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M.A.N. Monday, October 26, 2009
@ 3:28 PM
Hi to all
Someone asked how I found out about my daughter’s wedding. I still have many sources and contacts in NJ and in many countries. A friend who quit the JW’s told me she was dating someone and they were getting married. I verified it and there was information on the Internet as well. I appreciate your concern for my feelings. Relationships are one thing in that a JW can change and contact a family member later in life. But weddings only happen once. I wasn’t even sent a picture of my daughter posing with the groom, whom I have known since he was a little boy. Someone is sending me videos and pictures. It is basically true that people who are looking for “the meaning of life” and/or are from dysfunctional backgrounds or families are vulnerable to the WT’s arrangements. That’s why it is imperative that people always think for themselves, that they verify everything they are told, and that they exercise good judgment. Intelligence is usually not the reason involved when joining this type of organization. It can be emotional needs or psychological problems. I’m sure most people who were once JW’s consider themselves to be intelligent. But logic and reason do not always win out when decisions are made. I can’t really say why some parents quit and others remain. Often it’s what I just said before. People have 30 or 40 years invested in the WT, it is difficult to let that go, to say you were wrong, to start over, and many other excuses. All I can do is to hope certain people see the light someday. When families are broken apart, the possibility always exists that parents never see their children again and also may never see their grandchildren. It is the price many of us have to pay because we did the right thing. To NC: Thank you for your comments. It does hurt and nothing can prepare you. You hold that child in your arms the day she is born. They love you so much when they are toddlers and young children. Then 20 years later, they refuse to let you see them marry the man they love. I will never be able to understand the reasoning behind doing this to a parent. I did not leave quietly yet I am not DF’d as far as I know. Yes, young people do change their minds and that is all I can hope for at this time. To P.C.W.: Thank you as well for your thoughts. I will always be available to her and she knows that. Often it happens that people her age realize how others used them after they have children of their own. I will do my best to continue to support Silent Lambs. To Earl: The “love” that the JW’s display is conditional. You must “earn” it by obeying them in all things. This is not what the Bible teaches. This alone is one indication that the WT is not the truth and it also shows the dangers of any religion taking the position that they alone “own” God. I know this is one factor in the rate of mental illness among JW’s in much larger percentages than in the population in general. This is truly sad. Your observation as to how many JW children remain in this cult after they reach adulthood is very revealing. They do have the largest percentage of children who quit their “birth” religion than any other that I know of. I hope everyone is doing well and is encouraged by the material here on this site. My best to all. M.A.N.

LMM Friday, October 23, 2009
@ 7:02 PM
Silent Lambs & A Broken Doll
... so very true - keep up the excellent work!

DB Sunday, October 18, 2009
@ 5:21 PM
Why doesn't Silent Lambs take the Watchtower on at their own game, by printing millions of tracts , exposing them, and seeing if they are willing to take you to court. Either way it will warn people or at least damage that dreadful religion. Good luck with what you do.

Monday, October 5, 2009
@ 3:49 PM
To Earl
Sixty percent?! Wow, that's good news! I hope that soon it will be a much higher percentage of youth leaving the 'religion'. I have great-nieces and nephews in there who I'd love to see get out!!

Earl Friday, October 2, 2009
@ 12:27 PM
M.A.N. and all
So sorry to hear that the unloving works continue from the jw's. They are a mean spirited bunch when you are not one of them. As I have said before , I too was cast off by my own sister and called an apostate and haven't heard from her in a couple of years. This is the only group I know of that separates family like this. I hope your daughter will come around and see the light soon. I have seen estimates that about 60% of the youth end up leaving the cult. Anyway keep up the good work. Blessings

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
@ 4:25 PM

I wish to help expose those who abuse & practice bigotry, coercion by fear, & the many child raping co-conspirators,active in our neighborhoods.......worldwide. Let me know how I can help. Michael Klick

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
@ 2:36 PM
Thank goodness for that old-fashioned elder for standing up for you and your husband and saying you didn't do anything wrong! Boy, isn't that the truth! I'm so glad your daughter and son-in-law eventually left, too, and I hope your son and daughter-in-law will soon do the same. If they are treating you pretty well, maybe it's only a matter of time. People being labeled apostates for calling the WTBTS on pedophilia is just plain crazy! It makes you wonder how a religion like this can survive, what with its twisted and mean thinking. Good for you and your husband, and your daughter and son-in-law getting out. And good for the old-fashioned elder who has sense!

