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Earl Monday, November 5, 2007
@ 7:07 PM
That apostate word again
APOSTATE--One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause. I can always tell when a jW comes on here as they are programed to use the word apostate whenever someone in or out of the congregation disagrees with them. It is clear to me that most of them don't know what the word means. My sister a jw called me an apostate because I alerted her and others about the problem of child abuse in the org. and the efforts of Silent Lambs. She came to this sight like other jw's and saw the evidence and basically looked the other way. What does that say about someone who reads about a jw pedophile molesting an 18 month old baby and choosing not to believe it.? That shows me they have closed their minds and heart to the real truth. My brother who is a jw but uses his God given brain and not just the watchtower told me I was not even close to being an apostate as he looked it up in a dictionary. Using that term so loosely as many do is really an act of judging someone which real Christians are not allowed to do. This definition is clear that someone needs to abandon their principles and faith, even more precisely according to Biblical scholars, being an apostate is someone who denies the existence of God and his son and Christianity in general. So even a person disfellowshipped for a major sin would not necessarily be an apostate. I know people who were disfellowshipped and they never disowned their faith. So the definition of apostate to jw's is someone who disagrees with what the org says. I would ask any jw if they ever disagreed with the WT and if they were honest about it they would have to say yes but because they did not vocalize their disagreement they weren't tossed out and abused by their old friends. Who would want to belong to any group where you couldn't even question when you knew something didn't make sense especially after all the false prophecy over the years in the org. Talk about being a slave to man. It's ok if someone wants to belong to a group that basically tells you to believe everything we say or we will call you an apostate and kick you out. But it's not ok to call others such a derogatory name when you can't possibly know their heart condition. The fact that Bill Bowen stood up for the poor abused children would show he had not abandoned his faith but I would suggest that any jw that allows children to be abused by not challenging wrong policy has given up their principals of loving others by protecting those who can't protect themselves.

Susan Monday, November 5, 2007
@ 3:01 PM
I watched the follow up to "Suffer The Little Children" the BBC programme Panorama on the internet ( jehovah15jul.ram) with Panorama reporter Betsan Powys, Kostadinka Grossmith, Counselling Manager of Childline London and south east service, Bill Bowen, and the presenter. At one stage during the program, Bill Bowen stated that he was an active JW... then the presenter asked him "are you an active Jehovah's Witness?" Bill Bowen said YES... he is a liar!!! A disfellowshipped person has not part in the congregation!!! And a liar when he said that 1000's of JW's call him to speak to him. A true and proper JW would never contact a disfellowshipped person, let alone an apostate, which is what he is. So whoever called him, they were not true witnesses. Apostates? He has got an agenda, what is it really? ------------------Silentlambs Reply - Panaroma was filmed in May of 2002. At that time Bill Bowen was a Jehovah's Witness in 'good standing'. Several months later, he was disfellowshipped for exposing the Jehovah's Witness policy of protecting child molesters. Since that time, Bowen has assisted thousands of JW's to report molesters, and continues to do so to this day.

James Sunday, November 4, 2007
@ 6:13 PM
A current Watchtower comment and analysis
"Such accusations and propaganda are often refuted by the fine conduct of Jehovah's Witnesses. (1 Peter 2:12) When Christians prove themselves to be law-abiding citizens and moral people who show genuine concern for the welfare of their fellow humans, the accusations hurled against them are shown up as false. Our good conduct speaks for itself. As observers note our perseverence in fine works, they are often moved to glorify our heavenly Father and to acknowledge the superior way of life of his servants. -- Isaiah 60:14; Matthew 5:14-16." -- Watchtower; December 15, 2007; Page 22; Paragraph 7. As we can see the Jehovah's Witnesses still feel they are being law-abiding citizens by protecting child abusers. Companies, such as Watchtower, also need to be law-abiding as well. If they are suing newspapers who rightfully report the news and expose Watchtower's limitations, this shows a company's protectionist way. Watchtower needs to show the example. As we have seen from a variety of judges, they lack the humility to call the authorities when there is actual crime. The Watchtower company hides a database of well over 27,000 pedophiles that need to be punished for criminal acts. What a christian example! As Judge John Goldring aptly put it, "I cannot criticize the church sufficiently enough -- it's well known in these courts that churches are criticised for failing to report criminal activity." and he also stated, "The moral punishment imposed by a church is not punishment demanded by law." Both of these statments refer to a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses that did not obey the law of the land. Those Jehovah's Witnesses allowed a pedophile to go loose without letting the authorities to know.

