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David W Wednesday, May 9, 2007
@ 5:28 PM
Door to door canvassing?
Hello all, first I would like to say that I used to post on here regularly, but kinda drifted away. I have an idea, and I want everyone's opinion. Back in 2002 (I believe) The WT Society went to the Supreme Court against the Village of Stratton Ohio, and they won. Stratton Ohio proposed a law that required anyone going door to door to register with the local police. The Supreme court sided with the JW's on this issue. My question is---Do you think there is a way that municipalities could pass a law requiring convicted sex offenders to register with the local police, a law that would be wide sweeping and would require this from everyone-- vacuum cleaner sales, JW's,Mormons, etc etc etc. Do you think we could get this kind of law passed in view of the above Supreme Court case?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007
@ 12:49 PM
To mt
Hi, mt, what a beautiful way to look at birthdays, that celebrating them is a way to show gratitude to God for giving everyone life! That is truly a magnificent gift that our Heavenly Father has provided for each and every one of us - - life! And what better way to show appreciation to Him than by celebrating someone's life, celebrating someone's anniversary of their birth! That was such a good thing you pointed out, that we can show how grateful we are to God by celebrating birthdays! Thank you!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007
@ 12:41 PM
To Jaskolka
Thank you for your support of this site! Bill Bowen put himself on the line to start this site, and, boy has it paid off! There are many, many people who are very grateful to him. Please keep coming back here and reading and providing feedback. Your support is well appreciated!

M.A.N. Monday, May 7, 2007
@ 7:56 AM
I wanted to thank you for mentioning me but I don't know which comment I made that you are referring to, since I sometimes post many things. I firmly agree that many people will be saved at Armageddon. In fact, Russell taught that virtually ALL people would make it through and then be judged by what they did DURING the 1,000 year kingdom. There is no "one ark" today. The WT teaches that if a loyal JW of 40 years were to quit one hour before Armageddon, they would die eternally, but if a person became a JW one hour before, he/she would make it. They also teach that the children of JW's are safe, while those of non-JW's are not. Yet the Bible plainly states that the "son will not answer for the sins of his father" and vice versa. So in effect, in most cases, surviving Armageddon is not a case of "how you lived your life as a Christian" but "when you died". If you are not a JW and you die one hour before Armageddon, you get resurrected, according to the WT. If you live till Armageddon, and you aren't a JW, you die. This is ridiculous thinking. It is unloving, unkind, unfair, and against everything Jesus taught. And of course the final straw is that God would NEVER use any organization with the blood of raped and molested children on its hands. The scriptures say to "get out of her, my people" and the "her" is the WT. Its skirts are covered with innocent blood. All of us here have seen it. In fact, in many cases, it is our own personal blood that is on the skirts of the WT. My best to all. M.A.N.

DJB Sunday, May 6, 2007
@ 9:17 PM
Still reading!
I did not stop reading here. What I liked was this site still had the religious touch. When I would recieve e-mails the occasional scripture was put in. I found that encouraging it supported my stand regards the organization but also because I knew that you were not the anti-christ the scriptures were talking about......The comment MAN submitted was interesting. The scriptures do support the idea that there will be surviors other than just the witnesses through their organization. My father an active witness felt my Aunt had no hope and now she had died it was too late as she just died of cancer. My Aunt & Uncle refused to have any religious talk for her funeral and my dad an active witness kept talking how they should not stumble and should forgive the brother they were upset with.(My aunt and Uncle have not attended meetings in 25 years) I defended their position. I pointed out that we don't know. They were Good people who lived what they believed. There were those in the community that actually thought they were witnesses (A widow they assisted when her husband died told me they had been such a help and comfort to her) I reminded him Jesus promises when he comes that he would gather the scattered sheep. In other words not all the sheep would be in the organization or he would not need to gather them. In Matthew 24:31 it says the "chosen ones would be gathered from the four extremity to...the other extremity." not just in one place or one group. We know we are a sheep when we are distressed at what we see just like Lot who was upset about what was going on around him. He had to flee the city of Sodom to survie. Same today we have had to leave\quit going\flee to another city to escape the false brothers (abusive husbands etc.) who were suppose to be God's people we are just like Lot. To keep our kids safe from Petophiles we can't attend meetings. King David was on the run from the King (King Saul) and he could not go the Jerselem (Centre of worship) but even thou he go could not go there didn't mean he had any less of God's favour. The protection of our children is not something we can compromise. Any witnesses in doubt about whether to stop going to the hall should consider what is said in all these posts here. If you need bible examples to support your stand I have just given you two here. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET OUT OF A SINKING SHIP. As before the destruction of Jerselem (their center of worship) the faithful ones were told by Jesus to flee to the mountains. I believe we have to do the same today. Matthew 24:15, 16 tells us to flee(leave)when we catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation. Doesn't Child Molesting\Wife abuse etc fit the description of disgusting????? This is part of an answer give to Jesus Aposles when they asked 'what would be the sign of your presence and the conclusion of the system of things?' at the beginning of Matthew 24. Jesus is very clear as to what we are to do when we catch sight disgusting thing (Child Abuse)standing in the holy place!!!!!Who here has not been a victim of child abuse at the hall or seen it at the hall or been hurt by those who go there???????? Now is time to act!!!!