P.C.W. Monday, September 28, 2009
@ 11:53 AM
Hello to All - September 16, 2009
M.A.N. You do realize that how you found out about your daughter's wedding was an intended "slap in the face", right? Her life is being controlled, even with her marriage, sad to say. However, as one post says, she'll find you one day, when that light bulb clicks in her head. Right now, with her being being influenced by all, she probably feels guilty about even thinking about you but I assure you, there will come the time when she will find you and I hope your son-in-law will love her, help her and stand up as a strong husband and real man. Stay strong because we need you.

TNI Sunday, September 27, 2009
@ 6:44 AM
Thank You
I just want to thank you for your site, and the work you are doing in highlighting some of the horrible things that happen to women and children, I wish you luck in bring a little justice to the world. Thanks again TNI New Zealand

NC Thursday, September 24, 2009
@ 5:44 AM
To M.A.N.
So sorry that this has happened to you. Yes, how absolutely cruel to not tell you about your own daughter's wedding. Surely, some who were invited were questioning where you were. Really, they are the ones with no natural affection. My husband and I left in 2003 after the pedophile problem surfaced in Australia. The total lack of information from the Society about it made me feel sick to my stomach. After I saw the video of the march in New York on this website made me make up my mind just what to do. We left quietly, trying to inform those we thought would listen. Of course, they didn't. I was labeled an apostate. For some reason, I was not disfellowshipped. Apparently, one old-fashioned elder said that what I did, could not be considered apostasy because it was the truth. Our daughter and her husband left eventually too. Our son and daughter in law are still a part of it. They treat us better than they used to now. I hope that they eventually give it the flick too as I don't want my grandchildren growing up with that warped frame of mind in their life. I genuinely feel for you, but don't give up on your beloved daughter. She may one day feel quite differently and you never know what went on about you being invited or not. I am sure that there is a place in her heart that belongs only to you. She might come looking for you one day, you never know. I am grateful to Silentlambs for freely giving out important information in a courageous way and of course Bill Bowen for his incredible stand too.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
@ 1:32 PM
To M.A.N.
How did you find out about your daughter's wedding? I'm so sorry you weren't notified, that you couldn't be at your own child's wedding! I'd say this religion is for the birds, but I like and respect birds. This religion is geared toward easily impressionable people, easily misled people, easily conditioned people. How can people with reasonable intelligence fall for what this religion teaches and get hooked into it, and furthermore stay hooked into it?! I don't understand why your wife stayed hooked after what happened to her daughter. It's a real and very, very, very deep mystery why parents don't want to pull out at the earliest opportunity if their children have been victimized by pedophiles! I'm very sorry about your daughter. You should have been invited to her wedding - - you should have been there.

