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Earl Thursday, March 19, 2009
@ 6:58 AM
Good info all
Nice yo see new people checking in,and regulars as well.. Jason made some very good points about the watchtower belief that they press on the rank and file about being the only religion acceptable to God. That is what every cult tells it's people. I saw the arrogance for years coming from these people. My own family chronically putting down anyone who wasn't a jw. It's interesting to me that I woke up today thinking about how the watchtower for many years called the United nations "The Scarlet Beast" in line for destruction , but come to find out, all of those wonderful articles in the wt printings came from the UN library that they were a member of. A member who agreed in writing to support the United Nations . My early morning thoughts concluded that one could say, they were working with the devil as they have said for years the UN is an evil instrument of Satan. I tried to tell my jw brother of this and he mentioned it to an elder as he has no computer to look up such things. The elder implied I got my information from a faulty website. So either the elder is very ignorant or simply carrying on the lies of the WT.,as anyone can Google to find this information. This thought brings me to M.A.N.'s comments. Good to see you again. I surely did not experience as much as you did from the Watchtower Ass. but I too am still angered from your story and others of the blatant, unrepentant abuse of our children and parents as well. You convinced me that it is not cynicism on my part but realism as I am often reminded of late of the dishonesty of the WT. They seem to have no limit to their deceit. My brother is an intimidating type of guy and I think he will be removed eventually as he is always questioning the WT statements and even speaks out at the Sunday meeting. They actually hauled him in one time and brought up something he did 30 years ago before he was even a witness. I have no doubt that it was to humiliate him and shut him up. But my brother is no follower and actually does not agree with many of the WT beliefs. I guess the more I think about it I can see that the more real truth he relays to the elders from me and others the more they lie to him. The reason they addressed this abuse issue with him, is because I had some very heated discussions with him about it and then when it was aired on NBC it was apparent there was something to the story. As far as I am concerned at this point, if they were truly repentant, we all would have heard about it by now. I remember when the Pope addressed the abuse issue by the priests publicly and I am no Catholic. So the good news of this situation is that the truth is getting out and some jw's are accepting it. It is monumental work to get through the brainwashing of a jw but is does happen, perhaps very slowly but some of the information hits home. I still remember the sickening feeling that I had while sitting at a jw meeting one day. I finally realized as I looked around me that I was amongst ignorant puppets, who's strings were pulled by the WT ass. I knew in my gut that I had been lied to and I couldn't wait to get in my car and never return. My son had a very similar experience as I. There comes a time in a person's life where they know that they must do something different, a pivotal moment for sure. It is only when we ignore such moments that we loose our intuitive sense and will pay for it with some type of neurosis be it guilt, loss of respect/esteem etc. It is no wonder that so many of the rank and file are depressed and suicidal. I guess I have rambled on enough this morning, just sharing some of my thoughts. I hope we all keep educating and exposing the evil that harms our Silent Lambs. Blessings to all

M.A.N. Wednesday, March 18, 2009
@ 4:38 PM
To Earl
I haven't heard anything about the new things you mentioned. I don't trust them at all. The whole reason years ago that the sins of DF'd people were NOT made public was their fear that they'd be sued for slander. As you said, they would not only have to admit that they have a thousand times more pedophiles than other groups, but that they also lied all these years. It is so disgusting that the main motivating factor in the WT's decision to report pedophiles is based on money, and not on Bible principles and common decency. They make me sick. I wonder what charges the police will bring against them when they learn the WT has been hiding these animals for decades. No amount of blaming this on "new light" will satisfy the public. No decent human being needs "new light" to report child abusers. The entire concept of new light in NOT scriptural and the world knows it. The more changes the WT makes, the more insane they keep proving themselves to be. It won't be very hard in the end for the world to eliminate these moral idiots. The WT, its members, their literature, and their property MUST be seized to pay victims and destroyed if it has no other value. Enough is enough. It took about 10 years to take Hitler out for good. Why should these slime balls be allowed to last any longer?? They have no military, they have no truth or goodness on their side. If they are only changing because of "new light", it's based on lawsuits. Jesus never taught to do the right thing ONLY if you could make money from it. I'd like to hear a pubic talk in the summer conventions where they apologize for all of their intentional lying, slandering good people, and all the rest. If God is the source of new light, are they thinking he is an idiot? Or is fickle? I've seen high school kids going steady that displayed more stability and maturity than the GB ever has. Earl, you made many good points as usual. I would guess that if they want to make a policy change, they'd do it quietly in a talk so the world couldn't quote them or have anything in print. It is so astonishingly stupid of them to believe that the world won't figure this out. They assume "no written, no guilt". It's far too late for them to apologize. They've lied for decades, they've lied in court, in print, to the press, to the public, on TV, and other ways. Somehow I just don't see them saying the magic words, "WE WERE WRONG" OR "WE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE THAT RUINED THOUSANDS OF LIVES AND WE WILL PAY FOR ALL LOSSES." (We all know that will NEVER happen even if you gave them one trillion dollars.) And silly me, I thought that Jesus taught that truth had no price and you should be willing to die for the truth. And the elders would be the LAST people on earth that I'd trust. It is truly a shame when many people trust Satan before they'd trust any elder. I rest my case. M.A.N.

