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Robin Thursday, November 29, 2007
@ 4:17 PM
Re: could all this take the organization down?
Could all of this bad publicity cause the headquarters to close their doors? I am scared for the good folks. They have built their lives around the organization. Could it all "tumble" down? I really feel for most of the JW because overall they are good folks. I still have many friends who are JW who would do anything to help anyone. I just feel that have been left in the dark. BIG TIME!

Mary D Thursday, November 29, 2007
@ 2:11 PM
Thoughts and Comments
I have started to read the number of topics found in the "Thoughts and Comments" section, which in turn is found under the Personal Experiences tab (just under the "silent lambs header" above). I like how they are presented - no mug slinging, just facts and logic. I would encourage all new-comers (and old-comers if you haven't read these) to carefully read through these. Some are a little lengthy, but they have to be in order to prove the point(s) conclusively. After reading many of these (and I will be reading the others soon), there is no doubt in my mind that JW's leaders are NOT handling child abuse allegations seriously and more importantly, properly. But, don't take my word for it - read everything you can on this site and draw your own conclusion. You owe that to yourself and your family.

JR Wednesday, November 28, 2007
@ 10:01 PM
Saddened ...
I'm so glad Silentlambs is here to speak for the victims and "potential" victims. When I read the letters and listened to the Watchtower's spokesperson (JR Brown), I'm struck by how shallow his responses are. They don't touch upon the real issues. (i.e. Not notifying those in the congregation about a potential child abuser in their midst, going to the police immediately regardless if it's a reporting state or not, etc). In one of the more recent letters (http://www.jw- content=/region/global/english/backgrounders/e_molestation. htm), towards the bottom of the letter, the PR spokesperson says this: "Our procedures have been refined over time. Over the years, as we have noted areas where our policies could be strengthened, we have followed through. We are continuing to refine them. We do not believe that our system is perfect. No human organization is perfect." Silentlambs have notified JW's leadership of loopholes in their policies - such that it would refine the process even more. So, I find it the above statement disingenuous and insincere - even hypocritical when you think about it! Lastly, to Jehovah's Witnesses, the organization is not known as a "human" organization - run by man. We call it Jehovah God's visible organization here on earth. Yes, they are still humans (who can indeed make mistakes), but the leaders are hand-picked by God (anointed by his spirit). So, you naturally expect more from the anointed and you expect their policies to be above reproach. Currently, they are not ABOVE reproach and the more JW's who find out about this, the more they are going to realize that something is terribly wrong with the policies.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
@ 4:54 PM
Awesome posts!!!
Wow, what a plethora of great posts with amazing comments and such good, pertinent points brought out! Everybody, please keep these wonderful posts coming! They offer a huge ray of hope for the victims and whistleblowers! Lately I find my JW sister's attitude toward my so-called "apostasy" so annoying that I want to make a facetious comment such as, 'I am such an evil person, such a wicked individual that when I wake up in the mornings and discover that I am still with myself, it's all I can do not to pound my poor pillow senseless'. I mean, I've about had it with Jehovah's Witnesses self- righteousness toward former Witnesses. I chose about 20 years ago to leave the JW religion. That should be okay. This is a free country. I'm not thrilled that she is a Jehovah's Witness, either, but I don't have an 'attitude' toward her. Man!!! The Jehovah's Witnesses religion is not really a religion at all. It is a dictatorship. I want to bang my head against the wall, because so many Jehovah's Witnesses are apparently too naive to recognize that they are being fed a load, insert impolite word here. The WTB&TS is encouraging elders and the "rank and file" to scapegoat victims and support abusers. When I saw Brian Williams' newscast last week about the pedophile issue in the JW religion, I was awestruck, soooooo very, very glad that the abuse was coming out in the open to millions of people! I can't recall if Brian Williams mentioned the gag order that was put on the victims or not, but I think that it is a vital point. I hope there is more and more about the JW pedophile situation in the news. I hope the media jumps on this and keeps talking about it! I was delighted, as I am sure many of you were, to hear Brian Williams bringing the pedophilia out into the open!

