. I have known it for at couple of days, and ussually my anger gets away, througt a day. But this time, it does'nt. I just spent an hour and a half, to write in the danish web-page about the directions to the elders from the Organisation. I am stunned. One thing is knowing about it, another thing is reading about it. So I do not even think about how it is feeling about it. The abuse. I am so so sorry, for all of you going through this. And to you Bill I can not saying it often enough. Thank you so much, for what you are doing to those victims of abuse. Today I have been writing to a witness in a home page: I am sure that all those victims are so greatfull to Bill Bowen for the great work he has been doing supporting them while needed help. Another witness claimed, that there were no victims at their congregations, everybody just could come and visit and see to them selfes. Is'nt that just a joke? I got so mad and wrote to him. He is very difficult to argue with. Well I have also had a busy day. I have first at all, been mailing the news to all the home pages and ekswitness I know about. Then I have been calling all the newspapers here in Denmark, the big ones. And I called Ritzau's also and a televission canal called TV2. All of them, besides one, sounded very interessted so I mailed them the links I got. So I am very exited, if anything gets in the news here in Denmark for the next few days. Well Now I am tired. Have been up since 7 this morning, and have been sitting here for now I think 14 hours. So everybody, good night when you get there. And thank you so much and God bless you all. Sincerely mt

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