M.A.N. Wednesday, September 16, 2009
@ 1:06 PM
Hello to All
I would have posted sooner but I’m still dealing with some health issues and family arrangements. I don’t want anyone to worry. I don’t think I’m due to have a major heart attack or diabetic stroke anytime now. It’s mostly minor things that need to be monitored and they limit my energy and time. As many of you know, I have extensive contacts and sources in many states, especially New Jersey and the NYC area, having lived there for 55 years. Most of you know that I’m on this site because my only child was molested by a known pedophile. I exposed some of the elders and my wife left me and took my daughter. I don’t know if I’m DF’d or not and I couldn’t care less. This might be a lesson or example for those of you who are debating whether or not to leave the WT and if you should wait to be DF’d or if you should DA yourself first. I can’t state that one method is better than the other. Circumstances always are unique and there are benefits sometimes to being DF’d and sometimes you’ll do better to DA yourself. It’s a personal decision and I never suggest one over the other. I’ve tried for years now to offer general psychological advice to those who needed it or asked for information. Again, I have to stress that I cannot counsel anyone on an individual basis due to legal reasons. I can say that many lawyers and therapists are well aware of the WT’s criminal and perverted actions are would be able to assist you. I’ve made many friends here and I hope to continue to read and post when I can. I think now would be a good time to make it known that my daughter got married the last week of June 2009. I was NOT told nor was I invited. As of now, I still have not received any pictures of the wedding. This is one of the ultimate cruelties that the WT greatly enjoys inflicting upon those who dare to challenge their authority, beliefs, and actions. I would think that by now they would realize that not seeing my daughter get married nor ever seeing my grandchildren will NOT make me stop exposing them. I cannot think of anything crueler that a family member could do to another. Yet this shunning is highly approved by the WT and also by my ex-wife. I’ve seen this done before and then when the father gives up trying to have a relationship with his children and/or disinherits them, the JW wife and children call him names and accuse him of shirking his duty to them. I found one person’s answer very ironic when he said, “You threw me out of your life and said Jehovah God would take care of you. Now you are all in financial trouble and I have a very good job. Ask Jehovah to give you money.” I’m not advocating any particular actions toward those who remain JW’s, either good or bad. Those are personal choices. That being said, I wanted to say hi to AK-Jeff, it’s been awhile. I hope things are going okay for you and everyone else. As Jeff said, Silent Lambs is one of the best sites to visit for all JW’s who question the WT’s criminal conduct. Technically, proving the WT has lied about its history and actions should be enough to make any honest-hearted person quit this cult. But if that’s not enough, then the child abuse issue should be more than enough. I hope you JW lurkers realize the meaning of the verses that clearly state that if you are part of a religion that offends God that you will die. Forever. Sincerity will NOT save you. You all told the world that it would not save THEM, so why should it save YOU?? The WT has a very long history of wanting to have things both ways. To have their cake and eat it too. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. “With the judgment that you are judging, you will be judged.” Remember? I also hope you are doing well, Earl. I don’t know some of the new people but Bill Bowen, who started this site, is very knowledgeable and has posted an abundance of helpful information. I’m sure you’ll benefit from it. My best to all and I’ll try to stay in touch. M.A.N. from Florida

Tony Monday, September 14, 2009
@ 7:55 AM
THE monstrous stepdad of Baby P has become a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS in jail evil-stepdad-becomes-Jehovahs-Wtiness-in-prison.html

Thursday, September 10, 2009
@ 3:37 PM
How often are abused women told by the elders to go home and be better wives?! Are the elders telling men to go home and be better husbands? It works both ways, although there is NO excuse for men abusing their wives. Period. It's just more nonsense about the system in this cult, which victimizes women and children. It is so goofy and mean I can't stand it! How can the elders do this to women? Again, where are their HEADS and their HEARTS?! Sheesh!

Friday, September 4, 2009
@ 4:25 PM
One thing I don't understand about how the elders treat women and children who have been abused is that the elders must be blind and deaf to not realize how women and children SHOULD be treated. It's so obvious to me. The elders either don't know about or care about chivalry. It is so apparent that women and children should be treated with great respect and gentleness. Where are the elders' heads? Not to mention their hearts? I just don't GET it. It absolutely makes no sense, and it makes me as mad as a herd of hornets!!! I want to shake the whole lot of them! Give them some sense, already!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
@ 4:12 PM
To ex-JW
You left the JWs when you were eleven?! Wow, I'm impressed that at such a young age you were so insightful. I don't think of Jehovah's Witnesses as being lunatics, but I sure think they are very impressionable and taken in very easily. Now I think that's so sad, because once they're hooked in they are very hard to talk to and to reason with. Yet at the age of eleven you saw through it all and got out while the gettin' was good! Were you baptized by that age? How did the elders and the congregation treat you? I'm so very sorry about your mother being molested and then treated like a criminal for coming forward! What is it with the elders?! I can't believe that your niece was returned home after going to the police! Sometimes I don't understand them either! But the elders are the worst. Treating victims like criminals - - that's beyond stupid, and it's cruel, yet the elders claim to be Christians.

melanie Tuesday, September 1, 2009
@ 9:23 PM
JW on trial for killing wife... 01/news/jarka-videotaped-interview-played-for-jury-in- murrieta-murder-case

michaelmcdaniel Saturday, August 29, 2009
@ 10:42 AM
My mom was molested as a youngster by an immediate family member and high-standing man in the congregation. I left the org at 11 because they clearly are lunatics. I always wondered what happened to the cousin who molested my mom, because I know that they simply moved him to another place. Course my mother was treated like a criminal by the elders for having come forward. Now my niece, a beautiful 14 year old is being molested, and she ran away to the police, who simply returned her to the home. I don't know how of why this is happening, I can't get into contact with my cousin.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
@ 1:59 PM
To katydid
I agree with you about Jehovah's Witnesses, that, in general, they aren't really aware of what is going on with the pedophile issue. I know my sister isn't. She thinks pedophilia is rare among JWs. It's hard to get across to Jehovah;s Witnesses how grave the situation really is. It's truly like the information "goes in one ear and out the other", because they just can't begin to believe, to accept, how serious the issue is and how rampant it is. To them, it is probably just "apostate" gossip. How sadly wrong they are. If only they would wake up!

