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Chris Saturday, May 14, 2011
@ 3:05 PM
Im so appalled
I'm sitting here reading these news stories, and I'm just so completely shocked at how much goes on that I never knew about during my 21 yrs as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I'm truly ashamed of what I used to be and I hope and pray that god forgives me and has mercy on my soul. I love this site, keep up the great work. I'll be checking back for updates. Sincerely, CC

M.A.N. Friday, May 13, 2011
@ 11:54 AM
To KDW and to all
I like the "wait on Jehovah" argument. It's funny how fast the WT jumps on a person who has doubts about the sanity of the GB, yet says to leave pedophiles alone until Jehovah takes care of it. When I blasted the WT for its views, the elders did NOT say, "Leave him be. Jehovah will arrange for a lightning bolt or a truck to hit him." Sound familiar? "Leave them be. Blinds guides..blah blah." Would anyone let a lion roam the town park near kids and say wait on Jehovah (or the animal control officer)? No way. I'm not going to wait for Jehovah or anyone else concerning pedophiles. You can bet that since all the elders know how the sickos are in the K hall, THEIR kids are not allowed near them. But anyone NOT an elder is left in the dark. That's not even obeying the Golden Rule. Oh, I just noticed "Rule". The GB body makes lots of rules and loves to rule. Under the Mosaic Law, the elders would be stoned because they knew about a danger and did nothing to warn others. Hypocrisy at its finest.

KDW Wednesday, May 4, 2011
@ 6:37 PM
Something I have been wondering lately is that if people are being told to wait on Jehovah about the pedophile issue, why aren't they told that about everything else? That way the judicial committee meetings wouldn't be necessary anymore, because JWs would simply "wait on Jehovah". There would be no more disfellowhippings and marking of people, because JWs would simply "wait on Jehovah". Why not apply that principle to everything, to all so-called 'offenses'? Why waste time and effort on any problems or issues? Hey! Just "wait on Jehovah"! Why apply this principle to pedophilia only? It doesn't make sense, at least not to me. Apply it to every other situation as well, or don't apply it to any of them. And pedophilia is very, very, very serious, far more serious than many, probably most, of the the other issues for which judicial committees are set up. Why not then just have a blanket principle for all problem issues? One way or the other. Anyway, that's my two cents worth! :-)

KDW Wednesday, May 4, 2011
@ 3:29 PM
To Mrs
Hi, Mrs, I'm very, very sorry about what you and the others have been through at the hands of these men! I am so glad you contacted Silentlambs, and it sounds as if you are going to get some good help! Someone recently told me something like, there are few, few, few cases of pedophilia in the Witness religion! As you can see, she emphasized 'few'. Many Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the Catholics are the big offenders when it comes to pedophilia and hate the way the church handles abuse cases - - in other words the church does not handle the pedophile cases, because it just moves priests to other parishes. Well, it sounds as if this is at times the case in the Witness religion, too! M.A.N. mentioned a young man threatening former JWs with death for reporting pedophilia. Wow! I haven't heard of that happening before. Survivors and their families simply want justice, that's all! True, real righteous justice! Not so-called justice at the hands of the elders, the hush- hush actually non-justice at the hands of the instructions of the WTBTS! I am so glad you spoke up, Mrs! Keep speaking up! And others of you, too! Whistleblowing is a good thing, the right thing, so stand up and be heard!! And the more power to all of you!!

