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M.A.N. Monday, December 27, 2010
@ 3:56 PM
Hi to everyone
In most places, it's now against the law to strike your wife. It's also rape if you want to have sex and she said no. I don't care about the verse saying your body belongs to your mate. The law says the opposite. I follow the law more than the WT since the law demonstrates that people with brains wrote it and it's certainly obvious that the people who wrote the WT literature. This is why elders have NO business playing therapists. They are high school graduates. They can't keep their own families together so how can they help others? The elders see what they WANT to see, or as one philosopher said, "what they NEED to see". Elders are appointed based on field service and fawning all over the CO. (There are exceptions like Bill who was/is truly a spiritual man.) If elders know a wife is being beat up and stay silent, they should be arrested. Of course, they'd say Satan was persecuting them but their mental illnesses cannot let them understand the real issues. A better wife? Maybe she should learn karate BETTER. Being an elder, when most JW men barely finished high school, is the only glory they'll ever see. My best to all.

Susan K. B. Saturday, December 25, 2010
@ 12:13 AM
God bless all of you
I am not a Jehovah's Witness but am a close friend of one, or was until I found this site and showed him. Now he hates me. It's like, "Kill the messenger". All of what you do to expose this dangerous cult is worthwhile but do the right people see it? Since the JWs are encouraged to be outside of the mainstream, usually don't watch the news, many are unaware of these crimes. How to reach them? I feel they have been systematically brainwashed. May God have mercy on us all.

Brenda (from New York) Friday, December 17, 2010
@ 5:21 PM
thank you...
Thank you Silent Lambs for bringing the truth to light.

KDW Wednesday, December 1, 2010
@ 3:23 PM
Taking themselves too seriously
I think elders can get an out of proportion sense of themselves if they are not careful. Years ago I heard a woman being told during a wedding that she would not be known, that her husband would be known. She was a pianist, and her husband was an elder. Maybe she was told this because she was a professional musician. I don't know, don't care. I remember thinking that I thought Jehovah was supposed to be known. If elders develop an inflated sense of themselves, it is no wonder that they think they have 'power'. No thank you.

DJB Tuesday, November 30, 2010
@ 9:05 PM
For CO and Wife....
I encourage the CO to read the description in Jeremiah 24 about WHO the bible identifies as the GOOD FIGS...They are the ones who have been scattered among the nations no longer living in their promised land... the BAD FIGS those who remain in which was originally called the promised land and they are described as being princes. These are the ones that are described as being rotten. Is not the behavior of the elders in the congregations--in their treatment of victims by enforcing of Watchtower Policy, rotten? A description so deserving. Isaiah 48 assures us that those who call themselves by the name of God are doing this in untruth and not in righteousness... Further on these apostate ones are rebuked and Jehovah God promises not to reveal new things through them. These ones were given a chance to change but instead they continued in the smelting furnace of affliction. Isn't this an apt description of the conditions in congregation for the children who have been sexually abused and these elders or princes do not stand with them but disfellowship or kicked them out. Aren't the "Good Figs" being scattered... Isn't this the same today... the elders and Governing Body refuse to protect the children by changing the Watchtower Policies. As Isaiah says they continue to deal treacherously. This may be a new way of reading these scriptures but Jehovah promises to act against these ones "bad figs" as the princes" are called. Can we expect any less today. If he acted in the past against the princes or elders he will act again...By standing with victims of sexual abuse we are the good figs as described by Jeremiah...

Frank M Sunday, November 28, 2010
@ 12:46 PM
The Sheep are Skinned and Thrown About.
It is terrible when an organization forces people to do what it should be doing - protecting the innocents. However, child abuse is just the tip of the iceberg. The abuse of authority in the organization has been going on since the Rutherford takeover. The cover-up on child abuse is just a symptom of an obsession with power. It is sickening to see that people who served faithfully for 30,40,50 or more years are being forced out because they cannot keep quiet. It reminds one of the account about Eli and his sons. And Jehovah used Samuel (a little boy) to denounce the cover-up. Read 1 Sam 3:1, 11-14. As a child I saw elders abusing authority. As an elder I vowed to protect the sheep - and discovered it is very difficult to get an abusive elder removed. Go figure. Sexual immorality, smoking, all those sins - no problem. But abuse of authority - it just keeps coming back. A monster that refuses to die. Thank God for the promise at Matt 18:6 - "whoever stumbles one of these little ones . . .