Saturday, November 3, 2007
@ 11:44 PM
To Earl and Corey
I admire Oprah Winfrey very much for the way she dealt with the abuse situation at her school in Africa. She displayed her great sense of responsibility, and she showed what a good heart she has. She obviously really cares and loves the children in her school! The WTB&TS could learn a lot from the way she handled the abuse issue, but, they probably are just blowing it off, not paying attention, blatantly ignoring her good example. They are just the opposite of Oprah. The WTB&TS is irresponsible about the pedophile issue in its so-called 'religion'. They don't care! The WTB&TS avoids responsibility toward the children. They just want to protect their two-bit image in order to 'look good'. Covering up for the pedophiles while ignoring and/or punishing the children, the innocent, vulnerable, and very naive children is one of the most heartless, callous things I have ever heard of. Putting the responsibility onto the parents to teach the children about pedophiles and not taking on any of that responsibility themselves is so un-Christian. They are not one iota like Jesus Christ who truly cared about the children and was very kind to them. His kindness was pure and sincere. The WTB&TS is not following in His footsteps. His love for the children was real and true. Pure and totally sincere. The WTB&TS is setting a bad example for the 'rank and file' and teaching elders to deal with pedophile issues in their congregations in cold, uncaring, and irresponsible ways. It is so shameful that it is unbelievable. And the poor children are paying for it. They are scapegoated by so-called religious 'leaders' who should know better and who so obviously just don't care.

Corey Saturday, November 3, 2007
@ 2:55 PM
Watchtower and its faulty policies
I am disappointed in Watchtower Bible and Tract Society's stance on pedophiles. They are very much two-faced in their approach. At first glance they appear to be holy on the outside. When you investigate and read the judicial transcripts, you see a different side of the Jehovah's Witnesses. This "religious institution” is making a mockery of Jesus Christ’s teachings and example. Now is the time to question and critique this religious institution for what it really is. One question is...Does the Bible advocate sexual perversion as one of its principles? Another question, would Jesus Christ approve of sexually perverted practices? What type of relationships did Jesus Christ cultivate with young children? The answers to these questions are important in determining if a religion has God's backing. The Watchtower states that it’s the parent’s responsibility to teach their children on how to protect themselves. Obviously, the Watchtower wants no responsibility in protecting children. Social responsibility is hard for the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They only give religious magazines to the public, read their Bibles, and give legal protection to sex perverts. What more can one ask of them? When one of Jehovah’s Witnesses knocks on your door, it is your right to ask them to prove from their Bible where Jesus protected sex perverts. The answers they might give, will surprise you.

Earl Friday, November 2, 2007
@ 5:53 PM
Oprah cleans house of abusers
I have been watching the news lately about the abuse in Oprah's school in Africa and was impressed that she did the right thing. I asked myself why she can clean up a situation and the leaders in the church can't or won't. For those who havn't heard of this situation , Oprah's school had at least one guy who was caught for molesting young girls. I guess Oprah interviewed all concerned and believed they were covering for each other. She could have tried to conceal this bad publicity instead she did what she felt would protect the kids and stop the abuse by firing all the guys involved. Some may think that was a harsh way to solve a problem but I believe she did the right thing. I believe the difference between her and the jw's and others is that her love for the kids was priority one. Now what if the church's took this approach and came down hard on an abuser and brought them to the police and removed them from their positions. There would not be a second chance to abuse others. And anyone involved would be brought to the attention of all members and his record would follow him.A witness I know said they can't say anything about an abuser in the congregation as they can be sued. They can sure say something about someone they disfellowship though. Lies and more lies. It all comes back to the love they show for others. In this case I think Oprah showed she knows more about love than many religious folks.