M.A.N. Sunday, May 1, 2011
@ 9:34 AM
Hi to everyone
First, I wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm sorry to see new cases here but glad people are coming forward. It's also good to see the courage survivors are showing. As most know, my own daughter was a victim at the age of 9 and my posting here to warn others about the sick animals who run the WT cost me my marriage and my daughter. I am being shunned for warning others. My daughter married 2 years ago and I was not invited. I also lost my mother because she died due to what happened. PLEASE NOTE THIS: There is a verse that shows only ONE witness was necessary under the Mosaic Law. It's found at Deut.22:25 and clearly shows that if a woman was raped and no one could help her, she was innocent but the man was killed. When the elders, most of whom barely graduated high school, demand two witnesses, show them that verse. If they say the Law is no longer in force, remind them how often they quote from it when they want to establish policy but the New Testament has no rules about certain things. They are quite eager to bring out the Law when it suits them. Hypocrites to the end. I also wanted to make one more statement and I'll leave it to others to judge it. About 3 years ago, some JW man, about 20 years old I think, threatened to kill ex-JW's who accused the WT of protecting pedophiles. I don't look for trouble like this, but I won't stand for "innocent lambs" being threatened. Since his statement was on some JW forum, I posted that I live in Florida and have a concealed carry permit. I always have one gun with me and often two. I replied to his threat that if he confronted me and made that threat, I had the legal right to shoot him. I will never stand by while innocent people suffer. Not my life and not others. I find it incredible that the WT and JW's are now so desperate that some are threatening murder. If anyone threatens a survivor, I know the local police would love to hear it. There are many cops in my family and it is against the law to threaten deadly harm to others. I urge every survivor to stay strong and tell their story to every media person who will listen. Florida has strong laws against pedophiles and they often get life in prison. Most towns have newspapers with all the data on pedophiles: address, picture, age, crime, description, etc. They don't play around down here. See if a local cable show will do a story, Google authors and see which ones write about this topic in newspaper columns, Internet blogs, and Facebook causes/pages. The WT is going down and we have the chance to make it happen even sooner. You can also sue them. It costs them time and money to pay victims and the publicity angers them very much. I've warned all my neighbors and when I see them enter a development a mile down the road, I tell a few people what happened and they quickly call and warn each other. I am called names but NO ONE ever threatens me. The local KH knows me very well and has my data on a big card in their file. I'm the "East Coast Apostate" to them and I'm proud of it. My best to all and special thanks to Bill again for his work. M.A.N.

Mrs Thursday, April 28, 2011
@ 1:59 AM
Standing at a crossroads & ready to report them ...
I sat for six hours for an abuse certification to work with children; the last type of abuse was family abuse. Everyone was visibly shaken but I felt sick, like someone had just hit me in the gut taking my breath away. That day began a long nightmare that I still fight. I told my mom her father had been hurting & threatening me since I was 5 & she put her hand on my knee saying "I know". I realized this secret was bigger than anything I could imagine- generational. They quickly instructed my husband to keep me in the house or they could find a hospital to put me in because this was not to get out period!!  The family is strong, the years of cover up also by the congregation was bigger than me. The elders sat telling us that he was a fine elder & pioneer so for them to believe this I would need at least two other witnesses. They knew an abuser was far too clever to be seen by anyone let alone two others. I went to Bethel, two committees, family & other congregations and no one would help. I was also raped by a ministerial servant who was known to have prior issues, a very close father figure. No one was going to listen!!  I'm stronger now and their yrs of hurting me are done. The stories are too long and painful to put here. But I would like to use them and what I have lived through to help others, but first I need help with knowing how to report this. I know there are statute of limitation issues. I just found out he has hurt three more girls, that he lies that I'm making this into something it's not. I am right, sane and strong enough. My parents had a chance to do the right thing instead they moved him to yet another congregation. They say I'm being hateful, disrespectful for not letting this go, for not letting him live out his last yrs happy and peaceful, that he's too old to hurt anyone anymore. The same things they've accused me of since I came forward, saying he was too old to hurt anyone just leave him and them all be. But he hurt three more girls I've come to find out after I went to Bethel . I'm the only one of them who feels it's important to  come forward, they refused to back me & report him even back then. They are still saying it's Jehovah's place to handle in his time, that Jehovah says we are to respect and care for our parents and not to question their actions or those of our elders who have been appointed by God.  That's not good enough for me, if I'm going to change the pattern of silence I have to try again. Last time the brothers, family, approved doctors all threatened (or they'd call it strongly encouraged) me to not report to police, that it was a matter of God to handle in his time and by reporting I would not be trusting our loving creator. That shit isn't good for me anymore!! It's harmful, more people end up getting hurt!! I think I'm strong enough now, I have to break the silence by screaming louder.  If anyone has recently gone to report someone, or has advice. I live in Ohio, I'm sure there are limits to the number of years, but does that mean I can't report at all.?  He has hurt 9 kids. The ministerial servant who raped me was much the same. He had prior problems, then raped me, family refused to press charges outside the kingdom hall and he went on to hurt two more girls that I know of.   I could used some advice,my family are generational position holding members who enjoy the appearance, who will not go quietly for fear of how they will look.  MRS ***Dear Mrs, Thank you so much for sharing your story. Please email your contact info to and we will do our best to help you.-Admin***