Melody Blankenship Tuesday, November 27, 2007
@ 9:28 PM
Support the Silentlambs!
I would like to appeal to anyone who has been helped or blessed by this website to contribute to the cause. I know it takes money to keep this website up and running, so please search your heart and help support this very worthwhile ministry! Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
@ 2:17 PM

Robin, It is true the offical document copies are on the internet. You won't hear that at the local congregation.

JB Tuesday, November 27, 2007
@ 8:47 AM
To Man 711
If I remember correctly, there will be two versions of the Watchtower magazine; one for publishers and another for the general public. I read about this development on another website several months ago, but I can't remember which one it was.

Robin Monday, November 26, 2007
@ 11:09 PM
To Earl:
I am curious. Where did you find out about the WT having been a member of the UN for 10 years and then lied about it? This is the first time I have ever heard about this. My father who has been a JW for many years (he's 85) might be interested in this. Thank you. --------------------------------Silentlambs Reply - This link should be helpful: You will find a plethora of information regarding your question about WT's affiliation with the UN.

Billy the ex-Bethelite Monday, November 26, 2007
@ 8:47 PM
Responses to some earlier posts...
About reporting and non-reporting states: A case came up while I was serving in a New York congregation, a non- reporting state. However, the girl involved reported it to a friend who reported it to elders in another congregation in another state, a reporting state. So it was reported from the reporting state to the non-reporting state. The molester lived in yet another state, but had to go to court in New York, and he had to move to New York state for his probation. If the girl had reported only to the elders in New York state, guess what? Instruction from the Legal Department would have been to not report to state authorities, the crime would have been covered up as if only a local judicial matter. In spite of the situation in the rest of the country, New York is a non-reporting state, so the Service Department at Patterson wouldn't be required to report anything, since the 'clergy' doesn't have to report (and since when is there a JW clergy?). Also, any reports the Legal Department gets has Attorney/Client confidentiality privileges (how do you like that... molest a child and get free attorney protection at WT?) **To SP about the claymation video on YouTube: That was a video made for a Bethel Family Night program by members of the Patterson Art Department. I can assure you that nobody involved in making that video are perverts. However, the guy that posted it on YouTube, I do not know. Although he claims to be a Witness, in his profile he says "Clubs are always cool." Good JWs don't go to clubs. Also, he posts "Schweaty Balls" as a favorite YouTube clip. That's not a good JW selection either, it's not even a very funny SNL skit.

ME Monday, November 26, 2007
@ 7:57 PM

When a religious group says its heads are the Faithful and Discreet Slave instead of saying that Faithful and Discreet Slave is God's Son Jesus Christ, then they are arrogant, lying and it's no wonder they throw people out for speaking against child molestation. MONEY and SEX is a cult's fuel. MONEY and SEX. Like another reader wrote, take away their tax exempt status. Their anti-members, anti-human society stand shows they no longer classify as a non-profit, for non-profits are such only when they work in the interest of the public, not permitting the rape of children.

Earl Monday, November 26, 2007
@ 7:19 PM
Billy the ex-Bethelite
Greetings, I enjoyed reading your thoughts and wondered if you could share some of your experiences at Bethel with us.You seem like a kind , loving soul. Depression is a terrible thing to go through as I have suffered with it over the years, I think my mom handed it down to me. Sometimes depression can be our friend as it is often a sign we need to move on, it is often the feeling of giving up something with me or losing something that I don't necessarily want to loose but in the long run often it was the best that could happen. If we listen closely to our hearts-(it has recently been discovered by scientists that the heart and brain actually communicate /influence each other)- and conscience we can often know what to do. There is a book written by an ex-B,Was it Franz?? I wondered if your experience mirrored his. In such a secret society one seldom learns much about the Bethel experience. My sister is married to an elder and she seems to know very little about his experiences. I know all policy starts at the top and many good jw's know nothing about them. Thanks for joining us here and recognizing a problem in the org. It really is love that motivates one to do the right thing as Mr. Bowen so bravely did. Some think of Jesus as a pacifist but we know he didn't hesitate to lash out when needed. There is a big difference in humility and cowardice and many don't understand those concepts. The idea of just getting along and being secretive in the face of evil does not come from our Creator. Blessings :)

man711 Monday, November 26, 2007
@ 12:41 PM

I heard something that is very disturbing. I would like to hear from anyone with knowledge. The WBTS is going to change the watchtower study to a non public watchtower magazine, is this true?

