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KTJ Friday, November 23, 2007
@ 7:05 AM
Active Conflicted JW
I am a 'active' JW here in New Zealand. Recently I have had a request by a Bible Student to make known to the Blenheim Congregation that they have a child molester in their midst. I have written the letter to the Elders of the congregation but know that signing it anonymously is appropriate and that grates me. I have read alot of posts on your site and others and agree with the frustration felt that the congregations serve up our babies on a platter to these 'pigs'. The Brother in question served as an Elder when he started his tirade and just kept moving congregations. He was taken to court by one of his victims (once she had left the organisation) but he was found innocent, as her character was besmirched. My friend is another of his victims. She will definitely not come forward now but wants the parents in the Blenheim Congregation to be warned as Brother 'D. M.' (aka, The Pig) has moved to the one of two congregations that has the most children. I have friends in this congregation with two daughters and would have to write them anonymously to warn them because there is no scripture supporting what amounts to 'slander'. I love Jehovah and I believe the punishment for standing by and letting one of his babies be hurt by abuse is far worse than that of disfellowshipping, which in this case seems to be an imperfect interpretation by man not God. I commend Brother Bill Bowen for his courage and thank him for inadvertently encouraging me to not be silent about this disgrace. I will just have to be discreet, I will not be disfellowshipped standing up for what is right and I will do more good inside the organisation. Goodness always prevails. Thanks for the helpful information. Sister KTJ

Earl Thursday, November 22, 2007
@ 8:12 PM
yes Congrats
And Hope all had a good thanksgiving. I know I have much to be grateful for. I went to the NBC site mentioned below and passed it on to some jw's. That was pretty good coverage. So the word is getting out. I also saw a news report recently from religious news about the smiling brother Porter we see on the home page. I don't think he's smiling so much now as the prosecuter appealed his sentence and the judge gave him 18 months in prison- not enough but better than nothing. None of this would of happened if The Bowens and everyone trying to help didn't stand up and do the right thing. If we spare one child through are efforts it is all worth it. Eventually jw's are going to wonder why they are seeing so much hostility and rejection that they will have to ask questions or come here for the truth. As I said to a jw today something about peds, children, coverups and gag orders for the victims to keep quiet tends to get under a normal persons skin. Everyone keep up the goood work:)

DJB Thursday, November 22, 2007
@ 7:31 PM
Use of God's name does it mean God's approval???
Just because Jehovah's Witnesses use God's name doesn't mean they have God's approval of their present actions especially when they allow the watchtower policy to remain which allows pedophiles to remain in good standing with access to children, to preach to public as pedophiles.... They ignore the scriptural admonition when it says "that is what some of you WERE but you have been washed clean." To get God's approval that is what they WERE TO BE not what they are, otherwise as this scripture says they would not be considered washed clean... When the nation of Isreal got tired of waiting on Moses to come down from the mountain it says they made a molten calf. They said this is your God of Isreal who lead you out of Egypt then called it a "festival to Jehovah." Just because they said it was to Jehovah did it mean they had God's approval? In fact the account says God's anger began to blaze because they had turned aside quickly from the way God had commanded them to go. It says Moses had to soften the face of Jehovah so he would not exterminate them. We can imagine today how Jehovah feels about his name being tied to all these sex offenders allowed to be Jehovah's Witnesses! Where in the bible does it say pedophiles can preach as long as they are accompanied by an elder? Do they allow that for murderers and thieves too? May that never be so but it is so with pedophiles. Today when they do these things in God's name who will intersede on their behalf with Jehovah God when his anger blazes???

Thomas Thursday, November 22, 2007
@ 9:39 AM
JW in store parking lot story
I was confronted by a Jehovah's Witness in my local grocery store parking lot. I immediately asked the store for the manager of the store. I told him that Jehovah's Witnesses are out in your parking lot passing out their magazines. In addition, I told him that this was an invasion of my rights and that I will call the police. These religious zealots should not be trespassing on public property. The people of the United States have a right to go to a store without being interrupted by a Jehovah's Witness. I did call the police and had them removed from the store's property. We need to use the police more. It works. Everyone needs to be united in this effort.