BJG Wednesday, April 27, 2011
@ 3:16 PM
Why Settle?
I have great empathy for all the dear ones that have suffered these many injustices. I can't help wondering if any cases have gone to trial? Wouldn't bringing the Watchtower Society leaders to court and require them to open their many files of known child molesters be more helpful in their cause for justice than settling for cash and a gag order? Is it pressure from the attorneys that want to be paid for their services that make these silent lambs quit before justice is done? Shouldn't there be more concern for the many thousands of little ones that will be and are presently being abused? If the silent lambs do win in a court trial, won't they receive monetary compensation for their pain and suffering? Don't we all know of stories of Catholic priests and bishops that have been exposed for their part in child molestation cases? In these cases that go to trial the innocent victims are paid many millions by the Catholic Church. Why do JW children not get a fair hearing in court? I have never heard ANYONE ask this question before in all my reading on the matter. I think someone should ask, "Why Settle?" Won't the healing process be easier if JW leaders are exposed for their conduct and unchristian policies? Why be "silent" lambs? Have your day in court. That's just how I see it. Please write and help me understand. I would really like to read a comment by someone who sees it differently. Thank you. Much Christian love to all on this website.

KDW Friday, April 22, 2011
@ 3:28 PM
I am soooo sorry for all that you went through in your family! Nobody should ever have to live in that kind of a situation. I am glad that the elders did the right thing when your father admitted his guilt and disfellowshipped him. I am so very sorry that your mother blamed YOU of all people for what happened to you! Not to be cruel to your mom, but all I can think is where on earth was her HEAD?! Why, oh why, are CHILDREN faulted for their being molested? And HOW can anyone do something as horrible to a child as blaming that child for their own abuse?! It's crazy!!! People are so stupid with children sometimes! The roots of a person's ENTIRE life lie in his/her childhood! Happiness and good, warm memories should grow and flow from those roots! Not the kinds of problems that so many adults carry with them throughout their whole lives because of the craziness inflicted upon them in their childhoods by unthinking, insensitive adults! I hope your life is so much better now and will keep getting better! None of what occurred in your childhood was your fault! NONE of it! Not a whit of it! Hang in there, take good care, and NURTURE yourself! Be good and loving and caring toward that child within you. Make up for the callousness you suffered during your childhood from non-understanding adults who didn't know to show sympathy, to show empathy, who apparently didn't have an inkling of what children really need and how to provide for those needs and to give you the security necessary in every child's life. Nurture yourself! And don't ever let anyone ever give you any guff again! This goes for all you survivors out there- what happened to you people was NOT your fault, and anyone who blames children for their being molested or abused in ANY way is totally, totally clueless!

RW Saturday, April 16, 2011
@ 9:01 PM
50's & still trying to recover
I have just recently started facing my past & to try to come to terms with my life. Wow I am in my 50s & until recently I had lived my entire life in abusive relationships. I felt like I somehow deserved all the physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse that I have gone through in my life. My first abuser was not only an elder but also my father. I can remember as a little girl wanting nothing more in life then to make Jehovah happy. The physical & mental abuse I was told was done out of love so I could please God. So I accepted it & tried to be the "good little girl" the "over achiever" the "greet everyone at the hall with a smile & try to make everyone happy kind of girl". The devastation I went through when the sexual abuse started totally crushed my world. I was so afraid it took me over a year to get the courage to go to one of the elders & my mother. When confronted, my father did admit to the sexual abuse. He was d/f (but he remained living at home with us - which terrified me!). I ended up being shunned in my home for "causing these problems". My mother blamed me for the abuse and for bringing this shame on our family. My family stopped going to the Hall. The tension was so thick and I wasn't to talk to anyone I felt so lost and alone. I constantly prayed & begged Jehovah to forgive me for destroying our family and for "messing up everything". (I now understand that I was NOT to blame) Sorry for the long post, but as I stated I am just now learning how to deal with this in a healthy way & I have found this site at a very important time in my life. What you all are doing here is wonderful! I have shed many tears today for the "little innocent ones" & my heart TRULY goes out to them & their families! Please, accept my heartfelt thanks for this site!

KWD Wednesday, April 13, 2011
@ 4:25 PM
I am so, so very sorry about the situation with your parents! Your poor mother! I wish your mom and all of you the best! Things like this are so horrible that they are hard to believe - - though they are very true! It is so difficult to even begin to understand the attitude of the WTBTS and the elders sometimes. This attitude seems inhumane, very hard to imagine coming from true Christians. So unChristlike! Can you even begin to imagine Jesus acting like these elders did with your family?! No way! All of you hang in there - - again, I wish you all the best!

