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M.A.N. Thursday, May 3, 2007
@ 9:14 AM
Grateful for Silent Lambs
I just wanted to add my thanks for all the hard work that many do to keep this site in operation. I appreciate Bill Bowen's hard work, as well as Maluenda's also. I know these people spend hours a day helping anyone who needs it. I'd also like to thank those who have mentioned my name with appreciation. I don't always know who you are, but I wanted everyone to know that I truly appreciate being mentioned. My best to all. M.A.N.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007
@ 12:03 PM
To Maluenda and everybody
I don't know what so many people would do if they didn't have Silentlambs to turn to. Feel totally lost and depressed, I'm sure. This site has done so much to help and support people, and to lift their spirits. I was never a sexual assault victim in the JW religion, but I did feel really, really down toward the end of being in this 'religion', so sites like this one and Freeminds are very upbuilding to myself and to many others, I'm sure, whether they have been victims of molestation or rape or not. These two sites are full of caring and supportive people, who help detox those who come here to Silentlambs or go to Freeminds. And it does feel as if the WTBTS feels the poor 'rank and file' full of toxins. Maluenda, I join you in thanking Bill Bowen, and I thank Randall Watters, also, for all their help and assistance, and for all the information they provide to former JWs and the current struggling ones. And a lot of thanks goes to you, Maluenda, and M.A.N. and others who post here often with upbuilding messages. Thanks to all of you, too.

Maluenda Wednesday, May 2, 2007
@ 9:53 AM
To Bill Bowen and all the people here
With May 1st here (MAY DAY) I was thinking about all the people who have greatly impacted my life in a positive way. Bill Bowen was one of the first people who came to mind. A very nice Catholic nun that I had confided in saw an article on SL in her local newspaper. She forwarded it to me. Up until that point, I truly believed that I was the only person in the world who had these experiences, I believed that I was the devil's daughter for rejecting the organization and its practices. My life was devoid of love because I was made to feel unworthy of love by the elders. Anyway, I called Bill and we talked for several hours. It opened my eyes. I realized I wasn't alone, I had support and people who cared about me through the SL organization. I was able to see the world in a whole different light. Through the years, I've watched the endless hard work, self sacrifice, and dedication to victims that this selfless man has given as a gift to all the victims. His tireless effort boggles my mind. There are others who help behind the scenes, unknown to us they help however they can to make sure victims have the support they need. Little children who send a dollar to support victims, those of us who send a few dollars here and there to help defray the costs of operating this site. Many of you who post here regularly helping those who come for advice or support are important too. You have helped me over dark days and the rejection of my parents. So I just want to give a big hug to Bill, those few people who work with him behind the scenes, and to those of you here who support Bill, me, each other, and all the Silent Lambs coming out of the darkness and into the light and love that was really meant for us all to experience. Blessings, peace, and love to you all!!!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007
@ 4:33 PM
To Cheri, I looked up the site that discusses Michael and Jesus. That's quite a discussion. It sounds as if I am not the only one who is confused about this! But, I still have quite a few comments left to read. And then, to me personally, it just doesn't make sense to say Michael and Jesus are one and the same. It just doesn't fit. And I learned some things from what I read that back that up. So, thanks again very much, Cheri. I appreciate your guiding me to this site! It's very helpful and useful.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007
@ 12:58 PM
To Cheri Romero and SJG
Thank you both for your responses to my question about Michael the Archangel and Jesus! Cheri, thanks, I will check out the site you mentioned. And, SJG, thank you for the scriptures you mentioned. I appreciate you both for your feedback, and I will check out the site and the scriptures. As for the WTBTS's analogy about the cloud, well, that has got to be one of the dorkiest things I have ever heard. Sheesh. Where do they get some of their stuff that they push down the throats of the poor 'rank and file'? Thanks again, both of you.