M.A.N. Sunday, November 21, 2010
@ 9:04 AM
Hi to all
So JW's react explosively to the TRUTH?? Wow. I thought they LOVED the truth. They use that word 5,000 times each day. Again, it's funny how so many people love to have it both ways. They can expose the Catholic priest scandal, the Amish pedophiles, the UN being the harlot, but when THEY are exposed, then that's not fair. Sorry, but telling the world about a baby-raping cult is VERY fair. And very necessary. The Swiss are well-respected and responsible people. So are the media who expose the WT. Yet the GB calls all of them "agents of Satan". And all the JW's STILL blindly go along with this obvious stupidity. How many times does it take for a JW to read in the papers/internet about the WT's guilt?? Do they honestly believe that thousands of reporters have nothing better to do than "make up stories to hurt God's people"? And if the media said 2 plus 2 equals 4 and the GB said it was 5, you'd mock the media. And for Toni: You don't need 2 witnesses. In the Mosaic Law, Deut. 22:25 (and surrounding verses) you can plainly see that the man was killed for raping the girl even with no witnesses. That applies to child abuse. And if the WT says the Mosaic Law is no longer valid, then remind them that they quote from it all the time whenever they want to make a ruling against something but the New Testament doesn't have anything to say about it. They use what they want to when they need to, so they can use this and they can like it. If not, ignore the hypocrites and realize that they are criminals.

Toni Saturday, November 20, 2010
@ 12:28 AM
Been there done that
Even though I'm older now, in my youth at the boulevard park hall I experienced the "good old boys club" effect when I was molested by my stepfather. It was basically dismissed and then talked about at one of the elders' house. The rule of 2 people witnessing an event is totally insane. A child molester does not allow any witnesses. My step father, is still in the JW's and I'm not. He went on to molest more kids...I suppose that was mostly covered up too. This religion is the perfect place for child molesters and control freaks.

KDW Friday, November 19, 2010
@ 4:50 PM
Abuse is abuse is abuse is abuse
Period. When a JW woman goes to the elders to get help because her husband is abusing her and the elders just tell her to go home and be a better wife (grrrrrrr), then the elders are simply accessories to the abuse. Maybe even to assault and battery, which is...a crime. When the elders don't help a child who has been sexually molested - - or worse, then the elders are accessories to pedophilia, which is...a crime. In short, the WTBTS "governing body" is directing elders to be accessories to these crimes. The elders are being programmed by the so-called governing body to be androids. Can't the elders see that?! This all just boggles my mind!

M.A.N. Monday, November 15, 2010
@ 1:44 PM
Hi to all
To CO: First, I'm sure if you really are a CO that you've seen the heavy hand of the GB at work. There is something very un-Christ like about their attitude and actions. My daughter was abused for years due to the policies the WTBTS promoted and the denials they issued. In the past ten years that I have helped to offer counsel to victims because my daughter was one and I have a degree in Psychology, we have seen thousands of victims post here, hundreds attempting suicide, and dozens succeeding. All this blood guilt is on the GB, and every member, especially the elders and those higher up. The WT is fond of boasting that innocent people will die at Armageddon even though they never heard of the Bible because they bear "community responsibility". An old woman in a small village in China is not able to overthrow the government there so she bears NO blame for her not hearing the kingdom message. Now I reverse it and say every JW will die because of that same responsibility even though THEY claim they didn't know about the abuse. It's funny how the WT likes to have things both ways but never any way that's against THEM. Hypocrites, Jesus called them. The WT is dying off in many nations and we will fight until it is destroyed. I've been threatened with physical harm for my extensive work against the WT by JW's. Is that Christian? If you or any other reader is serious about true justice, then quit this baby-raping cult and tell the media what you know. Jesus spoke up when he saw things like this. So will we. Time will tell if you do the right thing and if other JW's wake up from their ignorance. My best to all.

JOE Saturday, November 13, 2010
@ 11:44 PM

kb Saturday, November 6, 2010
@ 8:28 AM
david nelson
I was so sad to hear that David Nelson has become one of those elders on your list, and probably on the Society's list. I have known him and his family for a number of years. While my heart goes out to the family, whom I love so much, I cannot feel any sympathy for David, or for those who probably have known all along what he did. I am pleased that he turned himself in; I hope there were not other victims. I will be watching closely to see the results of this, and to see if the WTBTS sends highly paid attorneys in his behalf.