DJB Monday, April 11, 2011
@ 3:21 PM
Shocking Events...
My dad attempted to kill our mom with morphine(she was not in pain)and cancel all her cancer treatments. He told everyone at the time all she had was 4 weeks to live. My Parents are active witnesses and he has a girlfriend in Florida that he has been supporting approx for the last 2 years. He sends her as much as $1500 every month. Myself and my siblings have now taken action and my mom is in our care away from my father. WE have called the police on more then once. He threatened court action and that he would destroy us. We are standing firm. He has held up the diagnosis to the point that a curable cancer is now only 50/50 and when the evidence was presented to the elders they chose to do nothing...would not talk to all the witnesses...called my sister a liar...had too many irons in the fire and so on etc. My parents were married for 54 years. She is another silent lamb...who had to flee figuratively as it were like those early Christians had to flee who were in Jerusalem... We are just devastated that our father would be so rotten... It is just evil...DJB

amb Tuesday, April 5, 2011
@ 11:38 PM
have been thinking a lot about jw
I like what you're doing here. What can I do to inform others of my personal experience and knowledge of a predatory man?

J. Rhadames Cabrera Balcacer Thursday, March 31, 2011
@ 1:13 PM
Please keep the good and excellent work. From the Dominican Rep, living in Xalapa, Veracruz; México

PCW Friday, March 4, 2011
@ 11:40 AM
Hi to everyone
Hi Michael, Glad hearing from you and shouting me out personally. Knowing you have health issues, my hat goes off to you helping your 84 year old dad. For that, you will be blessed, if not already, for this selfless act of helping the aged one, and encouraging the rest of us. Please continue to keep us motivated and take good care of yourself.

KDW Wednesday, March 2, 2011
@ 3:17 PM
To Alida and exemplary youth
It is just sickening that abusers so often turn around and blame the victims, as if the victims could be the perpetrators! Yeah, right. The victims are not to blame for what the pedophiles do to them! It is typical of abusers to deny any wrongdoing or to rationalize their behavior and try to make it the victim's fault. There is nothing for any of you survivors to feel guilt or shame about! You did nothing wrong!! Don't ever let anyone attempt to manipulate you in to believing you are to blame. Ever! Keep your heads up high and take strength from the fact that the abuse is being totally mishandled by the elders. They don't know what they are doing, and when abuse occurs it is the police to whom the abuse should be reported, not the elders, who don't have a clue to deal with pedophilia. Believe in yourselves and take the attitude of ignorant people with a grain of salt. They really have no idea how to correctly handle abuse situations, and they end up further hurting and damaging victims! Have faith in your innocence, because you ARE innocent! Take care!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
@ 1:01 PM
get the word out!
So many JWs don't even know of these abuses and think you're channeling Satan if you speak of them! I think anyone who gets a knock on their door and it's a JW, they should tell them, ask them, about the pedophiles in their faith and the thousands of stories. Maybe, just maybe, they will look into it. Not likely, but I, for one, cannot wait for that knock!

Earl Tuesday, March 1, 2011
@ 11:48 AM
Glad you found Silent Lambs. Sorry you had to suffer so long. Your story will help others see that they too are not alone. The abuse that happens is just not acknowledged as they don't want to do the right thing and deal with it. They wish to cover it up. I became convinced years ago that no loving sincere group would allow this to happen but would bring it to light and help the innocent. But as we read the stories we see that most JW's will go along with what they are told to do. This is not what God would want to happen. It is simply criminal and immoral. So that is why we try to get the word out to warn others. I hope you can now start to heal from your experience and know that you are not alone. Blessings to you and yours.

M.A.N. Monday, February 28, 2011
@ 11:49 PM
Hi to everyone
I just wanted to apologize for my absence these several months. I've had some health issues and I also help my 84 year old father much of the day. I plan to post regularly starting in a week after having some oral surgery done. I wanted to say "Hi" to PCW. Most of the people here are new to me. I've known Bill almost since the start of this site. A few others post as man, man711, and a few others. I'm the one from Jersey who exposed some local elders and now am doing it here in Central Florida. So some call me "The East Coast Apostate". I have a Facebook page under my real name. I will post my full name here shortly but first I need to do a few more things before providing my name. The loose ends involve my situation in New Jersey. My daughter was a victim and I do this to help all victims. My best to all. Michael.