alex45 Monday, March 16, 2009
@ 9:32 AM
thanks thanks thanks
Hi I really thankful to you because you are simply great! I am very happy to post my comment in this blog. I gathered lot of information from this site.

Jason Robert Merrington Friday, March 13, 2009
@ 10:15 PM
About 30 years as a Jehovah's Witness
In my time as a Jehovah's Witness, I probably gained some unique skills. I give credit to my parents for what I hope were good intentions. I wanted to break off completely years earlier but felt I should try of course to keep my family intact. However, I simply could not anymore, in good-clean conscience continue telling the 'world' to join us or die. There was a man our family remembers well in Morinville, Alberta, Canada for example, who hosted a Thursday evening book-study as a rank-and-file Ministerial Servant, for years in his home. We found out eventually he'd been molesting his little daughter for all those years. His punishment; don't talk to anyone in the congregation and sit at the back of the hall for approximately a year. (He still went home free every day to his wife and kids and was free to roam throughout the community) "Well, God will deal with it, we don't need to call the police, the congregation will handle it" was the prevailing rationality. This, I know is false reasoning, since obviously ALL people in any civilization should be held accountable to the laws of the land, let alone basic human decency, and pay the legal penalties any other citizen would have too! You see, the mental HANDICAP of believing God loves us and our religious affiliation, and despises all others, leads to arrogance, and that leads to social isolation, and narcissism and sociopathic behavior easily sets in, and as we've seen, criminal behaviors not only have greater potential to follow by the perpetrators of such ghastly crimes, but they also by extension incriminate the onlookers who seem to turn a blind eye, and show their support for the criminal when they remain silent, and actually act as enablers or accomplices. This is true of all of the so called 'True Religions" out there!

marcia Sunday, March 8, 2009
@ 2:48 PM

I just stumbled upon this web-site by accident. I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and my mother still follows the faith. My uncle was an elder for many years, traveling around to many congregations giving the Sunday talks. What no one knew at the time was that he had been molesting myself and my sisters for many years. He was eventually caught and was disfellowshiped twice. Each time he "repented" and was allowed back into the congregation. I no longer follow this religion but attend a wonderful non- denominational church that I love. I just thought I would tell my story-briefly. It is good to know I am not alone. Thanks.

Earl Saturday, March 7, 2009
@ 10:22 PM
has anyone heard this
I was told by jw that the elder in their congregation says they now have new guidelines that they have put in place. He said, no longer are known pedophiles allowed to go door to door. All reports of abuse will be reported to the police and all in the congregation will be aware of pedophiles amongst them. He said they had to do this because of all of the lawsuits and complaints. I thought that was a poor excuse for finally doing the right thing. Maybe their conscience is attached to there bank accounts as some have said. So this brings up a lot of questions. Is it true?, for one. I wondered if anyone has heard of this new change. One would think it would be on their website so all jw's would know of it, but then again it would bring into question to the general public that their policy was wrong all along. Or is this going to be one of those things that is called (New Light) to them. As they have never admitted that they have been wrong, but simply did not have the new light to guide them. I told this witness that this is what we have wanted all along and that it was a wonderful change if it were in fact , true. I don't like to be so cynical but I have seen much of this over the years coming from the Org. to calm the rumors and put the members at ease. I guess I will wait to see it discussed in their Watchtower magazine as well as a public apology and put into action in all of the halls around the world. If nothing else it is being talked about by some of the congregations and now members have only to believe the elders that there really is a big problem in the org. This is encouraging that the word is getting out and we are putting pressure on the WT. org to do something. Keep up the good work .