ME Wednesday, November 21, 2007
@ 8:57 PM
Congrats to Silentlambs, Bill & Janet Re NBC's News
NBC tonight broke new details regarding sex molestation by Jehovah's Witnesses, for example, giving first-time precise details on how much the Watchtower Society paid a California victim while also giving new information on various perps mostly from California and naming at least one more elder-molester whose name I don’t think was mentioned before :// You will recall that NBC’s Dateline show first broke the story of Bill Bowen blowing the whistle on this criminal activity, and that Bill and Janet Bowens have kept working via the nonprofit partnered with the U.S. Marshals and America’s Most Wanted to try to catch JW pedophile-ministerial servant Rick McClean. So congratulations to Bill, NBC and others involved for keeping the heated spotlight on this horrendous betrayal of trust against children of JWs and the Public!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007
@ 1:23 PM
To Earl and all
One thing that to me seems so hypocritical and two- faced about the WTB&TS is that they are so proud of themselves for gaining freedom of speech to go door to door, yet they don't allow freedom of speech from the "rank and file" (hup to, hup to). Don't ask questions, don't express any doubts, don't mention pedophilia, much less report it, etc. It sounds like a police state. Who needs that?! A 'religion' like that is a good thing to stay away from! I would like to shout from the rooftops about the pedophile issue and other ways Jehovah's Witnesses are expected to keep mum. Who gave these religious 'leaders' the right to dictate what does and doesn't come out of the mouths of the "rank and file"? This isn't a religion, it's a crazy dictatorship! The very idea that a JW might be afraid to make a peep about something is outrageous and ludicrous! How can people give themselves up to this police like cult?! A decent religion would welcome questions and doubts to be expressed, so that they could be open for discussion, but, no, the WTB&TS and its puppet elders have to put the gag order on Jehovah's Witnesses, and the JWs either buy into it or are too fearful to say anything. What kind of a religion does this to people?! It's rediculous! Jehovah's Witnesses think they are practicing freedom of speech by going door to door. If they really want to practice freedom of speech, they would go ahead and ask questions, go ahead and express any doubts they may have, and, most important, speak up about pedophilia and other kinds of abuse! Sometimes, in order to do the right thing, the noble and truly good thing, a person has to take risks. That might mean speaking up and risking being disfellowshipped or marked, or whatever. But, as far as I'm concerned, a religion that punishes or harasses its congregants just isn't worth being a part of. It's just not a relgion worth being in! It's really, really sad if family and friends shun people when they are trying to do the correct thing by speaking up, but sometimes people just have to take chances in life. My Witness family members don't socialize with me, and I love them dearly, but I could never, ever go back to that religion to gain their closeness again. I just couldn't. I really believe that the WTB&TS runs its so-called religion like a police state. And it's really not worth being a part of with its attitude toward the pedophile issue. It's totally shameful.

man711 Tuesday, November 20, 2007
@ 2:43 PM

MRS your comment is how every active witness should feel. Thanks for posting.

Earl Tuesday, November 20, 2007
@ 2:03 PM
3-4 thousand hits
That is wonderful news as it means people are getting the word out. Silent Lambs is soon to become something most jw's will hear of. Then they will have to deal with their conscience as to if they are going to continue to be part of the problem or part of the solution to changing policy at WT and warning others at the halls that there are predators amongst them. Saying that WT is simply a man made org. and saying that at the hall and to other jw's is a big difference. Jw's know if they stand up for the real truth or even question WT that they will be tossed aside, asked to leave and abandoned by their so called friends and called apostates.. This is where all must make a choice to be a follower of destructive policies or step up and help the little ones. NO longer will they be able to say: we didn't know what was going on. I feel sorry for my own family as they have been fooled by WT. They didn't even know for example about the pedophile list, about any elders being arrested or that the WT org. had been a member of the United Nations for ten years until exposed and then they withdrew from the UN after many years of calling it the evil scarlet beast. See They just can't believe the things hid from them that are now exposed on line. I encourage everyone to keep educating and getting the word out. It is making a difference. Blessings :)