mt Saturday, May 5, 2007
@ 10:36 PM

I am sorry that I did't answer earlier, but I have been busy. But thank you so much, for your birthdays hugs. It is a big relieve, that I can celebrate birthday, but also as you maluenda, my childreen are precious to me, and that I can celebrate them, celebrate the day I got them into my life, is wonderfull. I am thinking that God gave humans the gift, that we could have baby's, and he gave us life, what could be more pleased to him, that we show him how gratefull we are, when we are celebrating our birthdays. Then I must tell you this. I write with a girl on Topic. She has also been abused as a child and now she i trying to deal with it, the best she can. I wrote that she should contact Bill, so I sure hope she does that. The reason I am writing this are, that while I wrote that she should contact Bill, I was so greatfull for you being here. So greatfull that I had someone I could send her to. It's such wonderfull job you are doing all of you, so thank you so much for being here. I have a deeply respect for what you are doing. Now when I am trying to do what I can to help exwitnesses, I can see how much it takes. So thank you again. And God bless you all. Have a nice sunday.

Anonymous Saturday, May 5, 2007
@ 9:56 PM
Jehovah's Witnesses are a business
I have been a Jehovah's Witnesses all my life. I am deeply sorry for all the victims of child abuse that are seen on this site. When pedophiles think they can hide behind a religion and do their dirty deeds, they are surely mistaken. The Holy Scriptures do not condone these disgusting acts. Even though the Watchtower is trying to protect their material assets, one must ask oneself the following question: Does Jehovah God approve of the Watchtower's handling of this global problem? We can be assured of one thing. Jehovah detests this evil and those taking the lead will have an accounting with Jehovah God. Its one thing for a religion to write about this topic, but its another to act upon this wicked practice. This has brought great reproach upon Jehovah's lofty name. When religion acts like a worldly business, is it any wonder why there are so many issues that come forth.

M.A.N. Saturday, May 5, 2007
@ 10:19 AM
To Maluenda
I just wanted to add my thanks to you for all the work you do on the site. You are always encouraging people and I think that is what the world needs more of. It's easy to be negative about the WT, especially since many who post here have been injured by them directly. But you always share blessings along with your personal life with all of us so that others can have hope. I too deeply regret the loss of such things as birthdays and other holidays. I wasn't raised a JW, so I had holidays. But my daughter was denied all of the wholesome fun that could have been hers if we had not deprived her of that because we were JW's. I hope that more people can find comfort on this forum. My best to all. M.A.N.

Maluenda Friday, May 4, 2007
@ 10:16 PM
To Earl and ?
Thank you both for your comments. My children are so precious to me. To see them so happy and seeing the reflection of their parents love in their eyes and the way they treat others makes me so proud and fulfilled! My son is 9 and he doesn't even know who the Devil is. He only knows of love. Earl the Catholic nun who sent me the article on SL livee in Michigan. She retired there from the South because she wanted seasons! She didn't have family and just one friend there. Isn't that funny she loves the cold weather! Maybe some day , when I hit the lottery, I'll throw a big party and fly everyone to Disney for a convention! Wouldn't that be awesome. Instead of sitting for hours in the hot sun listening to the drone of brother anfter brother we can run around like kids giggling and wearing mouse ears! Now that's a convention!

Maluenda Friday, May 4, 2007
@ 10:10 PM
Welcome Jaskolka
I hope I spelled that correctly! WELCOME! It's always nice to hear from non jw's who support our cause. As survivors of such harsh abuse we need all the support we can get. I hope you'll stay here and get to know our little family. Thank you for your words of encouragement! Blessings!