SJG Monday, April 30, 2007
@ 2:19 PM
Hello All!
I hope all of you are doing great! Praying is key when overturning any of satans tools, tactics, so I would suggest that people pray and teach their children to pray to God for Him to help them worship Him His way and to receive His correction and to be able to worship Him with a pure and complete heart. I had never prayed this before October 2006. I started praying this everyday and God opened my eyes and heart as to the truth about Jehovah's Witnesses. We can pray for and about almost anything and ask God the whys and hows of things. His spirit is stronger than anything in the universe including satan and a person's arrogance, ignorance and ego. As for proof that Micheal is Jesus. Humm! Isaiah 9:6 refers to Jesus as our Eternal Father, Prince of Peace and Mighty God. Micheal is an angel. Jesus is Mighty God. It will definitely take God's Holy Spirit to get a JW to see these things. The JWs teach exactly the opposite of what Jesus said in Matthew 24. You could ask the JW, "Why did Jesus say that he is going to be seen as he returns, coming on a cloud if it is not so?" The explanation that the JW CD gives as to why this is not true is that when a plane is in the clouds, you can't see it, therefore, you wouldn't be able to see Jesus in a cloud. Ask the JW how much sense this explanation makes as to why you should believe their words over Jesus'. Hope this helps. Peace and love to all!

Cheri Romero Friday, April 27, 2007
@ 8:52 PM
To answer your question
Go to this site you should find what you are looking for there Peace

Friday, April 27, 2007
@ 1:16 PM
Proof or assumption?
Hi, I've been trying to find information about Michael the Archangel, becuse the Jehovah's Witnesses claim that Jesus was Michael before He came to earth as Jesus Christ. My sister said that someday there would be a great battle between Michael and Satan. I don't question that, but what proof exactly do the JWs have that Michael and Jesus are one and the same? I haven't had success in finding out information about the Jehovah's Witnesses and their belief about Michael. Does anyone know how I can find out more about this? I'd like to be able to set my sister straight if/when the religion topic comes up again. Well, thanks, and I'm sorry for straying away from the issue of child molestation here. I know that's what this site is really for

Maluenda Thursday, April 26, 2007
@ 12:47 AM
Is your sons father a long time JW or newly initiated? It will also make a difference if you were a witness or have never been. It's harder to convince the ones who have been brain washed for many years or grew up in the cult. If you and your son have never been a JW or you have escaped the clutches of it's brainwashing I would suggest that you focus on your son. Reassure him that he is loved by God and that God loves everyone and isn't prejudice towards one group. We are all his children. At 8 he's old enough to understand that people may have different beliefs than we do, choose to celebrate or not celebrate holidays etc, but it doesn't make them bad, just different. Remind him that even though his father believes differently it doesn't mean it is set in stone it is just what he believes. If you do a google search on the jw's learn so much information about there dark history. Also, if he's willing direct him here and ask him to read the information on this site. But whatever you do make sure you talk to your son on how to protect himself against child molesters. His father may unknowingly be putting his son in harms way if there is a molester in his congregation that the elders are not exposing. Regardless it's a good thing for every child to know. Blessings and good luck!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
@ 2:20 PM
To Herbert and PCW
Well, maybe the WTBTS should discourage the 'rank and file' from going to the mall and the post office, too. Shootings have occurred in these places and in other work places, as well, not just colleges. What happened at Virginia Tech was horrid, horrible, horrible, terribly tragic. All those young lives, those young people with hopes, dreams, and goals just snuffed out! What a horrible waste! And the damage done to their families and friends is irreparable. There will never be comfort for these people. But, almost everywhere people go anymore, they are taking chances. This is an unpredictable world we are living in. Also, I think it could be true that envy could be part of the problem with the elders, the so-called "upper class", the privileged class, when it comes to anyone in the "rank and file" who goes to college. Well, that's too bad. There should be no "class" system in the JWs. It's not a country club!! It takes a lot less energy to be happy for someone than to be jealous of that person for any reason. And to be happy for someone is a very uplifting feeling! If people have what it takes to go to college for an education the more power to them! Go for it!!! And have a good, good life, a very happy future! Don't be discouraged by any negativity about college from the elders or anyone else. Don't be stifled. Don't let anyone repress your dreams or repress you from pursuing them! Know yourself and follow the right path for yourself, the path that feels right for you. As Shakespeare said (only I'm paraphrasing here) "this above all thine ownself be true". Do it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
@ 12:43 PM
To M.A.N.
Thank you for your comments. I wouldn't want to be in the JWs' so-called ark, either! You make a lot of sense, and I agree that people as individuals, not people as part of a collective mass, can be used by God. Everyone stands alone before God, not bundled up in an organization. I much prefer it that way, anyway. Thank you for sharing the quote from the Zion's Watchtower. The WTBTS needs to have that quote told to them over and over. I think people can grow in spirituality better alone than with an organization. It's a personal thing for everyone. Thanks again for your comments and for your sharing.