JB Tuesday, November 20, 2007
@ 11:43 AM
To Herbert
I don't know where all of the posters went, but I'm glad that negative posts are few and far between lately. I figure the ones who have nasty things to say about the victims while touting the "Wait on Jehovah" atttitude stopped writing such nonsense, because they have been proven wrong time and time again. Hopefully the thousands of hits on this site are curious JW's. If so, they will finally see the WTB&TS for what it is; a money making business that has no concern or regard for its members.

Herbert Tuesday, November 20, 2007
@ 3:15 AM
Where have all the posters gone?
MAN, Maluenda, DJB, even the mole ... To paraphrase a Marlene Dietrich song: "Where have all the posters gone?" Without them, the guestbook has lost, I feel, much of its former liveliness. Perverse enough, I even miss Margaret, Jacob, and their like, our scapegoats for the much hated Watchtower Society. Perhaps they all should consider to post again. We need you, folks. -----------------------------------------Silentlambs Reply - People go through different phases in their lives. Sometimes different ones need to take a break, perhaps to 'find oneself' after being raised in a 'high control' religion. Some have made the decision to simply 'move on' with their lives. The Silentlambs Guestbook alone recieves between 3000 - 4000 hits a days. Many are simply lurkers, and we welcome them as well. We applaud all who have shared positive thoughts here on the Guestbook in order to help others through education, as this is what the Silentlambs website is all about. Most importantly we want to let others know who have been victims of abuse within the Jehovah's Witness organization, that they are NOT ALONE. Thanks to all who had a share over the years in making this happen!

MRS Monday, November 19, 2007
@ 4:07 AM
A sister
I am an active witness, but this is no reason to agree with everything said or done by the congregation or by the Governing Body, because those are all manmade institutions and as such prone to err. I definitely agree that a sex abuse crime is a crime like any other, murder, abduction, etc. and should be dealt with reporting it to the police rightaway.

Joshua Sunday, November 18, 2007
@ 9:40 AM
A Jehovah's Witness experience
Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on my door this past summer. When I opened the door, I was astonished what these two women were wearing. They were very scantily dressed. I almost thought they were prostitutes. I called the police at once and had them removed from my neighborhood. I told the police officer to charge them for indecent exposure or I will call a neighborhood meeting to discuss this. When I look back on this incident, I feel grateful that the Mormon church does not tolerate such immodesty. The Jehovah's Witnesses need to tell their people to be modest.

Kathleen Friday, November 16, 2007
@ 6:18 PM
Way to go James
Way to go James! Your comment on November 4th really puts what the Jehovah's Witnesses say and write in perspective. As we all know, God will not tolerate this irresponsibility of a church to go unnoticed. He will have the final word. If the leadership of the Jehovah's Witnesses think their fooling God, then they have another thing waiting for them.

NF19 Friday, November 16, 2007
@ 5:55 PM
Exposing WT
Not many jw's will risk being kicked out cause they warn others. I'ts better to tell your neighbors not to talk to them. Then when the jw's come to the door the person can tell them about the WTs bad actions. Many jw's will find out when no one in town will talk to them. Put signs on telephone poles. Put fliers on cars in parking lots. Just spread the word.