Friday, November 2, 2007
@ 5:32 PM
To Earl
I think your reply to Robin was right on! The WTB&TS is disobeying the law about pedophilia to cover up for themselves. And I think that is so blatant! The so-called "rank and file" have no idea what the "governing body" is pulling over their eyes, therefore Jehovah's Witnesses are seeing the WTB&TS through those good old 'rose colored glasses'. The governing body should NOT, of course, be getting away with this criminal cover-up. They are NOT above the laws of this land! And they should have to face the consequences for all the abuse they have been getting away with. Yes, the WTB&TS has been showing its true colors, allright! They are protecting those guilty of evil behavior that can damage, even destroy children's lives! Why, why, why, oh, why, aren't they protecting the children instead?! I agree, yes, the governing body is just as guilty as the abusers, the pedophiles! I think the WTB&TS is oily and manipulative. No wonder the poor "rank and file" don't know what is going on and can so easily be deceived by the governing body, hence the elders, who are so strongly influenced by the WTB&TS. Ugh!!! All the poor children, the vulnerable, innocent, and truly naive children. They are not only abused by pedophiles, but by elders and even the "rank and file" who mistreat them when they haven't done anything except be abused by pedophiles and again abused by those to whom they report the abuse. They are just plain mistreated all around!!! Talk about criminal! They should not be getting away with all of this!!! I am so glad that there are JWs learning about the pedophilia and other things on the internet, but I also feel so bad about the JWs who won't and don't come near the internet and therefore know nothing about what's going on behind closed doors at Bethel and so often in their own congregations. It is a shame!

ROBIN Friday, November 2, 2007
@ 11:04 AM
To: Earl
Thank you for the feedback. It seems that most JW's are more concerned about their reputation more than what the victim suffers (Some folks are still decent people in that organization but are ignorant to all this going on). I once knew a family in California that had their two youngest children in day care that was suppose to be ran by a JW and several of the kids in the day care were being molested. Well, the organization told them not to report anything. So nothing was done. It was horrible for the victims as well as their families. How could they allow something so horrible! It was obvious that there was molesting was going on because it effected so many children.

JB Friday, November 2, 2007
@ 10:00 AM
To Earl & Robin
I'm by no means an expert on all of the laws about child abuse or the WTB&TS's stand on every issue. But I do recall reading somewhere that the Society issued orders for elders to report suspected abuse in states that require them to do so. I also remember reading a lot of criticism for that particular stand, because one would wonder why religious leaders in all states, whether required or not, wouldn't report suspicions of child abuse. The synopsis of the October Awake article shows that the Society is still pussyfooting around trying to find ways to mislead their own congregants about who could be a potential danger and then confusing the issue with degrees of sin regarding sex abuse of children. Flashers, fondlers and peepers should be reported to the police whether or not the WTB&TS regards them as less grievous offenders. A pervert is a pervert, no matter how you slice it. Yet the JW ruling class is sickening enough to define such sins as simple uncleanness. If I remember my stint as a JW correctly, the same classification was given to self masturbation. Doesn't that make sense? A person who sexually stimulates themselves is lumped into the same group of people who are sick enough to flash, fondle or peep on children? It's enough to make me puke!