Earl Monday, August 24, 2009
@ 6:06 PM
greetings all
I have not been around in a while and wanted to check in. Let me first say my heart goes out to all of you who have been through so much. The stories give me chills as I recall some of my abuse as a child. The good news is we can heal and lead a happy life. I separated completely from the jw's about three years ago although I was never a baptized witness I was brought up in that cult and like most jw's was told for years that only we would be saved and the rest of the world was wrong. I walked around all my life feeling guilty and believed I could never do enough to be saved. Then I learned that was all untrue and a tactic the Org. uses to keep us humble and always striving but never sure of our salvation. My salvation was given to me as a gift, something one can not earn. I was able to research the Org when I got my PC. All the false doctrine and prophecy, and then I discovered Silent Lambs and it was a prayer answered as many feel that there is no where to go when they contemplate leaving the Org. It is scary for so many that they need guidance to move on and finally find truth and spirituality.I never realized the power of a cult to blind a person and keep them in line until I left completely and the fear was finally relieved. I had prayed that I find comfort as my own sister Marked me as they say, cut me off from all communication after I told her about the abuse stories on SL's. She called me an apostate etc. and refused to believe these stories here at SL even after reading them herself. There are thousands of jw's on line with similar stories who were able to break away and find peace, safety and a believing support system. This is what I wish for all of us here. I continue to expose the evil works of this Org. Through my research and questioning other jw's I have concluded the two witness rule is still in effect and nothing has substantially changed in the congregations to protect the Silent Lambs even though my jw brother told me their elder told him they now report all abuse and do not let the pedophiles go door to door. I soon discovered this is not true at all as no one else has heard of a change like that.. I think they just told him that to keep him quiet as he was asking them questions about their policy. They still protect the Org. before they protect the children. It's all about silencing us and their rules in place prove that they have not that love for one another that Jesus said we would see in true Christians. I encourage all to report any abuse you know of to the police, and those on the fringe, believe me when I say there are alternatives to find God and truth if that is what you want, even if it means just studying your own Bible by yourself for a while until you find a loving group. I guarantee without the Watchtower to tell you what to think you will soon see clearly they have a very foreign false doctrine according to the Bible. I found such freedom that I never thought was possible. Keep up the good works and thanks all for sharing your stories as they help me heal. Blessings

A.S.M.W. ENGLAND Saturday, August 22, 2009
@ 3:59 AM
Thank you for

katydid Friday, August 21, 2009
@ 10:05 AM
misc comment
I decided to take a look again on this site to see what is new, if anything. My heart is still so broken to know that the org. I trusted all my life has abused the trust of all of us, and has harmed so many, no matter what the intention was. Their actions have split my family so badly that I can only trust in God to heal the wounds. I can't seem to leave, and I can't be involved whole-heartedly as I always was before. The problem is that most JW's are truly not aware of these issues at all; and if they ever hear anything, they will not look further into the question.

AK - Jeff Thursday, August 20, 2009
@ 3:15 PM
Just a 'Hello'
Hello all. I have not been over here to SL for a long time. This was my first stop in my 'journey' of discovery regarding the 'truth about the troof' which began about five years ago. I still maintain significant anger over the JW blind-eyed views toward children victimized by pedophiles. I hope all are healing from the spiritual and physical abuses suffered at the hands of these evil men who perpetuate lies in favor of the criminals they hide. Jeff

M.A.N. Thursday, August 13, 2009
@ 6:55 PM
To Everyone
Thank you all for your concern. I'm sorry for not having posted sooner but have been very busy with some personal and family issues. I will be posting a progress report in a few weeks. I've been trying to keep up with the posts here and as usual my deepest sympathy goes out to all of you who have been harmed in any way by this cult. Again, my thanks to Bill for all his hard work and to those who help with this site. M.A.N.

Thursday, August 6, 2009
@ 2:07 PM
To M.A.N.
Hello - - just wondering how you are doing. It will be good to see your intelligent and helpful, supportive posts return. Hope all is well. Take care.

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