Earl Friday, May 4, 2007
@ 9:29 PM
maleuenda and all
You are so right about the loss of enjoying a childs birthday, they don't realise that one can not get back those lost times and how precious they are.I am glad you are enjoying a birthday celebration. I was talking to my son about SL's and how kids feel like freaks growing up in the org and in school and he told me how he cried as a little guy when he told the teacher he couldn't participate in something and had to sit in a room all by himself. His mom was involved in the org but he said he never knew why he couldn't participate in things. I have made ammends with my kids for the stuff they went through. I know it affected them negatively. I am so sorry for all that had to go through such things. I guess I can be grateful that more didn't happen to my kids. They both have no respect for the JW's. I have forgiven myself for bad parenting but it still bothers me. Maybe someday I will meet the sL's members, I live in Michigan but would like to visit the south and get a break from our cold winters.Bless you all

Jaskolka Friday, May 4, 2007
@ 5:54 PM
My deepest respect to your courage!
I am Catholic, but I have to tell you that this does not matter - because the deeds SPEAK OUT !!! I admire your decision to go against such powerful organization like the Watchtower. You are just and honest people! Child abuse is one of the most horrible experiences somebody can go through, and it is the biggest blessing that those poor children and women have safe place to turn to. KEEP YOUR GREAT WORK and GOD BLESS !!!

Friday, May 4, 2007
@ 4:56 PM
To Maluenda
I am so sorry to you and others who couldn't celebrate their very special birthdays as children. Children need these "over the top" days. Childhood should feel like an enchanted and magical time that gives them warm and glowing memories when they grow up. Your little girl has one very special mom, and I know that she is also having a very special, wonderful childhood, thanks to you! And your "inner child" can celebrate with her, as well as celebrate as a parent. I am so happy for you and your daughter, and I hope that your relationship with her, your experiences with her help make up a little bit for what you missed out on as a child yourself. May you always nurture that beautiful, vibrant, and carefree child within yourself! Always. And this goes for all you!

Maluenda Friday, May 4, 2007
@ 4:05 PM
Oh Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a wonderful day! I now have a daughter and throw fabulous girlie parties for her. It's what I used to dream of as a little girl and now I make my dreams come true for my daughter. She loves it because it's over the top. But I don't spend a lot of money because I'm always on the hunt for stuff people throw out or the clearance rack! This year we made a huge pink castle out of cardboard refrigerator boxes!!! I told my dad the elder , the other day, that he doesn't act like a normal grandparent because every oppurtunity to share in the joy of a child's life is forbidden to you. Even when you are allowed to participate like a school play or recital , it's on a meeting night and you refuse to miss just ONE meeting. That's so sad for them and the children because they are denied the love and support of their grandparents. Anyway! Celebrate! Your dear to us here and I'm sending you tons of birthday hugs!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2007
@ 3:42 PM
To mt
Well, Happy Birthday (a day late)! I am glad you celebrated your special day with family! It means a lot to celebrate the day someone was born with loved family and friends. Even when I was a JW I had a problem with this birthday thing. Imagine not celebrating a child's first year of life! That's terrible! Life is to be celebrated, especially each year on the day of one's birth. I think everyone's birthday is a very meaningful day, and I am so glad that I am free of the WTBTS's silly 'rule' about birthdays. Being able to give birthday cards and gifts and to have a celebration on someone's birthday is a beautiful, special thing! So, Happy Birthday, mt!

PCW Friday, May 4, 2007
@ 9:45 AM
Maluenda, M.A.N. Bill and others
I originally found this site when I went looking for information I heard from our local TV news station one evening about the J.W.'s involvement with child abuse. It stuck with me all night and the next morning when I got to work, I typed in "Jehovah Witnesses'- child abuse", or something to that nature and man! was amazed because I was actually looking for children being physically abused in the sense of beatings or corporal punishments of some sort. To my surprise, I was shocked to learn that it was the case of forms of sexual abuse. I can't remember how I was led to Silentlambs, but found comfort in knowing that other former members of the JW's posted here, and those like myself who had been disfellowshipped. Once on this site, I learned of Bill Bowen and immediately emailed him, introducing myself and shamefully admitting my reason for the disfellowshipping. After the initial contact with him, I shedded pounds of guilt I'd carried from a stranger and I have been feeling "human" again, the way I felt before ever knowing about Jehovah's Witnesses. I remember thinking 'he (Bill Bowen) has to be a true "Man of God"' I have been coming here ever since and it is my plan to continue. As far as the rest of Silentlambs family goes, I wish everyone the best. Recently, my next door neighbors left a tract with my husband (who is a catholic), that I remember handing out in field service, years ago. I sat and read it with more focus than before and what I read recently, sounded like the perfect thing, coming from perfect people, until I snapped back to reality with what is presently going on.