jad Wednesday, March 4, 2009
@ 11:59 PM
It is sad that this so-called Christian organization is allowed to do their dirty work all this time. Keep up exposing their lies because it is coming to a head that the JW are not what they say they are. They are liars & phonies and they will answer to a higher power- God. 7

NashG Wednesday, March 4, 2009
@ 11:57 PM
The program also supports the Department of Justice's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICACTF). The President's budget request will enable the Department of Justice to double the size of the Task Force. --- The President will convene a White House Conference on Missing, Exploited and Runaway Children in September. The Conference will promote public awareness of the cause of missing, exploited and runaway children. Drug Intervention Minnesota

Read this Thursday, February 26, 2009
@ 8:36 AM
I also just read the comments about this on other websites JW elders helped this pedophile to get to wife his and step-kids so then he was able to murder all three of them. role/1329663/story.html The pedophiles are feasting on the flesh of innocent kids among JWs and the public. Watchtower Society helps their own--and I don't mean the kids!

vjb Wednesday, February 25, 2009
@ 5:39 AM
As a former jw I tend to agree with your comment about some people being too dumb to understand. However I too was a devoted follower for many years. They have a very effective way of brainwashing their followers. Their policy is to take everything away from you, leaving you with only them and their organization. They need our prayers and support. I am not implying that you meant anything against the people only that we need to show them love and understanding. Christian love vjb

PCW Monday, December 3, 2007
@ 12:14 PM
Putting Their Faith In Man
Hi, In catching up on my visits to this site, I came across the following, which I find shocking and would appreciate further information or a source to research this enlightenment: "But if you look at their record all the way back a hundred years you will read discriminating comments about black Americans being somehow less than others, you will read of the myriad of changes in their dogma which they call new light when they are proved wrong." This would make an excellent topic of discussion and argument since the Jehovah Witnesses are famous in saying "... people from all walks of life"... Thank you

JB Monday, December 3, 2007
@ 9:07 AM
It's really hard to come up with extra money this time of the year with the holidays and the additional costs of winter weather, but I just wanted to encourage people to give what they can to the Silent Lambs. I can never afford to make a hefty donation, but at least what is given is a little more than what they had.

man711 Monday, December 3, 2007
@ 8:53 AM

man711 Friday, November 30, 2007 @ 8:24 AM To mm: Many like me were baptized prior to that wording and I personally would pledge my allegiance to men. This post was supposed to say "would NOT pledge"

DJB Saturday, December 1, 2007
@ 4:50 PM
Apostasy must come first!!!
I was just talking to a couple of witnesses lately as they had stopped at my daughters for a chat. I thought of when I was in their place at one time not questioning anything. Then I shake back to the present and think of everything I have suffered and my children have suffered. One of their magazine articles was on preparation for Jehovah's Day about to begin...It got me thinking about the warning in 2Thess 2:2,3 it tells us "not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be excited either through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here", in verse three it gives the reason "let no one seduce you in any manner because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed..." I believe at one time, as God's people, doing God's work and on the surface, when most of us got involved, we thought they were. So when we take a stand for the children and against the watchtower policy they try and make us feel like we are in the wrong...But according to this scripture we are not to be quickly shaken from our power of reason as when we take a stand for what is right Jehovah God is pleased. They may preach Jehovah's Day but as it says it won't happen unless the apostasy gets revealed... Who preaches Jehovah's Day? There is only one group but I'll say it again the bible says Jehovah's Day won't happen unless the apostasy gets revealed...Isn't their treatment of the children apostate and are not we revealing it as the scripture says? Isn't allowing practicing pedophiles to preach accompanied by an elder apostate and are not we revealing it? This apostate class and/or individuals represented by man of lawlessness the bible talks about is being revealed here is it not? What could be more apostate than child molesting? In verse 8 it promises that when he gets revealed "Lord Jesus will do away with by the spirit of his mouth and bring to nothing by the manifestation of his presence." All the work for court cases and the web site is doing...all the work, I believe, is revealing this apostasy, and that we have the support of Lord Jesus who will bring them to nothing... Many of the victims have endured so much as the scriptures say this is "proof of the righteous judgment of God leading to your being counted worthy of the kingdom of God for which you are indeed suffering." So further on it promises relief and vengeance at the hand of Jesus and his powerful angels. This is why I believe we are doing a very important work here. AND ITS GOD'S WORK!!! DJB

NF19 Saturday, December 1, 2007
@ 2:30 PM
to Earl
You said some good things and I hope people listen. You said that if someone's child was molested they would believe it. When MaN used to post he said his girl was abused and many jw's and his wife also, defended the Wt and it's rules. I think some people are so dumb no matter what you show them, they won't believe it.