Friday, November 16, 2007
@ 5:04 PM
I think you are so right!! If more and more and more people would just stand up to the WTB&TS and warn other people in their congregations about the pedophiles in the midst of the Jehovah's Witnesses (whether in their own personal congregations or not - - just speak up!!!), the less "power" the WTB&TS and its marionette elders can have over the JWs. It does take courage to speak up and warn people, and it's perfectly understandable that it is probably a scary thing to do under the circumstances, knowing that they may be disfellowshipped, but, all I can think is, so what!! I would rather do what I think is the right thing to do and take my chances than to follow the directives of the WTB&TS regarding the pedophile issue, when these directives are so heinous. Pedophilia is a hideous thing for children to be vitimized by! The truth needs to come out in the open about the abuse and about the coverups. It has to! It is just sick the way the WTB&TS has the elders deal with the pedophiles! It is horrible. Those poor, poor vulnerable, innocent, naive, and unsuspecting children being victimized, not just by the pedophiles, but by the elders who treat them so badly - - and then sometimes get the congregations, the 'rank and file' to treat them! It is pathetic!!! It is evil - - it is wicked! This abuse has to be brought to an end - - in no uncertain terms. Doing the right and courageous thing can be scary! But, in the end, it has got to be such a relief, such a cleansing and beautiful feeling! Stand up for the children! It IS the right thing to do. Be brave, and do it! Don't be afraid. In the long run, there is really nothing to be scared of. Please, please, please take care of and support the children. Please, please, please save the children!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007
@ 1:43 PM
I feel as if I could bang my head against the wall in frustration about people buying into the JW religion and letting the WTB&TS assume control over them - - control that has no substance! I wish the so-called 'rank and file' (what is this - - the army?!) could see that this "power" is nothing but air! It is nothing but nothingness. Empty!!! How can anyone take seriously a religion that tries to intimidate people like this one does??? I can't take it seriously! No way!!! It's an empty organization, people! Don't be daunted by it! They have no authority over you or anyone when it comes to the pedophile issue! NONE!!! This "religion" has no authority over any of you about anything! It is just plain empty! Empty authority! That doesn't even make sense, I know. But, it is just empty. How can anyone be intimidated by nothing but emptiness? That's all it is! It's crazy! Please, people, don't be daunted, don't be afraid of elders who treat victims of pedophiles like scapegoats while covering up the crimes taking place in the midst of this organizition. Believe me, pedophilia is a CRIME! The way the WTB&TS deals with pedophilia is just plain goofy! It's just as sick as the pedophilia itself! Do NOT be afraid of this religion and its power trips!

JB Thursday, November 15, 2007
@ 8:42 AM
RE: A Brother Writes
The JW women who are now informed about the pedophelia problem within the organization will promptly be disfellowshipped for slander if they go back and warn other parents in their congregation. I hope they have the courage to shine a light on the sins of the pervert and the twisted logic of the WTB&TS despite the consequences. It's a big order to fill, but others have done it. In the meantime, God help all of the unsuspecting children in the organization!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
@ 2:03 PM
A Brother Writes
KUDOS to the inactive brother who told the JW women how it really is in the JW religion when it comes to pedophilia. He gave it to them straight! He really opened their eyes to the underhanded techniques of the WTB&TS and the elders. Yes, he definitely enlightened them, and I hope the new sister who was unknowingly having the pedophile 'brother' over to her home to study with her husband with children in their home nipped that study in the bud. These women have every right to read the riot act to the elders and the WTB&TS! Good for this man who let these unsuspecting women know what is going on their congregation!! I hope they approach the elders without fear of the elders acting intimidating! These elders don't really have any power, any control over these women. And they owe these women an apology for not letting them know the truth about the pedophile issue! This pedophile issue is so, so disgusting. I wish the media would pick up more and more on the situation in the JW religion, would tell the real truth about this religion as opposed to the "truth" the WTB&TS is cramming down the throats of the 'rank and file'! I hope that the JW women this man talked with do go and visit over coffee with his wife. She can fill them in on a lot more, I am sure! Ungh! I am so terribly SICK of this criminal activity that is going on in this religion and the pedophiles getting away with it and the elders covering everything up while treating children like scapegoats!! How DARE they?! The self-righteous facade of the 'leaders' of this 'religion' is also sickening! Underneath it all when it comes to protecting pedophiles and other kinds of abusers is really arrogance and pompousness. Not to mention coldheartedness and callousness. The act of humility is really just that! An act! The children deserve loving kindness, compassion, sympathy, empathy, understanding, etc! Shame on the WTB&TS and the elders for their attitude toward victims of pedophilia!!! The JW women this inactive Witness spoke to must really appreciate being filled in on what is really what in the JW religion. There is a lot of crookedness going on behind closed doors. And the children are paying for it. By the way, so are wives who are abused by their husbands. Being told to go home and be better wives! Brother!!! There is no excuse for abuse by these husbands! Why don't they try to be better husbands?! It does work both ways!!! Women and children getting the blame for being abused! Now that takes the cake! How stupid!!!