Maluenda Friday, May 4, 2007
@ 8:18 AM
To Jane
Individual KH or elders may do the right thing but to my knowlege the old policy still stands. Once in a while you get an elder who does the RIGHT thing. Like Bill Bowen for example. Most of them just report it to the GB and are told to keep it under wraps so they don't bring reproach on Jehovah's anme. To change their policy would be an admission of guilt. Since we, the people who serve Satan, according to their teachings, asked for the change in doctrine then they would be doing what Satan asks instead of what the GB asks then to do. I say what the Gb says because we all know that any God no matter what name you call him or her by would NEVER allow a known child molester to go unproscecuted. Now here's something interesting. I know a couple who belong to the Church of Satan. They worship Satan as a God but do not beieve he is responsible for evil acts and wrongdoing. They are some of the most peaceful, loving, charitable people I know. (FYI orgies, blood sacrifices, etc are against their religion) . I asked them how their church would handle it if they discovered or even thought that someone was molesting a child. Without hesitation they stated: We would get all our information together, witnesses, the victim, anything pertinent and go to the local police. The victim and their family would be referred to a counselor who handles sexual abuse and we'd help them pay for the counseling if they couldn't pay for it or didn't have insurance. I asked,"What if it was your husband or close friend?" His wife answered,"It would make the situation all the more painful but the police would have to be called in and the evidence presented. It's wrong for everyone to behave like this not just some. I asked if it would be kept a secret from the other members of the church? He said initially yes until the person was formally charged because if it turned out to be a false accusation they wouldn't want to damage a persons reputation falsely. He went on to say they wouldn't allow the person to be in a situation where they could harm someone else and it wasn't just child molesters it would apply to any crime. Now this is the church of Satan's policy on child abuse. Satan's policy and yet the jw's hide and protect child molesters to protect their God? I have also talked to a Rabbi,Lutheran,Baptist, Methodist, Buddhist, and Wiccan church leaders. Guess what. They all said they had situations like this come up and they all supported the victim and let the police handle it. I don't recall anyone pointing a finger at then and saying their God or their church was disgraced because of it. Maybe they should review other churches policies to find out what they should be doing! Especially, the policies of the Church of Satan. Blessings to you all.

Jane Friday, May 4, 2007
@ 2:58 AM
Any change of policy?
Are there any changes in WT policy against child abuse yet? Could anyone in Silentlambs please comment if there has been any sort of move foreward in this issue? The other day I heard a comment from a JW that the elders are forced to go to the police if anyone is accused as a child molester. The person I talked to was convinced that this was the proper thing to do. "We have no other choice" he said. In Norway this is regulated by the law.Have the witnesses in this country a better understanding than many other places in the the world? If anyone has another view to this, I would appreciate if you made a comment. I hope this is a result of maybe some elders in Norway have read this site.

mt Friday, May 4, 2007
@ 2:14 AM
to maluenda and Alex
About hate. It's so ironic, that they claim, that they does not hate a disfellowshipped person, it's because of love, they are ignoring the person. I don't get it. Now when I meet the JW's at the street, and they totally ignore me, I just think, that I never could go back to those people, who are ignoring me so bad. Even if I know, they are thinking, they are showing me love. And also it has absolutely nothing with love to do, when they are disfellowshipping the victims of abuse, and let the phedofile go free. It was when I discovered that, I began to think, that they could not have the truth. It's 4 years ago. I have been out for 8 now. I have been so angry so many times in the past month. I just started 4 month ago, to investegate it, seriously. I realy hope that everybody, would get their eyes open, and leave the Organisation and find the true love here outside in the world. Yes maluenda we must pray for the love in their hearts. You have such a big warm heart, you think like that. Me, I just get so angry about it. But I surely can see, that they are thinking like that, because of the brainwashing. And Alex, thank you for your answer. You are absolutely right, that the further you get away from it, you can see how silly they are. I also wish that everybody could find love in the world. Hate are so destroying. Have a nice friday everybody. I dont know you in person, but I have come to love you all anyway.

