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M.A.N. Monday, May 18, 2009
@ 2:07 PM
To all
The Florida law enforcement community is currently looking for several people as suspects in attempted rapes, child molestation, and murders. Next month I'll be visiting local police agencies and the county sheriff's office. I'm bringing the copy of the "murder letter" where Bethel tells the local elders not to report a man who is wanted for several murders and is seeking to be baptized. This, of course, was several years ago, but I'm sure they will be outraged that any decent citizen, especially those who claim to be morally superior to the rest of the world, would fail to report any knowledge they had concerning suspects. I'm also contacting the newspapers and TV stations. Orlando is the central city in the area where I live. I know they will jump on this. There have been many cases of child abuse and attempted rape as well. I know for a fact that if the police knew convicted pedophiles were going door to door and the public did NOT know, that the WT will be facing major problems. I also plan to distribute flyers in libraries, stores, banks, etc. Florida has a problem with teachers molesting children, and a large percentage of the pedophiles are women teachers. Most of them get long prison terms. I'll post more details ASAP. If you monitor the news in the Orlando area (county of Brevard), you will be able to see these stories unfold. I'm hoping that other states and communities follow the example of the police in Central Florida. They publish a newspaper here every few months that lists ALL known pedophiles, their pictures, addresses, exactly what their crime was, etc. They take this very seriously in this area. All it takes to get this issue on the news is enough people who complain that perverts are knocking on their doors in the name of "religion". Here they hate religious people (ministers, TV preachers, etc.) who molest even more than they hate regular citizens who do so. This is a golden opportunity for anyone to contribute to this effort to warn the public. And as always, monetary contributions to Silent Lambs are always welcomed. Bill Bowen has an extremely vital service that he is doing his best to accomplish. I know many active JW's read this site and many others that they would call "apostate". There are many YouTube videos of ex-JW's explaining what happened to them. You would be surprised at how many JW's "in good standing" try to slam them as liars and "apostates that Jehovah will shortly kill". I regularly am threatened with eternal damnation on YouTube in the "comments" section. As most of you know, I'm not afraid of God or the Devil, so the childish name- calling of ignorant and obnoxious JW's, who aren't supposed to be even on the Internet, just make me laugh as well as pity them because of their gross ignorance and unChristian conduct. I mention this because it demonstrates that these videos, and Silent Lambs, are getting the message out very effectively. If this many JW's are reading these comments and are upset enough to "attack the messenger", you can be sure that they are rapidly becoming aware that we know the whole truth about this baby-raping cult and that we will NOT give up until they are exposed completely. I know they will never change their policies nor apologize to anyone, so it is a fight to the bitter end. The WT cannot possibly win this, they don't have the people, the money, nor the intelligence to hide their crimes any longer. I'll try to post the details of what I do and how well it worked out so that others can be encouraged to do the same in their area. My best to all. M.A.N.

Jessica Thursday, May 14, 2009
@ 8:15 PM
From a Scientology Critic
I wanted to thank the maker of this website, it's supporters, and all contributors. Because of the internet and the rapid sharing of information, hopefully we can all overcome abusive behaviors in organized religions/cults/groups. I will be featuring this site on my youtube channel and even considering a dedication. This site holds a wealth of valuable information for those who seek truth and justice. God Bless all of you!

Tiffany Sunday, May 10, 2009
@ 1:06 AM
Finally...A Voice.
May the Lord bless you for what you are doing to protect innocent children and bring their assailants to justice! The Lord Jesus Christ said that the kingdom of God is made up of little children...thank you so much for giving them a voice!

Friday, May 8, 2009
@ 4:11 PM
To M.A.N.
I'm so glad you're going to take the "murder letter" to police stations and sheriff offices! I admire you for the strong action you take against the WTBTS's stance on pedophilia - - even murder! What insanity the WTBTS is getting away with! It's unbelievable and so very, very appalling! You are a great advocate for victims and family and friends of victims! Thank you for all you do.

INSP. Thursday, May 7, 2009
@ 6:36 PM
Truth Unfolding
My nephews wife obtained her Degree in Psychology , her main study was religion among which were J.W.s. She said a lot the study and material was the amount of Sexual child abuse among the W.T. members that was concealed. Both are surprised they even show their face at the doors. Hidden things cant remain forever hidden. INSP.

Earl Thursday, May 7, 2009
@ 11:59 AM
refresh page
I have noticed for about a month that when I come to Silent Lambs I see the same messages. I know that it has slowed down but I also wanted to point out that to get the new messages in the guest book I have to refresh the page. I do not know whats up with that but I figured if I had this issue maybe others would as well. So if you never see any new messages here than hit your refresh button,f5 with Windows XP home edition, and see if that helps. Blessings to all, keep up the good work.

