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Alex Sunday, January 19, 2014
@ 3:24 PM
Watchtower tears apart non-witness families.
Chilliwack family blames RCMP for failing to return their daughter family-blames-rcmp-for-failing-to-return-their-daughter- 1.2501557

Feel Lost and Confused..... Friday, December 27, 2013
@ 8:05 AM
How could he not be responsible???
I just heard William Lynn had his conviction of endangering children over turned....saying it is the job of parents to protect the child....even though he knew the priests conduct he sent to another parish [that did not know] and he kept quiet and did not warn anyone. Lynn knew so how could the parents protect their kids when they are not given the TOOLS (for example being told new priest was a sexual predator) Lynn knew and he knew a priest's job involved dealing with children (alter boys etc)...By not telling or warning new parish this priest was sent to he ENDANGERED CHILDREN... There is such a thing in Canada called of "vicarious liablity"...He would be held accountable here because the job description involved dealing with other words protect the child.

C T Tuesday, December 10, 2013
@ 6:22 AM
good question Alex
Ray Franz made the interesting point that just as the Jews preferred to be under the law that dictated everything down the minutest aspects of their lives, some people today find it easier to have someone else tell them what is right and wrong rather than have to wrestle with their own individual conscience and decide for themselves. Besides those 8 men are "spirit directed" so they must know what they're doing right?

Alex Wednesday, November 27, 2013
@ 11:27 AM
Why do we let ourselves be manipulated?
".....I just finished reading "Crisis of Conscience" by Raymond Franz, ex governing body member and nephew of Fred Franz. It's a "must read"..."CT Which makes it a "Must not read" from the older men of the Governing Body? Eight people controlling over eight million lives? Why? Why?? Why???

Syndi Cook Monday, November 25, 2013
@ 3:30 PM
Brother Leif Jacob Carne
Guilty on Three counts of sexual assault of a child (15 years old). His home congregation is West Bay, Tumwater, Washington, USA. He will be released from Jail on November 29, 2013

LAB Thursday, November 14, 2013
@ 3:09 PM
Two months ago I watched a tv program with my husband about JW abuse and more investigation into this issue has now convinced us that this is an UN-TRUTHFUL organization. I live in Northern Ireland and I've been a witness for over 20 years of my life. I will be writing my resignation from this demonic infested organization. My heart goes out to all those little hurt ones. WE ARE FREE.

C T Sunday, November 10, 2013
@ 4:09 AM
It's a must read
I just finished reading "Crisis of Conscience" by Raymond Franz, ex governing body member and nephew of Fred Franz. It's a "must read" for anyone wanting to know the "truth" about the "truth". While he is branded an evil apostate by the society, he actually comes across as a decent , credible and highly principled person. If you cant get hold of a a copy of the book, I was able to read it free online. Packed full of information and documents that clearly show that all is not what it seems in JW world. Anyone else who has read it, what did you think of it?

PCW Thursday, October 31, 2013
@ 1:54 PM
M.A.N. from Florida
Hello M.A.N. from Florida. Haven't heard from you and haven't forgotten about you. Hope you are doing well. Looking forward to hearing from you when you can.

KDW Tuesday, September 24, 2013 Wednesday, October 23, 2013
@ 12:08 PM

Perfectly expressed KDW. Couldn't have been said any better. You speak volumes of truth. My applaud to you. PCW

KDW Tuesday, September 24, 2013
@ 2:41 PM
What it seems like.....
Because of the lack of compassion shown to pedophile victims in different religions it seems as if image is the number one priority to religious 'leaders'. It doesn't look to me as if the concern is really about protecting God's (or Jehovah's) image, it is about business. Business first, can't hurt the business angle or take a chance with losing any kind of profits. Image matters alright, but it has nothing to do with what is truly morally and ethically correct, or even spiritually correct, it is all about protecting organizations. Religious organizations are businesses. It seems as if the businesses are number one, not the people. They can stay on the back burners, because, by all means, don't hurt business. That's what counts. Or so it seems to me. I wish I could have expressed this so much better.