PCW Tuesday, November 2, 2010
@ 10:56 AM
Circuit Overseer and Wife
Circuit Overseer and Mrs, with time constraints due to your responsibilities of overseeing the flock, and I mean no disrespect, however, it would behoove you at some point to start from the beginning, when this site was started. Better still, read of Bill Bowen's experience and others of what lead them to leaving the organization, or how they were forced to leave. Please, if possible, read of the many experiences innocent victims have encountered and see the many similarities. I was violated in the sense that while a JW, I had a cheating husband who emotionally, physically and mentally abused to me and when I sought help from the elders, I was told that I didn't pray enough and should be a better wife. That was their advice and counseling. They had no inkling of what went on in our home with this sick man I was married to. With that, I eventually left, finally divorced him and remarried. I am a better wife who prays as much as I can, and I am much happier and Jehovah is still the God I pray to and I feel so blessed and at peace. I am curious to know what made you type in Silent Lambs to lead you to this site? I am hoping you were thinking you had to be sure. Anyway, welcome to the site, a home of comfort and a place for healing and we hope you continue to visit. Somehow I think you will and it is ok to remain anonymous and I hope you feel relieved when you get my post. I was. Again, welcome, and may I add, peace.

KDW Friday, October 29, 2010
@ 4:31 PM
Dear CO and wife
It is only natural that Jehovah's Witnesses don't want to believe that there is a severe pedophile issue going on in the religion. But, as many people are reporting molestings and abuse of children, there has to be a problem with pedophilia. This many people could not possibly be making up stories about this extremely serious issue, not that no one ever does fabricate stories about molestation and/or rape. It does happen. However it has to be true, considering how bad and widely extended the issue is. The injustice to the victims and the lack of mercy shown them is inexcusable. Something is really wrong with the way the abuse situations are being handled. The mishandling of the abuse is what is a bad reflection on God's name, not the reporting of the abuse by the victims and their parents. It is appalling the lack of compassion that is given to the victims while the pedophile is under the mantle of protection by the elders. The so-called 'governing body' is responsible for the way the elders deal with the abuse issues, because the elders' directives come from the "governing body". The WTBTS has an enormous amount of answering to do for their backing up of what amounts to crime. They are guilty of criminal negligence. It is horrible what is going on and something drastic needs to be done about this crime.

Circuit Overseer and Wife Wednesday, October 27, 2010
@ 5:57 PM
Keep up the good work ...
I am a relatively new CO. My wife came across this site today and we are both trying to understand all of this. I'm not sure who I can ask for detailed information without arising suspicion within the organization (which is also why we cannot at this time include our names), but if this all turns out to be true, we'll have some difficult decisions to make in the near future. Thank you the contributors and creator of this site! **************************************** ADMINS NOTE: If you wish to ask any questions about the information on Silent Lambs you can do so with complete confidentiality. You may email and we will be glad to assist in any way.

KDW Friday, October 22, 2010
@ 4:40 PM
Assumed power
It seems to me that it is hard to get anywhere when trying to reason with the Witnesses about the pedophile issue or any other issue is that they have so willingly given power over themselves to the WTBTS. Once that "power" is "established" over them, Jehovah's Witnesses just don't seem able or willing to listen to anyone about the fallacies of their religion or any injustices occurring in it. I hope this is making sense. Anyway, it feels as if I may as well go out and try to talk to a tree for all the factual information that isn't registering on the JWs' minds. They can't really seem to truly hear it. It's hard to fathom people not responding to the real truth about the 'Truth' they adhere to with such barnacle-like devotion. How can they not see the falseness and hypocrisy of this cult when they learn what is actually true?! It boggles the mind, it does.

John White Sunday, October 17, 2010
@ 7:17 AM
No Fear
Well done for fighting this cult, not only are they a recruitment agency for pedophiles but they destroy friendships and relationships with their brainwashing. I have a friend who has unfortunately gone into this cult and I see her slowly being sucked into a world that makes her believe she is special and can save people by missionary work. My friend is a good person but vulnerable she is becoming lost. I have no fear to stand up to this cult thats why I put my name not initials.

DAL Sunday, September 19, 2010
@ 3:31 PM
For a religion that claims to make a better world there is sure a lot of molesting of children. To make a better world they believe all Non Jws have to destroyed by God. Even little innocent children. Sick! I have two small Grandchildren JWs believe should be destroyed! Think about it,what a fatalistic view. I retired from them years ago, and having seen Abuse that was never reported to Police made me sick. All the best to all .DAL

debs Sunday, September 19, 2010
@ 11:13 AM
uk lambs
hi please will anyone in the uk pref northwest let me know as it would be great to meet people

pkl Thursday, September 9, 2010
@ 1:49 AM
keep up the good work
We have to do what we have to catch these pedophiles and convict them and the people who harbor them and put them in jail.