JB Monday, November 26, 2007
@ 9:04 AM
To Earl
It would be nice if all JW's had the intelligence and heart to examine their beliefs dictated to them by the WTB&TS. But sadly, that is not the case. Thank God the Silent Lambs website is in place to help victims and thinking JW's, but the fact remains that most JW's will never read this site or believe what is reported in the news. My brother left the organization and tried to explain to our mother the many reasons why the WTB&TS is a cult. Her response was that none of it is true. She even told her worldly sister that she regretted ever having children (there are two of us: my brother who left and I who was disfellowshipped). Upon being told that, my first question was, "Does she think it would've been better to have children with her JW child molesting husband?" The WTB&TS uses mind control for a reason; because it works! From all the research I've done on and experience I've had with JW's, it seems to me that the best way to change the organization is to hit them where it hurts the most, in the wallet. If other countries would follow France's example and remove the WTB&TS tax exempt status, their rules would change. They exist for one reason, to make money. It's no wonder they are so good at mind control; it's a good way of making a good living! They have free labor for print work, a guaranteed customer base and free labor to distribute their poisonous literature. I really believe the reason why the WTB&TS is so hard on women and children is because they are the ones most likely to perform the work of distribution while men are in the position of primary breadwinner. Keep them feeling unworthy and unholy, and they'll do everything in their power to earn their salvation by pioneering. They take it easy on the men, because if they aren't supporting the women and children, there will be very few to spread the word. Anyway, sorry for rambling, but my point is, to get the organization to change, they must be financially sanctioned for their sins.

elle Sunday, November 25, 2007
@ 9:39 PM
dont understand
i don't understand this comment from a ms. rodriguez. Rodriguez, 22, recalled reporting what she claimed was regular abuse to two elders. She said they promised to "take care of it" and told her that if she told anyone else she'd be "disfellowshipped" or excommunicated. What are the grounds for her to be disfellowshipped?---that if she told anyone she would be disfellowshipped???? WOW!!! I do not believe that---i am very familiar with the witnesses. It is a horrible thing to have to go through--as i did myself, although the perpetrator was not a witness. I do not believe the witnesses said she would be disfellowshipped for speaking up about her ordeal i.e. in her words, the elders told her she would be disfellowshipped if she told anyone else. I firmly believe the truth always comes out. I waited till i was 32 to speak-up about my situation. I would like to know when she spoke up and what helped her to open up about it....thank you for reading.