tgh Wednesday, April 25, 2007
@ 8:46 AM
8year old
My sons father is a jehova witness and I need help to show him this is not right

PCW Tuesday, April 24, 2007
@ 1:33 PM
Hey Ms. Sunshine. I extend the olive branch back to you with Blessings.

Maluenda Tuesday, April 24, 2007
@ 12:23 PM
I guess I should have refraised that to say while you were just observing? Besides you can never leave SL if you're in our hearts! Blessings

PCW Tuesday, April 24, 2007
@ 10:26 AM
Hi Herbert. Thank you for your response. I don't know, it seems that whenever a situation arises, I immediately question how the JWs would respond on it. My neighbors are staunch believers who regularly attend meetings faithfully. I used to go inside my house when I knew it was time for them to leave for the Kingdom Hall, until I realized that I have the right to believe as I wished and to make my own choices. Took me a while to feel comfortable in realizing that I should not be afraid of mere man who cannot direct his own step, even after I got the boot. Laugh is fun so bring it on.

PCW Tuesday, April 24, 2007
@ 10:08 AM
Hey, I never left Silentlambs. Have been very busy but I still visit when I am able to. I left the JW organization, not Silentlambs.

mt Tuesday, April 24, 2007
@ 9:50 AM
Hi maluenda
Thank you for your roses. :) But its the young man, at the picture who has started the site. But we are working as a group. But I have more good news. I am going to start a cooperation with Sweeden. They has agreed and they wrote to me, that there is a need in Scandinavia. That also made me very happy. I am still trying to find a contact in Norway, and I hope so much, it is possible. I have meet a woman in Norway through your guestbook here, and she is so sweet and offered me, to try and contact the man, we think might can help us. Jane-doe, I think you know her. I have also meet two other people, who also has offered to help. You know I have been writing about how I would like to have a cooperation whith psycologist's and they both are. People I can trust. Thats wonderfull. Hope you all are doing fine. And it's nice to be missed, I will try and write more often. God bless you all. sincerely mt.

Herbert Monday, April 23, 2007
@ 3:49 PM
Hi, perhaps the tragedy you refer to is used now by many Witnesses to argue against college or university education, like "We have alway said ..." But in my opinion that would be too short a reasoning. It is always difficult to judge someone's reasons from the outside (here: Germany), but I think, apart from psychological reasons within the person of the perpetrator there is another reason that makes it at least easier for people to run amok. In many states of the USA, as I see it, you can buy your gun as easily as your bread at the baker's or your food in the super market. Visiting a college is quite another matter. I think the main reason is envy. The JW's "upper class" do not like to see rank and file members who are more educated than themselves (who mostly have only high school degrees - at most). It was Fred Franz himself, if I recall it correctly, who boasted himself with his knowledge of the Hebrew language, but was not able to translate a simple Hebrew text when standing in court and having been asked to do so by the judge, wasn't he? My best to you and all the victims of abuse, Herbert

Maluenda Monday, April 23, 2007
@ 3:22 PM
Haven't heard them say to much except comments like , "Isn't that terrible." etc. My dad is an elder and all he said was ,"Satan really had a hold of that boy to make him do something like that." I replied," Couldn't have been mental illness, had to be old Satan. Which made me think how easy is it for the JW's to transfer blame from themselves to Satan. I can just hear them saying, "The Devil made me do it. It wasn't my fault!" Anyway that's all I've heard. By the way, do you ever hear from AR (Ann). I think of her every day hoping she's OK and doing well and happy. Just like I did you before you joined us again! Blessings!