DJB Thursday, November 1, 2007
@ 8:53 PM
Watchtower Article
The police identify sex offenders by what they like to do. The same with a thief. To steal a chocolate bar or steal a car one is still a thief. So if a sex offender is caught with porn on the computer or fondling a child or showing them porn or raping a child they are still a sex offender in all cases. Just like the previous example the thief is still a thief... They are all defined by what they do. It is by what they do that makes them what they are!!! It is that simple!! The watchtower only wants to muddy the waters.... DJB

Earl Thursday, November 1, 2007
@ 2:25 PM
I was hoping someone more qualified would answer your question and maybe they will. I realized I didn't know the answer that well so I was prompted to do some research. On the home page here at Silentlambs you will see the list below, click on the legal link and it helps explain the situation. GuestBook | Courage Awards | Newsletter | Legal | Contact Us | Affiliates-Link to Us From what I understand, all states have mandatory reporting laws for citizens to follow. But only sixteen states have laws requiring churches to report abuse- ridiculous I know- Watchtower states it is an option of the individual to report abuse, which clearly it is not an option according to laws in every state that makes it a crime to NOT report. SO, the WT is clearly telling it's members to disobey the law of the land. To me putting laws aside wouldn't a loving soul want to protect and stop abuse? Clearly the WT is out to protect itself and to cover up abuse as they don't want to tarnish their name. Well thank God for the Internet as I would not have know the magnitude of the abuse of children and others in the jw's. Just as the abuse in the Catholic org. we know that these people cover for each other and elders don't want their congregation to come under scrutiny. To me it is all a lack of love on their part to know that someone is an abuser and to not stop it if at all possible. These men that know of such evil behavior and cover it up are just as guilty as the one abusing and they will one day have to answer for their actions. The jw's are always quoting that we can know the true Christians by the love they show for others. Well I guess they have shown their true selves haven't they.

JB Wednesday, October 31, 2007
@ 9:44 AM
October 2007 Awake Article on Keeping Your Children Safe
After my dear brother, who is finally out of the organization, read TB's synopsis of the above mentioned article, he said that it should've been entitled, "Child Molesting for Dummies". Meaning that the article basically says that you can molest a child in ways up to actual penetration and not be considered a real pervert. My take on it is that the WTB&TS is changing the rules yet again to eliminate the need for disfellowshipping elders and ministerial servants who are also child molesters. Heaven help the JW children!

ROBIN Tuesday, October 30, 2007
@ 12:07 PM
Doesnt the Law require that all incidents of molesting be reported to the Police or Child Protective Services? The public school systems are required to do so, Why do the JW not have to do so? Whats up with that? Have the attorneys found loop holes?

PCW Monday, October 29, 2007
@ 2:27 PM
Hi, When I read the apology coming from a person who was once a child of six years old, it was pitiful imagining what happened to that child. It reminded me of being a small child myself and remembering that one of my best childhood friend was constantly molested by her stepfather. Although he married her mother and father another daughter child by my friend's mother, the mother was a constant drunk while my friend was being molested. This man kept the mother pretty much "lickered up", while he stole her daughter's youth. All of the children in our poverished neighborhood knew what was happened and we thought it was part of growing up. We witnessed her stepfather calling her into the house and we waited for her to come out with tears and we'd hug her and tell her it was ok and that she was still our friend. it was awful that she was a victim of this abuse. Back during those days, if a child got raped, if we told the ole folk, they'd blame us and say it was our fault for being bad kids when really we were just being kids. Some of us were just plain street wise and knew how to run but my poor friend couldn't run. Not only was she abused but both girls watched this man beat their mother who probably couldn't feel it because she was too intoxicated. For years I have searched for this friend. I don't think she ever had children and was bruised from the treatment of her step father. She was very smart in grade school but I am not sure if she graduated.

ROBIN Monday, October 29, 2007
@ 11:12 AM
Most Interesting website for learning...
I find this the most interesting website ever! I was so ignorant thinking I was the only one to ever experience being molested at age 5 by an elder. Whats up with these dog-gone elders anyway! Sick fools! I really blamed myself all those years. And when I told my parents (at age 35) that all my years of alcohol abuse and panic attacks were due to being molested, they looked at me as though I were from MARS. I cant blame the organization forever but all this bad publicity with the organization lately shouldnt be ignored. Question: what is a poison pen letter/death threat letter?