Billy the ex-Bethelite Sunday, November 25, 2007
@ 8:51 PM
Now, how do I help my family out?
I'm very new to Silent Lambs and need to read more of what has already been written, but would like to start on my story, and start looking for help. There are many of us good, loving, and God-fearing people that are JWs. I've been an elder for many years, took up a foreign language, and served in Bethel enough years to move up from the lowliest construction work to a Governing Body Department. I got to know most of the GB personally, including those 'youngsters' that got appointed to the GB since my departure. I became greatly disillusioned for many reasons including the handling of serious wrongdoing. I left Bethel suffering from severe depression. I'm reappointed locally where all my extended family attends, that is, those that are still attending meetings. I've done what I can to prevent my parents from donating any more of our inheritance to be wasted by the WTBTS. True, some money goes to worthy relief work, but they are currently requesting publishers to just donate to World Wide Work instead of Relief Fund... so they will be free to spend it wherever THEY want to. I was greatly relieved that the story has hit national news and that it was another brother that brought it to my parents' attention in the congregation. I printed out the story from MSNBC for them and I think they are realizing now why WTBTS sent a notice to all congregations to change the Kingdom Ministry offer for January to not be the "Keep on the Watch" brochure. Page 3 of that publication points out a sign of the Time of the End as including pedophile priests and church cover-ups. Um, yeah, change "priests" to "publishers" and "church" to "WTBTS". I'm starting to get nausea from telling my story, so I digress. My family has been JW for many years. I also have many very good friends that I want to keep, and not get any more lives messed up with disfellowshipping for 'apostasy', 'causing divisions', or 'loose conduct'. I love the congregation of people, and many JW teachings have helped make them good people. Unfortunately, the WTBTS has become a cult. I want to help them out before everything collapses on top of them. My parents have already known for months that I don't wish to continue serving as an elder. I haven't begun to tell them everything I know from Bethel that is troubling me. I know they will need help to cope and I want to be there for them when they need me. And our Circuit Overseer is visiting in a few weeks. I don't know what to expect, but things appear to finally be heading in the right direction, finally.

Earl Sunday, November 25, 2007
@ 2:22 PM
reporting and leaving
I agree with all, report these sick individuals as you may save someones life. Especially when you consider that suicide is the 4th leading cause of death in our youth.We don't know all the reasons but abuse is a huge factor.Also there is the question of conscience. Can we live the the idea that someone is being abused and we could have stopped it. Whether it be in a room in our own house or across town, it makes no difference. Doing the right thing over a church dogma is what it's about.People can change things in a democratic society but belonging to a group that is more like a dictatorship ones hands are tied. JW's know they can not speak out and disagree and still be a member.Even Moses and others actually questioned God and bargained with him so HE changed his mind about some actions he was planning.He didn't strike them dead or kick them to the curb, or mark them or call them apostates because they disagreed with him. You see a loving org. would consider the peoples questions and allow change. I came to the conclusion some time ago that any church that does not put the people first is not a loving example of God.What would Jesus do I often ask myself and the answer is contrary to what the WT org would do. Jesus would break the old jewish laws and explain how ridiculous they were.Does anyone think he would require 2 witnesses to prove abuse. Would he allow a ped to go into peoples homes where there are little children? Would he protect them and accuse the victim of lying and disfellowship someone for warning the people? Paul clearly told the people to keep the congregation clean- get them out-. As far as leaving the church somethings that have helped me was checking out the various web-sites that show the history of cults. At one site it shows "In there own words" years of misinformation, quotes from their own WT-Awake where they changed life and death decisions.And it's not new light it is old scripture, like all of the predictions that never happened that the Bible calls false prophecy. Another example of false beliefs is the blood /organ situation where many have died only to have WT change its mind.They originally considered the life saving procedure of organ transplanting as cannibalism.Unbelievable!! Most jw's don't know these facts but thanks to the many people who have reported these things on line we can see the WT is just another man made cult, and was based on a lie which says that only jw's will be spared, only they have truth. They have condemned the whole world, to destruction if they are not a jw. Its all in writing from WT..Ask a jw why the WT was a member in the EVIL as they say -United Nations for 10 years and hid it all that time until a story broke and they withdrew immediately and lied about not knowing they were required to participate and agree with the UN. These are some of the facts. I use to break through the denial of people who have been told to believe the WT org. and not to view anything else as the rest of the world are apostates. This is a huge sign of a cult when they tell you what to read and instruct you on every facet of life including what you do in your own bedroom.After a while one loses the ability to think for themselves, exactly what a cult wants. Another thing that helped me was to research why people join cults, it is fascinating and anyone who is a member of a cult will see themselves in the descriptions. Once I opened my mind and soul I could see how wrong and hurtful the org. is. I could see why so many people were depressed and constantly questioning their salvation. I could see how guilt ridden so many are trying to live up to impossible standards that were never required and fearing the typical degrading guilt producing comment- "We haven't seen you at the meetings this week" as you are expected to give your life over to them and run to meetings after working and caring for your family and your kids are discouraged from participating in school and feel like freaks. Not like there would be any time to take them to extra curricular activities.They basically miss their entire childhood while being taught to be little robots and willing to die if they happen to need blood.You will also learn the blood issue is about the preparation of food in Bible days,proven by scholars. My intention is to educate as I feel that we have to get the members to reason so they can help stop the abuse and protect their kids. The idea of a few men at WT holding such power over people needs to be challenged. The truth is now out if one will allow themselves to see it.Witnesses -you have been fooled, lied to. Put not your faith in man. Come and be part of the solution. The exalted are now being humbled.