M.A.N. Tuesday, May 5, 2009
@ 6:40 PM
Thank you
I just wanted to thank Earl and everyone else who responded to my comment. I also appreciate your concern for my health. It runs in both my parents' families so I have to make sure I go easy at times. I liked Jen's comment that she made about Florida police being concerned about this issue. How could any decent person NOT be concerned?? I know this is a side point, but Bill has posted the "murder letter" right here on this site. I consider that attitude of the WT to be the second worse/most disgusting thing they've done. Who in their right mind would ever belong to a religion that urged (read "commanded") the elders NOT to let anyone know that they were going to baptize a wanted fugitive. Their only concern was that he smoked marijuana one time. Is smoking one joint now a worse sin to Jehovah than killing SEVERAL people?? Are the GB members insane?? I think that letter says it all. I can't wait to bring it to various police stations and sheriff offices. I'm sure I can guess what they will think and do about it. I'll post again when I can. My best to all. M.A.N.

Thursday, April 30, 2009
@ 3:04 PM
To Jen
How about that? The police are sure on their toes in Florida!:-)

Jen Sunday, April 26, 2009
@ 6:43 PM
It really happened!!
My parents and Aunt and Uncle were out door to door in Florida The police came and talked to them and I believe asked them to leave the area. Jen

former man711 Saturday, April 25, 2009
@ 10:41 AM
true statement
"Men who hold no position in the congregation are second class citizens" This is 100% true, it has before a clergy class just like any other religion. All whoever have been abused should go to the police not elders. The whole premise is not what was meant by the bible. Elders are supposed to be shepherds not spiritual police!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
@ 1:28 PM
To Shelly, M.A.N., LJ, & all
M.A.N., I am sorry to hear about your heart condition, and I hope you recover and will be well! Shelly, I agree that so many good people end up being tarnished by the JW religion. This cult truly is "a man's world", and it hurts women and children who cannot speak as openly as the men can. Nobody should be stifled and repressed, but that is how it is for women who are Jehovah's Witnesses. Even the women often excuse this as being okay, as not being a bad thing. They don't really seem to see it, or they think that's the way it should be or something. Well, it shouldn't be that way for anyone! M.A.N., you said you've heard reports of police going out and sending people home because of pedophiles who go door to door. Do you mean the police went out into territories and made people going door to door go home? Wow, that would be something! I like the way Florida does things! :-) LJ, I am so sorry about your experience with the sick PO and how everyone including your own family let you down about it! It is terrible that you have had to endure all that shunning, and for five years yet! It is terrible that your own mother would not believe you!

DJB Tuesday, April 14, 2009
@ 5:48 PM
I have been reading some of Rutherford's books. It is very specific pointing out that GOD'S WORK is revealing the hypocrisy and apostasy of the religious leaders and their religion. When writing this I am sure he did not expect it would also apply to his own group!!! That some would abandon their former allegiance to what is taught (the good moral standards) in the bible. These Pedophiles are feigning the qualities and beliefs that they do not actually possess. They feign a front of high morals but actually full of criminal behavior as can be proved with all the court case that have been won around the world. Showing quite eloquently that they are apostate hypocrites giving a pretense of deep religious faith and commitment but actually as Jesus said in Matthew 7:15" Be on the watch for the false prophets that come to you in sheep's covering but inside they are ravenous wolves." Are they not ravenous wolves these sex offenders/Pedophiles? How will we recognize these men? It is by what they do that we identify them. As the scripture further says "by their fruit you will recognize these men." How true!!!DJB

JDB Tuesday, April 14, 2009
@ 12:10 PM
Men who hold no position in the congregation are second class citizens, and women and children are valued even less in the jw cult. I'm so sorry you lost your family over that elder's sexual harassment. Your elder boss is legally obligated to protect you from such, and it's too bad you didn't go to the REAL authorities when it happened. There are many online support groups. Please join us.