Larry S. Oxenham Monday, August 30, 2010
@ 12:35 PM

I was raised in the Jehovah's Witness Cult as a child. My parent was an elder. Growing up I never saw the love of Christ in my parents or other members only a drive to sell magazines door to door in order to earn their salvation. When I turned 15 I stopped going to the Kingdom Hall and my relationship with my parents changed for the worse. It wasn't until I was 31 years old that I started searching for the real Truth IN Christ and found the love I had for so long missed out on. Both my parents are dead and when my mother died in 2007 I was not informed until the night before her memorial service. It was impossible for me to get a flight from Calgary to Toronto to attend. When I was born I was born with RH negative blood and needed to have my blood completely changed. This was just 6 months before my parents became Jehovah's Witnesses. When I became a Christian in 1982 I saw how God had had his hand on my life from the start or I would not have lived to be writing this. God Bless

Cory Smith Sunday, August 22, 2010
@ 12:46 AM
real name, I don't hide
My dad is an elder... when I was a kid, I found his "elder's manual", which at the time was a closely guarded secret but can now be found easily on wikileaks... When I read I finally understood why my father came home from elder's meetings and sat in his car for an hour. Sometimes he would come up the stairs with red eyes, it was obvious he had been crying. I have no idea how many cases of child abuse he covered up for the "good" of his congregation, but he was always a good man to his family. I love and respect my father even though he does not respect me anymore. We didn't speak for over a decade, but finally in his old age he has softened a bit and we talk now. I never understood what being a "sheep" meant. And I encourage anyone who comes to this site to stop being a "silent lamb". Become the loud lion, show your teeth. If you still believe in Jesus, put yourself in his shoes.... because there is no mention of sex abuse in the bible and even Jesus would not have put up with that. One day, after my lovely and long suffering parents have passed away, I have vowed to make a documentary about Jehovah's Witnesses and sex abuse. When that time comes I will put up an email address and would love to speak to and film anyone who is willing to be a loud lion and destroy the organization that destroyed so many lives.

Joe Emerson Saturday, July 17, 2010
@ 5:01 PM
From Joe, Mary & Others
Bill Bowen, who has this site, won't tell you but I will. He broke his leg, and was out of work 3 months! If you agree he's a good man doing tons to help us please send him anything you can afford, even a single dollar: Bill Bowen, P.O. Box 681092; Franklin TN, 37068. The address is different from Silentlambs as he now lives in Tennessee. I'm Joe Emerson and agree with Mary Aguilar and others that more needed to know so we can all stick together. To help him is to help with all the good things he does to save people from so much tragedy and pain.

J.B.W Thursday, July 15, 2010
@ 6:09 AM

To Silent Lambs:- The compassion you show to child abuse victims is commendable.Your concern for their well being shows you are not partial. "YOU STAND FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE." When an Organization who has been brought to court over child abuse, settles out of court with gag orders. Many ask: why request the gag order? What is the Organization afraid of? Is it child abuse victims telling the truth? The child abuse victim is not the guilty one, they are the predator's victim. And you gag the victim. Is this Christian? Lets ask the Organization a question. What is the first Amendment that you have used in court? Yes. Freedom of speech! And you take away child abuse victims freedom of speech with gag orders! Jesus would call you hypocrites offspring of vipers, because you claim the rights of the first amendment, but take it away from child abuse victims! If you claim to be Christian, show it!!! Leave the compensation in place and take away the gag orders!!! If you are champions of freedom of speech what is stopping you? Should any victim of crime be gagged? Your Governing Body has some serious questions to be answered. Have they contemplated what a worldwide campaign in all the major cities of the world supporting victims of crime, victims of child abuse would do. Bringing in trade union movements around the world to lift gag orders off victims of crime, victims of child abuse. Settling out of court is a relief to the victim [if you have compassion you would understand that] but to offer compensation with a gag order shows no compassion! Any victim of crime has to talk about it to heal!

DS Sunday, July 11, 2010
@ 10:37 PM
Raymond Franz Death
I am so saddened and shocked by the news that Raymond Franz is dead. I didn't know him personally, but his book "Crisis of Conscience" helped me so much in leaving the JW and making a new life for myself. It was written with so much clarity into the hidden things of the gov. body, without any anger. It was facts, just facts to help those of us who never knew what went on behind closed doors at Bethel. Please let his wife know how much he did for people like me, who were suffering abuse in the organization because we thought we had no way out. Ray Franz helped so many people, I just want to say a belated "Thank You".

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