JB Monday, October 29, 2007
@ 10:08 AM
Thanks for the heads up about the October Awake article. I wouldn't use those rags to line my cats' litter boxes, so I can't bring myself to read them. But it's nice to know some people can actually stomach the contents and make everyone else aware that the WTB&TS still hasn't changed their evil ways. In my case, it was a then worldly stepfather who tried to molest me, and a JW mother who ignored my claims. Thank God I was able to fend him off, but I have to tell you that I suffered some of the same repercussions that others who were actually molested do. That's what makes this article so disgusting. My mother, who is still a JW and her pervert husband who converted are probably reveling in the fact that he committed a "lesser" sin. The irony in my case is that he committed a lesser sin, not because he had a change of heart, but because I was able to fight him off. I also agree with you that the article's focus on family members as potential molesters will cause great harm to the congregants. Robots that the rank and file are, they will never believe that elders and ministerial servants use their position to molest children. That is, of course, until their own children are molested by a higher up. Sadly, that seems to be the only way to wake these people up, because the WTB&TS will never fess up to their sins.

Earl Sunday, October 28, 2007
@ 5:16 PM
It's official
I am an apostate or I am spending too much time on an apostate webb-site.According to my brother who is a JW but is more open minded and I believe on his way out after many years of seeing abuse of power and being ostracized for speaking out. He had talked to my sister and one of the first things she mentioned was something about me being or associating with apostates. Here is how I got to be one, I simply asked if they had been to Silent Lambs and explained the problem. I also did this with a so called jw friend and he basically abandoned me, so I must be marked as they say. I was never a witness but for years tried to make sense of their non-sense and saw much abuse that I was ashamed to be amongst them. I got to thinking today that I know of no other religion except Islam that basically tells there members to not associate with family of anyone else that doesn't agree with them. How loving is that. Now that my own family have turned against me I know what others have gone through and it just reinforces the fact that they are a destructive cult. My own sister would kick me to the curb by calling me names because I brought attention to a bad situation in the org. That is how sick and brainwashed they are so I feel sorry for them in a sense but I can't help but feel a little dismayed. I can only imagine what Bill and others went through after being an elder and all the friends he made and then starting this Webb-site. It only makes me want to dig in and expose them even more. Why would anyone want to hide and be afraid while attending an org. like this I don't get. I will never regret my association with Silent Lambs as I know in my heart that the abuse we have seen from the people that tell their stories is true and I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if i didn't do all I could to stop this abuse of our kids and anyone else. I believe we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Everybody keep up the good work. Blessings:)

TB Saturday, October 27, 2007
@ 11:05 PM
October Awake Article
October 2007 Awake -- “Keep your Children Safe”, Important Article. Purpose of Article: Obfuscation: “We are Proactive against Molestation”. A Careful reading of this article (Especially Page 3, Paragraph 2) seems to infer that the likeliest Molester is a male relative. Right at the outset of the article some victim’s father is singled out. While it cannot be doubted that some JW fathers have molested their children (see numerous postings to this website) we know that the usual molester in a JW Kingdom Hall is by far an Elder or Ministerial Servant (MS). No mention is made in the article for parents or children to beware of Predatory Elders and Ms’s. Most JW kids have a drop-your-guard worshipful relationship with Elders and MS’s putting them at high risk. A New Development (For the worse) that I have never seen before: On page 3, in the footnotes, the article contains an utterly shocking statement. The footnote addresses Molestation by making a difference between “Porneia Molestation” and “Loose Conduct Molestation”. Apparently there are two varieties of Molestation recognized by the Awake. Apparently Fondling, Voyeurism, Exposure and showing Pornography to children is simple “Loose Conduct”, which is a lower level “Uncleanness”. “Porneia Molestation” is the more serious category. The Society grades Molestation like the Weather Service grades thunderstorms. By only committing “Loose Conduct Molestation” the Perps can get a lesser punishment by their fellow Elders. Or perhaps no punishment, as we know is usually the case. Why have lower and higher Sin Classes if not for varying degrees of punishment? Page 9, paragraph 2 reiterates the Awake’s slam of Victims’ fathers. Remember: This article has been written under advisement of the JW Long Island Lawyer set that run our beloved Watchtower Society today. By focusing on male family members as the Perps (Which is a minority of the cases) it takes the heat off of Molesting Elders and MS’s. If you read the article with the knowledge that it is written by or with Lawyers you will understand it better. I found it an insulting sham article designed to divert blame off of Molesting Elders and onto Fathers, Brothers, Uncles. Thus by also promoting suspicion within the family, between husband and wife, kids and parents, it elevates the status of the congregational Arbiter/Referee/Role Model -- The Elder. It makes the Elders into Pseudo-Daddies for everybody’s kids thus increasing the danger that the kids will be molested in the congregation by distrusting their family and trusting only Elders. As we know, We JW’s have a policy of trying to get every male in the Halls to become Elders, thus guaranteeing Molester-Perps have access to and trust of JW Kids. The article is also written with the purpose to be used in courtrooms someday to “Prove” that the Society is Proactive against Molestation. This is done in much the same tack as articles were churned out praising UN agencies when we had to convince the UN of our sincerity when we were getting NGO status. This is very good proof that our beloved WTS is being run by not-so-benign JW (Non- anointed) Long Island Lawyers.