Maluenda Monday, April 23, 2007
@ 3:16 PM
Congratulations MT for a job well done! It's always great to see someone take initiative. I went to the site and saw you have several members already and I'm sure that number will grow and grow. I hope you'll keep us updated on what's going on in your country. It's good to hear about the progress in other countries. Plus we'd miss hearing from you!!!!! Blessings

PCW Monday, April 23, 2007
@ 7:44 AM
Just Wondering
Hi All, I am curious if comments are being made in the various congregations of the JWs about the VA Tech tragedies last week which would justify why rising seniors or any school-aged in the religion would carefully weigh contemplating attending college since college is not encouraged in this organization?

mt Sunday, April 22, 2007
@ 2:30 PM
New x-witness group in Denmark
Hi everybody Just wants to tell you, that now there is a new webpage in denmark for all x-witnesses. Active witnesses is not aloud, because there has to be one safe place, for x- witnesses to come to. I have started in this group, where we a a few people, who are ready to do everything we can. The name of the link is: Hope so much, that you all are doing so well. I follow you every day, and read everything. God bless you all. Sincerely Maja

M.A.N. Saturday, April 21, 2007
@ 3:27 PM
Re: Confused
The issue of "organization", whether God has one, who has the right one, can there be two or more, etc., has been debated for decades. Perhaps this quote from an old Watchtower magazine would interest you and others. "Beware of 'organization.' It is wholly unnecessary. The Bible will be the only rules you need. Do not seek to bind other consciences, and do not permit others to bind yours. Believe and obey so far as you can understand God's word today, and so continue to growing in grace and knowledge day by day." - Zion's Watch Tower, 1895, p. 216.--- So we can all see that the WT has changed its mind on this issue as well as hundreds of other doctrines. I also saw a web page that pointed out that Job, Melchizedek and others were used by God and never had anything to do with being part of the Jewish nation. God has dealt with individuals several times when these people were loners or on their own. This tends to weaken the WT's argument about "one ark" and all mankind must be in it to be saved. Personally, I'd rather be outside the ark. The way the ark is being run today, if a "flood" did come at Armageddon, I'm sure the leaders would manage to run aground or sink the ark by mistake. I don't believe that people must be in this "ark" in order to survive Armageddon.

Maluenda Saturday, April 21, 2007
@ 8:37 AM
To Carmen
Welcome Carmen! I just wanted to welcome you and make a suggestion. Onthe home page there is a place to add known child molesters to a list that SL keeps of known child molesters and what congregation they are in. I guarantee you that your uncle is still molesting children. They don't just stop. This list is being compiled so that one day when the laws change we'll have a place to start. I really encourage you and anyone else who has not done so to take a minute and put the names on the list. Blessings to you!

Carmen Saturday, April 21, 2007
@ 1:13 AM

It is nice to see a website such as this. My heart goes out to all those who have had to deal with issues such as molestation within the organization. I am a former JW and have noticed many things that haven't added up. I personally was never molested but my mom was by her uncle who is still an elder in a congregation in Alabama. The family knew it was going on but they were encouraged to keep it quiet. I believe after the story broke on Dateline back in 2002 a letter was circulated within the organization encouraging elders to step down from their positions if theyhad been affiliated with any molestation cases. My great-uncle never did step down. Instead he caused many to "stumble". I must confess that if I didn't know that my mom was molested and it swept under the rug I would think all the other stories were Satan's doings. That's how poisoned my mind had become. It's hard to believe something when you've had one thing pounded into your head for several years. Good luck with your mission Mr Bowen and good luck to all the families fighting this terrible ordeal.

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