JB Monday, November 12, 2007
@ 8:51 AM
Rutherford's Quote in the Watchtower
I've never heard that quote attributed to anyone in the WTB&TS. It is very telling about the whole organization. It seems that attitude about women has survived throughout the generations. No wonder the elders act as if pained when approached by an abused woman or child.

Sunday, November 11, 2007
@ 9:08 PM
Another kind of abuse
I would like to call attention to a nasty comment made by 'Judge' Rutherford. He is quoted in the September 15, 1941 Watchtower on page 287 as saying that a woman is, "a stack of bones and a hank of hair". That comment is another kind of abuse. It is mental abuse, and no woman should have to take it! I think people should be aware that Rutherford said that. It can help people understand what kind of a person the second so-called 'president' of the WTB&TS was. It was a very telling comment. It says plenty about Rutherford!

Michelle Saturday, November 10, 2007
@ 7:20 AM
To James
I love your guestbook entry regarding the quote of the December 15, 2007 issue of the Watchtower and the quote from a judge who had dealings with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. It was simply wonderful. Your compare/contrast of the reality of the Jehovah's Witnesses was right on target. They live in a state of utopia and not reality. This judge made them look stupid. I like it so much I would appreciate silent lambs to quote it on their web site. James, thank you.

SP Saturday, November 10, 2007
@ 1:52 AM
SCARY- JW produced animation on Pioneering... focus on a little girl at the end JW produced pioneering propaganda... made in clay animation to appeal to kids im guessing. Ummmm.....yeah.... your EVER engage my "girl so small" in a very grown up conversation without my permission at my door like they do at the end of this video and you will be answering to the police AFTER the ambulance carries you away.

Thursday, November 8, 2007
@ 1:21 PM
To Earl
Amen!!! So, who are the real apostates? That's easy to answer. It's those who turn their backs on innocent, vulnerable, and suffering children while they cover up for the criminal pedophiles. And they ARE criminals! Sick, maybe, also, but most DEFINITELY criminal, too. I am so impressed with Oprah Winfrey for doing the right and honorable thing on behalf of the children at her school. Why can't the WTB&TS be so honorable and noble? Because, THEY don't care, while Oprah cares very, very deeply. Yes, I think that the WTB&TS is apostate for ignoring high moral standards that are so necessary for the children's sake and for the sake of a genuine, sincere, and TRUE religion. The WTB&TS seems to have no humility. I could admire their 'religion' if it had humility and was just toward the children, but it doesn't, and it isn't, so I don't, just can't admire this so-called 'religion'. Talk about people abandoning high moral and spiritual standards. I think the WTB&TS takes the cake!

JB Tuesday, November 6, 2007
@ 9:59 AM
To Susan
If you watched the BBC documentary and read this website yet still do not believe that there is an abuse problem within the organization, start praying to Jehovah now that it never happens to your kids or any kids you may have in the future. Your words tell me that having it happen to you personally is the only way you'll believe it. Of course, it could be worse. You may be one of those JW's who it happens to, and you hide it and the corruption of the WTB&TS. How sad!

man711 Tuesday, November 6, 2007
@ 9:27 AM

I often hear about this pedophile data base. I propose that it be exposed as to whether there are 27,000 cases of pedophilia. How about a reward to someone with access to leak it?

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