M.E. Saturday, September 21, 2013
@ 12:09 AM
Another Lawsuit, this in WA state
Washington State woman suing over sex abuse; Watchtower must be squirming as this is said to be the 5th ongoing now dell-files-child-sex-abuse-suit-against-jehovahs-witnesses Readers, please consider countering Watchtower apologists' comments saying WT is holy and cleans out sex abuse elders by putting a note in the comments area at the bottom confirming Watchtower has done the opposite

Alex Friday, September 6, 2013
@ 7:40 PM
God or men?
Over a hundred and forty years of 'the end is at hand' or 'the end is closer than you think', or 'the end is just around the corner'. Really?? Watch The Tower Lie!

KDW Thursday, August 29, 2013
@ 4:49 PM
To JW Survivor
Please don't feel embarrassed that you didn't realize the truth behind the attitude of religion and child abuse. People don't expect this kind of an attitude from Christians. It's only natural to expect that action will be taken on behalf of victims, so it's mind-boggling when nothing happens or when the religious 'leaders' seem to be acting cavalierly toward victims. It makes no sense. I think your post was great! I'm glad that I don't see God as a religion. He's separate from all the mess.

JDK Monday, August 26, 2013
@ 7:47 AM
Letter from JW child molester
I am sick to my stomach after reading SILENTLAMBS post that the Watchtower would even think of giving privileges back to known child molesters. For the privacy of some of my adult children I never mentioned the name of their father who confessed to incest, after being exposed. But after reading the article I have to think of his many victims & myself. His name is James D. Sandstrom from Ozone Park. Not to long ago I received a letter from him asking us to write to the society to let him have his privileges back, I immediately responded NO! along with my letter of the reasons why he should never be allowed to even associate with families, along with a copy of his letter & mine I sent pages of sexual abuse awareness information to him , the congos he was & is attending and to the Watchtower Society. I truly need to know info about James D. Sandstrom 's standing with the witnesses. If anyone has any info please contact Bill Bowen. Thank you

Alex Thursday, August 22, 2013
@ 6:02 AM

The sad truth is lay members of the Catholic church at least acknowledge that there are sex abuse wrong doings in their group. Jehovah's Witness member at every level are more interested in covering up. It's not about truth (a word they love) but it is about supporting a high control structure (some may call a cult like structure) of claiming a religion is God's organization. It's all about control of the members.

J W Survivor Saturday, July 13, 2013
@ 2:30 AM
Jehovahs Witness leadership, versus Roman Catholic leadership, are both married to 'risk-management' regarding the child sex-abuse crisis?
Writing in this summer's issue of Notre Dame Magazine Mr. Salveson shares his awakening of the 'risk-management' style that his church employs in child sex-abuse cases. When reading: "In my own case, I always wondered why the bishop I wrote to in 1980 ignored my first letter to him." brought back memories when I wrote to a Bethel Elder (as he was called then) years ago regarding his actions in not protecting me as a child. Only in my case the Bethel Elder ignored both letters I mailed him. "A revelation Slowly, eventually, I figured out the reason for the lack of progress within the Church. It really was simple. I had long believed the Roman Catholic Church considered the child sex-abuse crisis to be a moral issue. So I expected clergy to care about the victims and to do the right thing. But the simple truth I had learned over time was this: Much of the Catholic leadership does not view this as a moral issue. They view it as a risk-management issue. The focus is on managing settlements, keeping the topic out of the media, telling the faithful everything is taken care of and, most of all, doing everything humanly possible to ensure none of these cases ever make it into a court of law. An institution focused on doing the right thing would admit wrongdoing, immediately remove abusive priests from ministry, embrace victims, reach out to their families, do everything possible to help them heal, and work to change laws that hide perpetrators and deny justice to victims. However, an institution focused on risk management never admits actual culpability; it protects predator priests, does the bare minimum for victims and works to keep outdated laws in place to protect perpetrators. Suddenly it all made sense. In my own case, I always wondered why the bishop I wrote to in 1980 ignored my first letter to him. I wondered why he refused to tell those pastors and other bishops supervising my perpetrator that he had been accused of sexual abuse. And why in all of those nine years of pestering the Diocese of Rockville Centre to dismiss the priest, I never received a written acknowledgement that the priest had in fact abused me. I wanted supportive, empathetic  some might call it Christian action from the Church. I had not realized they were just managing risk. To this day I still am embarrassed by how long it took me to understand this." Yes, Jehovah's Witness leadership can be just as ice cold as Catholic leadership.