kb Saturday, October 27, 2007
@ 3:24 PM
sick at heart
In the 1960's a friend of mine confided in me that her father was abusing her. We were young teenagers, and neither one of us knew what to do with this information. Her mother didn't believe her, which is an all too common reaction, unfortunately; my parents didn't seem to believe her, either, when I told them. Nothing was ever done; we grew up, got married, and moved away. Later on, after I had moved back to the area, my book study conductor was df'd, as I learned subsequently, for molesting the teenaged daughter of one of the other elders. Nothing was ever said publicly, of course. The other family changed congregations; the molester's wife, as she told me, "received some hard counsel," and in 9 mos. the brother was reinstated and is now an elder again. I used to sit behind him in meetings as he sobbed through most of them. (Of course, many years later, when I went through an emotional crisis and lost my way and was df'd, it took more than 9 mos and some tears to get reinstated). I am appalled to learn this problem is so rampant. I am so upset to learn that the "faith" I so vehemently have defended for decades has lied to me. I am sad to realize that my life was totally turned over to strict obedience to the Watchtower, under the thought that I was really being obedient to God. Thanks for speaking out, for speaking the truth.

Silentlambs Friday, October 26, 2007
@ 9:48 PM
Thanks to Posters Who Care
We wanted to thank you all for the kind words that you share when reaching out to help others here on the Silentlambs Guestbook. Keep up the good work and thanks for taking your time to help others! Silentlambs Administrator

Friday, October 26, 2007
@ 4:52 PM
Hi there. Please do not be hard on yourself. Not one iota. A six-year-old should not be burdened with the responsibility you feel guilty and sad about. Of course, you were scared. You were only six years old! Practically a baby! Children should not be left with the shame and guilt. It's the adults who didn't take responsibility and face it and deal with it appropriately who should be feeling the shame and guilt! Your uncle abused you and got away with it. It was up to your mother and the elders to do something about it. Not you. You tried to tell your mom about it, and she did nothing. Adults who do nothing about their children's abuse are to blame, NOT the children. Please, please, don't feel any guilt about what happened. What your uncle did to you was evil, and when elders don't help the children, their not helping them is evil. I know that elders are terribly, terribly misguided by the WTB&TS, but if they would just use their heads (and their HEARTS), they could figure out that their supporting the pedophiles and punishing the children is wrong, wrong, wrong! It is evil! You didn't do anything wrong. Your uncle did! I am so sorry! The adults in your life who didn't try to help you did wrong by you. A little child like you were needed all the love and support your mother could have given you. The elders should have shown you caring support. You needed lots and lots of TLC! Please lift off and away any guilt and shame you feel over what happened. You were SIX years old, for crying out loud! A small, innocent, and very, very vulnerable child! Let GO of any guilt and shame you feel about what happened! It wasn't your fault. Take good, good care of yourself, and hang in there. You don't have ANYTHING to be sorry about!!! The grown ups in your life at that time have PLENTY to be sorry about!