David Holmes Sunday, November 25, 2007
@ 9:13 AM
I have just received permission to post Silentlambs as a source for help to abused in a novel I have written. The Silentlamb site will be listed along with the National Hotlines for Abused. The story concentrates on the damage that never leaves a victims mind. The subject is controversial and shunned by most literary agents. If anyone has a connection to a publisher or agent, I think Silentlambs would be well served by the publicity. I will monitor the guest book for a response. ------------------Silentlambs Reply - Thank you for wanting to help us spread the word worldwide about the grave problem of Watchtower leaders hiding pedophiles in their organization. If anyone can assist please feel free to email us at as we will be glad to pass the information on to Mr. Holmes.

To conflicted Saturday, November 24, 2007
@ 2:59 PM

To conflicted. Call the police. Report the crime. A police investigation needs to be initiated.

To Conflicted Saturday, November 24, 2007
@ 2:56 PM

If you have absolute certainty that the events happened.... Then, you need to call the police. Charges need to be filed against this individual and he/she needs to have justice to be done. That's it. Call the police.

JB Saturday, November 24, 2007
@ 8:37 AM
To DTB: If you or any other persons leave the organization, go to yourself as all of us have. Spend time figuring yourself out, and a relationship with God will follow. Counseling may be required. You will have a lot of support here. If you are an active publisher, you will still be supporting the WTB&TS by purchasing the magazines and distributing them. You will be one of the many who provide this corrupt organization with both a customer and free labor. Conflicted: Put the responsiblity in the hands of professionals. At the very least, I would report the molestation to Children's Services, or you can always report it to the police. Even if nothing is immediately accomplished, it will be on record with authorities that those boys were abused and the former elder has been accused of molestation. As painful as it is to have molestation brought to light, it is a much more insidious pain that comes with covering it up. And it is dangerous for a pedophile to get away with his or her crime, because they do not change. This man poses a risk to every child he comes in contact with.

Janet Saturday, November 24, 2007
@ 8:37 AM
NBC comment
Once again Jehovah's Witnesses have been exposed. I am watching their U.S. headquarters every day for any indecent activity on their part. They are "reaping what they have sown". The arrogance, pompous attitudes of Watchtower is apparent from their non-interview with NBC. Their letter never mentioned what they are doing to resolve their issue or an apology to the victims.

CGG Saturday, November 24, 2007
@ 1:34 AM

I'm an ex-jw who left as soon as I discovered they were a cult. I admire your organization for it's great works.

conflicted Friday, November 23, 2007
@ 3:05 PM
If you know of a brother who molested young boys and the boys never brought it to the attention of the authorities - what should I do? This brother is no longer and Elder and never admitted to the wrongdoing. He was never dfd. He can never serve as an elder or ms again. The victims are all trying to put it behind them. Bethel had to get involved and the brother was removed as an elder. Nothing else happened. The fear I have - is he helped train another victim that is active in the hall how to be a predator. What should be done?

dtc Friday, November 23, 2007
@ 1:52 PM

JB Friday, November 23, 2007
@ 1:16 PM
To Sister KTJ
Be certain that you only confide your anonymous warnings about the child molesting elder to the Silent Lambs. If you tell a fellow congregant, there is a good chance that they will turn you in, and you will be disfellowshipped.

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