Alex Thursday, July 11, 2013
@ 6:01 PM
2013 JW Convention
Those who are dabbling with the Watchtower may wish to listen to this 2013 JW Convention - Human Apostates (Warning: this is very disturbing and hate filled talk)

KDW Friday, July 5, 2013
@ 4:41 PM
To ok
Yes, there are boys and men who are sexually abused. When it comes to this abuse among Jehovah's Witnesses I know nothing, actually, but I have a good friend who was raped by his father as a young child and sexually abused by his mother. This person was severely effected by what these two people did to him, and it has colored his entire life. Sexual abuse is inexcusable and heinous whether committed by men or women, and the police should be notified when boys or men are abused by anyone of either gender.

R.-A. Krause Thursday, July 4, 2013
@ 5:05 AM

First of all, Thanx for this Page :) I'd like to ask if you can make this page in more languages, especially German? Every Day I see the result of the child rape from "Zeugen Jehova". In my Job as a Pedagogic I see Psycho-Disease like Borderline, Social-Anxiety and much more ... I hope that we will find peace all over the world !

diane Friday, June 21, 2013
@ 9:17 AM
Told an elder about my brother trying to abuse me and they said if they would talk to the elders at his hall he would lose his privileges. I couldn't believe what they said. I can't believe what I have found here. The society is a mess. They are NOT doing what the Bible says. We are all victims. Keep this going. I think we need more news media on this- a lot more. I am loosing faith in this society but not in Jehovah and the bible. I still know paradise will be here. Things are bad. Please help these kids. I also think my sister in law was doing something to my niece cause she would say stuff. But am afraid to tell her mom. It would start a war. God bless these children.

o k Thursday, June 20, 2013
@ 11:38 PM
Males Abused by Females
I am wondering if there are any other males out there who were systematically sexually "introduced" to what it takes to be a "man" in the kingdom halls. Some of the female "leaders" (usually single, 40?-50? year old women with a grudge against men) and their "mentoring" of the boys. To me it served two purposes: 1) you broke the rules, and the kingdom hall is the only place that can help save you and 2) since no one would believe you anyway, you have to keep the secret - and hence, these women could maintain control of what would become "men" in the kingdom hall. In fact, make them leaders, that way, they REALLY wouldn't want to tell.

J Mason Emerson or simply Joe Monday, June 17, 2013
@ 1:58 PM

Watchtower calls ExJWs "human apostates;" this video shows it being done and then young exJW woman counter-comments: feature=player_embedded&v=8DbfC4RcLAY

Maryjane M. Sunday, June 16, 2013
@ 4:34 AM
Glad to see someone see's all.
I am so glad I saw this web site. Just this week I had the courage to join a group of ex- jw's. This is a wonderful thing that I just read about the silent lambs. It is true. It wasn't just me abused but all my other 5 brothers and sisters that I watched growing up. I am 55 years old now and have finally broke free of this cult. I have had years of professional help. But knowing you are out there trying to help, helps me. I am glad you are helping stop this abuse.

Alex Wednesday, June 12, 2013
@ 8:10 AM
Do as I say, not as I do.
Ever notice that members churn out the same old spew "if you want ACCURATE information go to the Watchtower only (members or WT website), yet this same group takes liberty to comment on every other religion? Should the Watchtower not be directing its own members to get information about other religions from their websites or research? This group speaks out of both sides of its mouth.

Alex Friday, May 31, 2013
@ 4:28 PM
My thoughts.
Truly this is a high control group. Having watched this sect from near the inside I can say with confidence that what you see (being love bombed at the assembly for example) is not what you get. Families are torn apart when one exercises their human right to change their mind about following these human leaders called the 'Governing Body'. The dictate the values of over 6 million members. This religion is all about the Watchtower, Awake and the Societies publications. Not the scriptures. Why are members trained to lie by saying they are offering a 'free bible study' which in reality turns out to be a lifetime of Watchtower publication studies? A member told me back in the 1980's that the end of this 'system of things' would probably happen within 5 years and definitely within 10. Now that person is out and shunned because the group lied to her. This is a bad group and one needs to do a lot of independent investigation about the Watchtower. Exactly the opposite of what the JW religion wants you to do.

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