LJ Saturday, April 11, 2009
@ 5:00 PM
I didnt happen upon this site..I looked it up. I was not baptized but I was an unbaptized publisher. Anyways, I want to point out that its not just children that are not being protected. I was 25 (im 31 now) and was "making progress" in the truth after being raised in it my entire life. I worked at an office where several elders worked as well. One of the PO's in another hall than the one I was attending would come into the office from the shop at lunch and talk to me. He was very nice and about my fathers age, maybe a bit younger. A few months into him coming in at lunch time, he started talking to me about the difficulties of marriage. Mind you, I was a little nervous because my husband and I were having a hard time and I was living at my sisters on and off but none of the brothers knew. So I thought he MUST have known something about it. No, he didn't. I'm not sure where his mind was or why he was talking to me about this stuff, but one day after work he stood behind my chair and forcefully grabbed by breast and kissed me. I was so incredibly freaked out. No I didn't scream, yell, nothing. I just sat there completely silent. I was stunned. I told my husband about a week later when I was picking up our son from his home. He knew I was telling the truth and confronted this PO at my work. I asked for a meeting with my boss, who was also an Elder that I have known my entire life. The PO denied everything and said he had no idea why I would say anything like that. Needless to say, NOTHING has ever happened to this PO. He is still presiding over the hall, and I still look like a liar. I was later removed as being an unbaptized publisher for leaving my husband, for reasons not pertaining to any of this. But When I brought up how wrong it was for the elders to all protect him to my mother she quickly told me she would not tolerate my talking badly about her brother. That there was no "proof" that anything I said actually happened. And that everything I have said was Hearsay. I have lost my entire family because of this. I live in a fairly small town and have to run into my family everywhere. They walk right past me. My mother will not speak to me. They gave a special needs talk on how to treat the person who is removed from being an unbaptized publisher but isn't disfellowshiped. It all ended up panning out to be the same thing. I don't know how people deal with this. Its been about 5 yrs and I still feel so raw about it.

Earl Thursday, April 9, 2009
@ 11:16 AM
I am glad to see you are active in exposing these activities. They think they are above the law and have taken liberties that no one else would have dared to. As you know cults exalt themselves above every one else and that has been the history of the WT org. Way back when they started predicting dates that Jesus said even he did not know and taking a divine name and saying they are a witness to him and all others are going to hell is proof of their in-humility. I also hope judges get to see some of their doctrine on Spiritual warfare where a lie is not really a lie if the person you lie to doesn't need that information. Yes , exposing them will only help the Silent Lambs. Keep up the good work

Insp. Monday, April 6, 2009
@ 5:39 PM
Good points and JS.
Very good information by all of you on this site. INSP.

M.A.N. Thursday, April 2, 2009
@ 12:52 PM
Greetings to all
I just wanted to let everyone know that this year I will be finalizing my plans to expose the Watchtower once and for all. I will give details at a later date, but a large portion of the exposure will involve the media and law enforcement. Florida has a far different culture toward pedophiles than I observed in some northern states, particularly New Jersey. Abuse that would put a man in prison for life might only be a one year sentence in New Jersey. I am in contact with authors, columnists, and others. The famous "murder letter" where the WT advises the BOE not to report a wanted fugitive will be distributed to local police, the county sheriff's office, local and national newspapers, and TV and radio stations. There are also many online forums that allow the reporting of news of this type. I'm not a lawyer but if the elders hide the murderer's background from the congregation and fail to call the police, I was told that this is harboring a known felon. The prison sentence for doing this is many years for any elder involved. And of course, the child abuse issue will be reported and explained. I have already heard reports of police coming out and sending JW's home because pedophiles are going door to door. The law considers them guilty as charged and they must obey the laws about not going closer than so many feet to schools, parks, or certain homes. They obviously do not obey these laws. The fact that the BOE considers them innocent because of the two witness rule does not change the legal charges against them or how the law treats them. To put it bluntly, the WTS does NOT own the earth. Secular authorities enforce the laws that we WORLDLY people make. Soon the WTS will learn that its arrogance was a mistake, especially if many of the elders (or higher) are arrested and go to prison. People are deadly serious about this issue in this state. They publish newspapers with addresses, names, photos, weight, height, what the pedophile did, and anything else you might want to know. I have also contacted people in the legal field to see if a class action lawsuit can be started on behalf of victims from years ago as well as family members who suffered in some manner due to the WT's policies on pedophiles. Since moving to Florida in 2005, my health has gotten worse. I know others who have suffered as well. On this very site is the story of how Bill Bowen's own family was used against him. At some point, this becomes emotional abuse and some places have laws against it. These incidents will all be investigated. I will close for now. I just wanted people to know I have NOT gone away nor will I ever do so. I've had some heart trouble and must proceed carefully and slowly. But remember, the tortoise won the race. I also am in the process of streamlining my computer equipment for maximum performance. One last reminder would be to please examine your circumstances and see what you can contribute to Silent Lambs. It is true that every dollar counts. Again, thank you to everyone who helps support this site and those who post in order to encourage others. You have literally saved more lives than you are aware of. Good health and my best to all. And of course, our thanks to Bill for all he does. M.A.N. from Florida.