Maluenda Thursday, May 3, 2007
@ 10:08 PM
To Alex
Isn't it sad that they claim to walk in Jesus footsteps of love and peace yet they hate the world, hate those in it, hate other religions, and on and on and on! Because they are so brainwashed they can't even see that they contradict themselves often in the same sentence. A friend of mine has a daughter who just had a baby. They went to visit and be there like good loving supportive parents to witness the birth of this new little life and were treated like strangers because they are ex jw's. No love there. And it isn't that these people are incapable of love it's just been buried by superior attitudes with foundations in hatred. Do they sound like Jesus-no. They sound like terrorists. Unable to see how their hatred affects others and not caring about anyone but themselves and their own views. It's very, very sad. Everytime I come across this situation I pray desperately for them that their heart will be defrosted and the they will find the warmth of love again. Blessings to you!

Alex Thursday, May 3, 2007
@ 8:10 PM
Hate...such a proper behaviour
Just wanted to comment and question about Watchtower hate. A person I know seems ok with someone till that person says anything against the Watchtower organization. Then it comes. "I hate that person" is the new response from this JW person. Why can someone hate so fast and for so little? Where is all this love that is supposed to be Christian? One time I tried to have a calm discussion with the Jehovah's Witness and all I ended up getting was "when you cut up Jehovah's Witness, your cutting up me because I am a Jehovah's Witness" What if a Catholic person responded to that JW person when they cut up the Catholic Church? Talk about brain washing.

Maluenda Thursday, May 3, 2007
@ 6:06 PM
To Earl
If anyone is near Tennessee there is going to be a big meetup soon. Ill be there and so will a few others. I just made my travel arrangements today. If anyone is interested let me know.

Earl Thursday, May 3, 2007
@ 5:17 PM
To Mt and all
Happy Birthday MT. It's hard to believe anyone would not celebrate a birthday, but that is what happens when one is misled.I have yet to go to a birthday party where someone was beheaded:) but thats the excuse JW's use to not celebrate.The idea of not wanting to make a kid feel special is beyond me but the farther one gets from the org the more one can see how ridiculous they are. MT mentioned love in the org and I have said that I never felt it when I was going to a hall. people would walk right by you and not even notice . And once you quit going you find out who your friend are. I too felt love once I got away from them and found that God unconditionally loves us and always has.There is a sense of love here, I just wish we could all meet each other in this world. I bet in the new world or heaven whereever we go we will meet and recognise each other for the love we have shown to all. Everyone keep up the fight and know that you are loved and our Creator never made two of us alike, evidently he likes diversity and didn't want us being like robots and wants us to use our talents for good. Bless you all and keep reporting here.

mt Thursday, May 3, 2007
@ 4:37 PM
Hi maluenda
Thank you for asking. I think that so far, that it's going all right. We have in forteen days got 9 member on our homepage, and more than hundreds posted messages. Links and files. J. M E, an ex-witness here from USA, has been so kind, and join our group, and is quite a big active for us. He is informing us, sending us pictures, links and files, and I write with him almost everyday. He is very good at danish. I really are very greatfull to him for joing us. The cooperation with Sweden are going a litle bit slowly, but I think that they are very busy. I have difficulties to find a contact in Norway, they has as far as I know, no web-page. 2 news, an ex-witness from Denmark has been sued by the watchtower society, for putting out the handbook used by elders, on the internet 10 years ago. Funny, that there has to go 10 years, before they sue him. The other news is, that we are producing, litle advertisement papers, where there are standing: no thanks to JW, to place on our houses, doors. If the whole world got those, the JW's would have a very hard time, preaching. It is my birthday today, and I thougth again, that it was so nice, celebrating it with my family. To share a speciel orcation and have lovely memories, for the rest of my life with my family, it's so giving love to my life. If you know what I mean. To get mails from a lots of people, who are thinking of me today, it means a lot to me. To be free to do such things, it's simply wonderfull. Well all from now. I hope so much, that you all are doing well. I read here every day. And every day, I find comfort in reading here. You are so kind and share so much love here, that you are helping me going on with my litle fight here in Denmark. So thank you so much to every one of you. I just must tell you about a post I just send, to a homepage called It was about love between the witnesses. I wrote, that I find more love from the ex- witnesses, that I did when I was a witness. Very thougtfull I think, because in the bible you can read that, you shall know that it is the truth shall becourse of the love between Gods people. Something I never found, while I was a witness. All for now. Take care, thank you so much, and God bless you all. mt

Maluenda Thursday, May 3, 2007
@ 9:19 AM
I was just wondering how things are going in Denmark. Be sure to tell everyone on your sight there about us. If there's anything we can do to help or answer questions- we're here for you! I think it would be interesting to share stories and how different situations are treated in different countries! Blessings!

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