Earl Friday, November 30, 2007
@ 5:29 PM
putting their faith in man
is the problem for jw's. They have unknowingly or knowingly ? for the most part made the WT org. their god. Most are convinced and someone pointed out that when you are baptized you are baptized into an org that believes the WT leaders are somehow hand picked and anointed. But if you look at their record all the way back a hundred years you will read discriminating comments about black Americans being somehow less than others, you will read of the myriad of changes in their dogma which they call new light when they are proved wrong. You will see many years of false prophecy, people giving their lives for rules that eventually change. Belonging to a group they bad mouthed for years - United nations etc. etc. Was there any chosen man from Bible days with such a dismal record? Did we see Paul or the other apostles making up things as they went along? Did their prophecies come true-of course not. In WT's own words they say anyone who makes a claim to future development and is wrong is a false prophet but when it comes to them they use a deceptive excuse that they have new light. And then I remind them that there is nothing new about trying to predict the end times as Jesus frowned upon such things as he said even he did not know. Now wouldn't anyone reading that be a bit nervous about ignoring what Jesus said.? So at that point someone in the WT org. decided they knew better than everyone else and the leaders exalted themselves above every other legitimate Christian Org. in the world and decided to set dates and when the dates did not come to pass instead of saying we were wrong and shouldn't have done it they make up that Jesus already appeared but no one saw him. Can anyone see the insanity here? So when the dates for destruction came and went they continued predicting another date right up until 2000. I believe 1897 or there abouts was their first doomsday date. So we have over a hundred years of false dates. When I pointed out this information and the pedophile situation to my witness sister she said "well I am the org." At that point I knew I was talking to a very brain washed individual that with months of conversation with me and my showing how the WT had deceived the members she still would not allow her mind to believe what was shown to her in black and white. The only thing that might convince her is to have her daughter abused by someone in the congregation. That is so sad but it shows the power of cults to control the members entire life. I did my part and warned her and I suspect she will watch the kids more closely now. But what about all of the other unsuspecting parents in the group that can't be warned for fear of disfellowshipping. If the org falls it will be because they exalted themselves and when you do that you will be humbled sooner or later. The members will then be able to deprogram and join a real Christian church. The abuse and the cover ups and this whole situation still angers me and I use that energy to get the word out to as many as I can.

Friday, November 30, 2007
@ 4:54 PM
To mm and all
I have some thoughts regarding baptism and the WTB&TS. To me, baptism is an open testimony to one's commitment to Jesus Christ as his/her saviour, NOT to an organization, any organization - - Catholic, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. I think that baptism is a highly personal gesture for Jesus Christ. I do not, cannot, accept my baptism many years ago as a devotee toward the Jehovah's Witnesses' organization. Maybe at the time I did somewhat, but my understanding was so vague and limited, I didn't really see that. No, I prefer to think of my baptism as something profoundly personal and beautiful between Jesus Christ and myself. That's how I'd like to see it for everyone. From that perspective, a lot of heartache could be prevented when it comes to the policy of disfellowshipment and so on. A person simply places their faith in and their loyalty to God and His Son Jesus Christ, not in and to the organization. As far as I'm concerned, what does the organization really have to do with it? Baptism is about Jesus. People shouldn't feel intimidated by the organization after being baptised, because it really isn't about the organization. People should feel refreshingly free to ask questions, express doubts and so on. If the Jehovah's Witnesses actually have the TRUTH, then the so- called governing body and elders wouldn't have problems with the questions, etc, because the truth can stand up to it all. It's a sign of cowardice and small-mindedness to give people trouble and grief for just wondering about some things and for expressing their thoughts. It's very narrow minded of a religion to have this attitude toward the so- called "rank and file". It's awful that people must feel so daunted and intimidated! MM, that quote you mentioned from the August 22, 1984 Awake regarding the Catholic Church as seeing itself as the salvation for millions of people was great, because it came from the WTB&TS, itself - - "Any organization that assumes that position should be willing to submit to scrutiny and criticism". Straight from "the horse's mouth". The WTB&TS painted themselves into a corner with that statement!!