JS Thursday, April 2, 2009
@ 12:23 PM
silent lambs no more
I too found this website by accident, but felt I was meant to find it. I was raised in the JW faith from the ages of 9-17. I never willingly participated, but was forced and coerced into being part of this horrible, joyless, existence. My two brothers are also very angry about our past and one of them tells me everything he accomplished between the time he was a teenager and now was driven by rage due to the JW's and their lies. Thank you for bringing the despicable aspects of this religion to light. Keep up the good work!

Insp. Wednesday, April 1, 2009
@ 6:28 PM
I find it strange that the WT in the Mag. say they don't claim to be Inspired .Yet they allude to that to their members. Claiming to be the Only ones "he" is using on earth. Huh. Insp.

M.A.N. Friday, March 27, 2009
@ 1:36 PM
Hi to all
Thank you for your comments. It is very frustrating to see JW's acting in a sensible manner in normal life and then to completely abandon all logical thought when it comes to the Watchtower. There is a saying, "There are none so blind than those who WILL NOT SEE." (caps added by me) It really is a psychological issue. JW's will not usually change by being "reasoned with". They won't use reason when discussing their beliefs. But they expect all other religions to do so. The sad part is that they never see the irony in the things they do. M.A.N.

SJG Thursday, March 26, 2009
@ 10:37 AM
The Point
The main point about this entire thing is justice being done in the case of all crimes and finding the real true way that God wants us to worship Him. I was delivered from the jws about 3 years ago and I've never been happier or closer to God. It is really exciting to be able to learn such wonderful things about God's love and care for all of His creatures. I lost count at about 40 of the things jws teach that are not in harmony with the bible. BEWARE OF PEOPLE WHO SAY THAT THEY ARE THE CHOSEN BY GOD & EVEN IF THEY COMMIT APOSTASY YOU ARE STILL TO REMAIN CONNECTED TO THEM!!! APOSTASY IS A BIG NO-NO WITH GOD! GOD CARES FOR ALL OF YOU. HE HAS NOT TURNED HIS BACK OR LOVE AWAY, EVEN IF YOU'VE MADE THE WORST MISTAKE. HE WILL FORGIVE YOU & TAKE YOU IN IF YOU LET HIM. PEACE!

sonal Thursday, March 26, 2009
@ 12:28 AM
Wow!!!it is great website....

Shelly Wednesday, March 25, 2009
@ 4:01 PM
Heart breaking
It is truly heartbreaking that the vast majority of good people associated with the wbts have to be tarnished because of disgusting principles held by their leaders. I grew up in and out of the wbts and have many happy memories of the people associated with that organization. To these people I give my genuine thanks and love. However, my family moved around quite a bit and in the 6 congregations i was part of there were underlying problems of abuse in various forms. I believe the reason for this is: 'Sexual inequality' and the 'Kingdom Smile'. Women are told that the man is the head of the household and the church and while they have their uses (child rearing, knocking on doors and housework) it is the men who are closer to God even the ones known to have been accused of rape and violence. Men who wish to objectify women and children have a free pass to do so. The kingdom smile, covers a multitude of sins and hurt.

vjb Wednesday, March 25, 2009
@ 6:45 AM
former jw
As a former jw I realize how wrong the org. is. However for myself I realized a lot of good from them. I use the skills I learned from their schools and going door to door to witness to the true God today. I use a bible interpreted by qualified scholars, not the erroneous nwt. Was very bitter and unhappy for a long while but now am happy serving God and not an org. that has only the interests of the org. at heart. The point I am trying to make is don't let a bad experience ruin your life and your chance for salvation. The Lords prayer asks God to forgive us as we forgive others. Don't let hatred take away your chance to spend eternity with God. With Gods help, his holy spirit we can do all things. christian love vjb.

Thursday, March 19, 2009
@ 12:44 PM
To Earl and M.A.N.
As usual, you two have expressed yourselves so well. Though I don't wish any of the governing body or elders harm, I don't think some humiliation would be nice. Maybe they don't admit their wrongs, because they don't want any "egg on their faces". As far as I'm concerned they already have egg on their faces. They could use a lot of humbling. To all of you who have been molested or who have family members or friends who have been victims of pedophiles who are Jehovah's Witnesses, I am so sorry! There is no excuse for the attitude of the WTBTS and the attitude they have passed down to elders and many of the 'rank and file' (boy, do I hate that term!). That attitude is disgusting, arrogant, and pompous! While I don't think JWs are dumb, I do think they are unbelievably naive and gullible! I know a Witness who is so intelligent and logical, but when it comes to her religion her logic turns into jello. I am really glad that our President is going to convene a White House conference for children in September! I hope it goes really well! I agree that this "new light" thing makes God seem fickle or something, wishy washy. He is anything BUT! He is steadfast and true. Anyway, thank you to all who post such great comments!

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