Alida Monday, February 28, 2011
@ 9:33 PM
I grew up as a JW in South Africa, still live here and for many years I believed myself to be one of maybe a handful of people that suffered sexual abuse in this organization. I truly believed that these people who are so close to God are supposed to be good people and that these things could not be happening on a daily basis. My tears flowed freely tonight as I read these stories and felt understood by so many others for the first time in my life. I don't associate myself with JW's since 1995, because I simply couldn't accept the pain and humiliation I had to suffer weekly when going to meetings and having to share the same room with my abuser who made me out to be the sexual predator. If only I knew that there were thousands out there like me, I could have been stronger. But I felt so alone then. I would really like the opportunity to maybe help others who have had the same experience. Finally I don't have to keep quiet anymore. Maybe now the true healing I've been missing on can finally come to me and I can close a book to the past which is haunting me today still.

from used to be "exemlary youth" Monday, February 28, 2011
@ 4:40 PM
to KDW
Thank you for your response. It sure did help me on a level I didn't know I needed. After I wrote the story I felt a weight off my shoulders I never did get when I spoke to the "elders". I'd like to thank you again KDW and finding Silentlambs. For helping me speak out again by not making me believe what I did was wrong.

KDW Friday, February 25, 2011
@ 2:55 PM
To exemplary person! :-)
I am so sorry about what happened to you when you were a child!! Pedophilia is a heinous, horrible crime. Period. It doesn't matter one iota what ages the perpetrators are. The elders' handling of what happened to you was inexcusable. It is just unfathomable trying to understand this religion's dealing with abuses! Anyway, I am so sorry, and I am glad that you are in a such a truly happy marriage, no thanks to any JW elders! I am so glad that you are now enjoying a happy life.

Used to be an "exemplary youth" Tuesday, February 22, 2011
@ 5:55 PM
Male peer youth are sexual abusers too!
When I became 11 years old my family had been in the "truth" for 6 years. Dad was a ministerial servant mom was a pioneer. She and dad brought a lot of people into the "organization". Anyway at the social events and even at the kingdom hall (outside around the side)different boys would pull me into secluded areas and would push themselves on me. They would try to kiss me, and push their personal parts into me. I didn't know what to do. Finally when I became 15 they stopped. But then I started dating an elder's son from a different congregation and district, he would beat me and tell me it was in the name of Jehovah he needed to do this. I told the elders in my congregation, and to my astonishment, they had my dad step down, while his dad stayed an elder. The congregation "marked" me-not even questioning him. I left the organization at 16, even left home way too soon. My mom stayed with the "truth", years later she told me that Tom R. (the dad) was disfellowshiped for having an ongoing affair with his secretary, and the abusing son Michael R. was nowhere to be found within the organization. I'm 39 years old now, after graduating college, finding a wonderful husband(who has nothing to do with religions), having a home, and finding out that what happened to me wasn't my fault. This is my story. Thank you for reading!

KDW Wednesday, February 16, 2011
@ 3:27 PM
I remember being won over by what seemed like perfect logic when I was studying with the Witnesses. Now their 'logic' doesn't seem all that logical to me. Some teachings even seem rather bizarre. But, at the time I didn't know enough about the Bible to counter anything I was being taught, and everything the JWs said seemed to make so much sense. Before I eventually left the religion, though, I remember starting to think that there really couldn't be anything wrong with celebrating birthdays. There are times lately when I wish I'd never heard of the Jehovah's Witnesses. My sister thinks that voting is making oneself a part of the world - - she said Jesus didn't vote. By the way, was there any voting when He was here? Would Jesus vote? Even if Jehovah's Witnesses are looking forward to God ruling the earth it seems to make sense to me that voting is a necessity, because in the here and now all we have are imperfect governments. Some are dictatorships or are at any rate pretty autocratic. Some are democratic, etc. Anyway, I've been a little confused since talking with her. I've been considering voting a duty, a responsibility, and even a privilege. I'm sorry if this is not the place to bring this up, but I am not sure where to go with this issue.

SKB Tuesday, February 15, 2011
@ 4:04 PM
false prophets
Wouldn't the Jehovah's Witnesses be "false prophets" with all of their doomsday predictions? Why are so many still involved? Jesus was Michael the Archangel? Where'd that come from? Are they even Christians? I'd really like to know the appeal of this "religion"!

PCW Monday, February 14, 2011
@ 8:32 AM
Mrs. I have a deep sinking ...
"When I told my mom she put her hand on my knee & said "I know". 'He did some stuff to me & my sisters but you leave it to Jehovah, he knows His heart or he wouldn't still be an elder.' I can't share the entire story in a paragraph but I can say thank you, you've helped so many. Namaste'" I have read the above over and over again. Does your Mom actually think that what he did to her and her sisters, you and others is acceptable to Jehovah which is why he is still and elder? If that is the case, poor Mom because I am sure she feels trapped and fearful in not knowing what to do. As for you, I am glad you found this website.

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