JB Friday, November 30, 2007
@ 9:27 AM
Another Dead Child, Thanks to the WTB&TS I just read this on How sad!

man711 Friday, November 30, 2007
@ 8:24 AM

To mm: Many like me were baptised prior to that wording and I personally would pledge my allegance to men.

cw Thursday, November 29, 2007
@ 10:43 PM
can u please tell me where to find the official records web site my uncle is in it and i would like to see if he got what he deserved thank you

Grace D Thursday, November 29, 2007
@ 9:40 PM
Another witness on the web ...
I found the information on this web-page to be very interesting, too: .html I would advise all to visit this page and read the logic presented. They actually take on other topics as well. The references to the Watchtower's VERY OWN PUBLICATIONS are amazing. They reveal problems in other areas as well as the pedophile problem - they also show how similar they are in relationship to how errors and problems are dealt with. There's a common thread and a pattern for hiding what the Watchtower doesn't want to talk about - see if you can spot it. Cheers!

Linda C. Thursday, November 29, 2007
@ 9:33 PM
bible student appauled!

Thursday, November 29, 2007
@ 9:29 PM
Something IS terribly, horribly wrong with the Jehovah's Witnesses' policy on pedophilia (and other kinds of abuse)! Heinous things have been occurring among the Jehovah's Witnesses, and I think JR Brown's comments almost seem indifferent about all the abuse, like he's almost shrugging it all off - - like, 'Oh, well, that's how it goes'. His comments sounded, to me, insensitive to all the suffering and injustice that victims have been going through. Making excuses, that seems to be what the WTB&TS is good at. Something is SO wrong with the policy regarding pedophilia. I think the WTB&TS needs to make a tremendous, humongous adjustment in their attitude. They might try loving-kindness and compassion toward the victims and strive to guarantee them justice!!

LA Thursday, November 29, 2007
@ 7:48 PM
It is a CULT
I first came across this website a week ago via a link I followed as a result of some research I was doing, I saved it, just now getting back to it. I’m so happy to have found this site! I thought, or was made to believe that I was the crazy one. To find information corroborating what I’ve known (and suspected) for so long about the Jehovah’s Witnesses is very reassuring and comforting. As many of you here know, they don’t want to discuss or even hear about any subject that cast a negative light on them, because we must surely be working for Satan in his attempt to destroy God’s earthly organization. I am also an ex-JW, my mother began studying in 1965 the rest of us were soon to follow. Growing up as a pre-teen and beyond within our congregation exposed me to many things, both within my family and many, many others. The congregation was structured a little differently then with no body of elders or ministerial servants. At that time there were only two, the overseer and the assistant overseer, they made all of the decisions concerning all matters within the congregation. On most occasions I think they acted swift and fair, the guilty party was almost always disfellowshiped and announced to the congregation after the Friday night ministerial service meetings. To be fair most were disfellowshiped for adultery, smoking, or rampant sex, or near sex amongst the teenage members of the congregation. I only knew of one case of a minor being sexually molested, he was my age and a good friend and she was the wife of a very well respected member of the congregation. I don’t remember my friend ever complaining about the experience, I’ve lost touch of him and his family over the years but he may not have such a fond memory of that experience now. She was overcome by guilt and confessed to the overseer’s. Afterwards she was subsequently disfellowshiped. In none of these events was law enforcement ever informed and for obvious reasons outside counseling was strictly discouraged. Another problem is the high number of suicides committed by both members-in-good-standing and ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses. The shear weight of guilt and repression saddled on innocent people becomes too much for some to endure. My mother, her brother and his wife all took that way out. Before my mother passed away in 1974 she planted the ‘seed’ in my wife. It did not take hold for some time but she has been baptized and an active publisher for over 15 years now. I really want to get her out of this cult … still searching for a way. I must apologize for the excessive dribble here, this post probably belongs somewhere else but I feel like a lot of pressure has been relieved. Thanks, this is a great web site!

mm Thursday, November 29, 2007
@ 4:24 PM
Imperfect or spirit directed?
We do not believe that our system is perfect. No human organization is perfect." but to become a member you have to agree to this The second is: Do you understand that your dedication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in association with God's spirit-directed organization?" {WT Apr 15 1987 12}. And this is the standard they set for other organisations "The Catholic Church occupies a very significant position in the world and claims to be the way of salvation for hundreds of millions of people. Any organization that assumes that position should be willing to submit to scrutiny and criticism." {AWAK Aug 22 1984 28}

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