DJB Thursday, October 25, 2007
@ 9:34 PM

Being able to write here and be unknown to the Watchtower Society gives me the ability to more than think but to say what I think about how WBTS handles pedophilia. I am always amazed what the bible has to tell us......I came across the description of Nebuchadnazzar's behaviour. Sounds so like the modern day rulers of the Watchtower....For example the way the WBTS disfellowships it has many afraid and many will not speak out even thou they know what is said here is true. With Nebuchadnazzar God had given him great power and it went to his head and he started to misuse it. In Daniel 5: 19,20 he arrogantly used his greatness so all quaked with fear and showed fear before him. "Whom he happened to want to he was killing and whom he happened to want to he was striking and whom he happened to want to he was exalting and whom he happened to want to he was humilitating but when his heart became haughty and his own spirt became hard". Doesn't this description sound like the elders doing the bidding of the WBTS when they disfellowship...As the scriptures say he was brought down. Nebuchadnazzar had to live in the fields like an animal for 7 years (for 7 times to pass over)it is said pictures the apostacy that began at the end of first century. The Gentile rule ended with the modern day restoration of Christianity in these last days began at the turn of the century...So when years had pasted and the son Belshazzar who came to be ruler (the modern day sons of many who started back in 1870's who now consider themselves faithful and discreet slave (Governing Body) he who knew what had happened to his father did he learn from his father's mistakes??? No he did not humble his heart but arrogantly he took the utensils from God's House like he challenged God that he could do what ever he wanted with them. The way the Governing Body scatters the sheep by disfellowshipping those who do not agree with how the handle pedophilia and allowing these wolves in their midst having access to the children. So like the son Belshazzar class who did not learn from the first century apostacy figuratively pictured by his father and the restoration in modern times. The Belshazzar Class did not fair as well as his father with God. The real Belshazzar in one night God allowed the outside nations to take his kingdom away and he paid with his life...The modern day Belshazzar class will fair no better unless they change their ways ..................... "The scriptures were written aforetime for our instruction...on the end of this system of things... so we might have hope"...DJB

CLW Wednesday, October 24, 2007
@ 12:18 AM
to all of those hurt by my uncle. im sorry i should of told louder but i was only six and my mom was also his victem so telling really got me no where but that is ok because she has to deal in her own way but i am sorry if i was stronger at the time there might not be so many children hurt but once again i was only six i will forever feel so bad but i will pray your hearts heal by being justified in the system i was to scared to face

Sunday, October 21, 2007
@ 5:01 PM
Great posts!
To Linda, Derrick, and Earl - - I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your posts. I think they are great, and you all brought out so much good food for thought. I just wanted to tell you much I appreciate your input, your feedback to Silentlambs. Thanks! I know we can never thank Bill Bowen enough for starting Silentlambs! He really put himself on the line for the pedophile victims in the JW 'religion'. I really admire him so much for that and others, too, who put themselves on the line to tell the real truth about the "truth"! This is the perfect site for all victims of all kinds of abuse in this 'religion'. Let's get these abusers, these pedophiles!!! This is an excellent place for people to come to for support, encouragement, and true sincere caring!! Silentlambs - - Keep up the good work!!!

Earl Saturday, October 20, 2007
@ 9:07 PM
A.G . and others about helping
A couple of ways I try to help is by distributing brochures you can find to print by going to the home page and scroll down where it says "Help Silent lambs". I printed off a bunch and keep them in my car so when I go somewhere I have them to post at banks , stores etc. I also educate when the opportunity arises, I have some information ready in case a JW calls at my home. We need to get the word out as much as we can as we never know who we might help, who we might save from abuse and let people know there is a place to come where they will be accepted and believed. I try to help out with a donation as I know this is a worthy cause. I can't often do much but I think all of us together can make a difference. Blessings to all

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