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Monday, September 17, 2007
@ 3:36 PM
To JB and WES

XFW Sunday, September 16, 2007
@ 4:12 PM
Time for the broom!
Jehovah needs to clean house at 25 Columbia Heights; Brooklyn, NY 11201. Jehovah's Witnesses: Unclean! Unclean!

aNoNyMoUs Sunday, September 16, 2007
@ 4:04 PM
The clink is coming! The clink is coming!
Watchtower (Jehovah's Witnesses), your day in court coming. Do you really believe that child pedophilia is protected in the Holy Bible? The clink is coming to 25 Columbia Heights; Brooklyn Heights, New York 11201. Keep abusing the law. We will educate the United States Supreme Court of your disgusting attitudes towards the laws of the United States. We will remove this pacifier from your mouths.

YAV Sunday, September 16, 2007
@ 3:56 PM
Way to go Watchtower, g-day sex pervert
Here we go again. Another JW pedophile in Australia being protected by Watchtower, Inc. Anyone keeping track of how many countries the Watchtower,Inc. has of sick birdies? If you are reading this guestbook post, Watchtower, we are WATCHING you very carefully. Another judge dismayed by Watchtower's inaction. We need to yank the tax-exempt status off this sex pervert religion.

WES Saturday, September 15, 2007
@ 8:32 AM
The Old Testament
Does not the Old Testament state that it was God's law of permitting of stoning individuals who were wicked? The Jehovah's Witnesses quoting the 2 eyewitness rule (an Old Testament teaching) to justify their child abuse policy. What if the stoning of individuals of wickedness was done in today's times. What do you think will happen? Both of these teachings are not appropriate in the context of child abuse. If we look at the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation, this would not justify the 2 eyewitness rule. The bottom line question is...Would Jesus Christ promote this child abuse policy? The Jehovah's Witness quoting of one scripture does not harmonize with the rest of the Bible. Period.

JB Friday, September 14, 2007
@ 10:53 AM
Motives of the Rank & File JW's
There are two things I've learned from my experience as a JW: 1) As a JW, my mother was told of her husband's attempted molestation of me as a child, and she was an eye witness to the physical, verbal and emotional abuse by my JW husband. Yet she chose to shun me and stay with the WTB&TS. Being a JW is her only source of credibility, and she will hang onto it by her fingernails, no matter who or what else she has to give up. Most of the rank and file have something working for them personally as a JW whether it be credibility of being a bona fide godly person or the security of knowing they're on the right path with God (false and disgusting as it may be, it is what they believe). 2)Good people frequently stand by and allow evil to take place, because they're not in charge. Look at historical accounts of Hitler and the holocaust and all of the other atrocities that have taken place during the time of mankind. My point is that nothing will change in the organization until the WTB&TS is forced to change their practices. Hitting them in the pocketbook with large judgments is a good start. Discouraging everyone you know from purchasing their literature is an added bonus. The key solution would be legislation to remove a religion's tax exempt status if ever being found guilty of covering up abuse. The WTB&TS's main goal is to amass further fortunes. Once that goal is impeded with laws that say they can't sacrifice women and children in cover- ups of abuse, their foul practices will end.

Thursday, September 13, 2007
@ 1:34 PM
I appreciated your comments in your post! We are not apostates here, we are messengers about the horrendous pedophile issue among the Jehovah's Witnesses' religion. How can anyone not agree that what is going on is truly abhorrent and that children are being damaged, maybe for life by these sick, sick, sick pedophiles who most certainly ARE rampant among the JW religion. Telling people about this terrible situation in NOT apostate, it is the RIGHT thing to do!!! The children need to protected and saved, NOT the pedophiles. Helping, supporting, and protecting the pedophiles is just as sick as what the pedophiles do! It is a horrible thing to cover for these people who should not be in a position ANYWHERE there is access to children! Also, I agree that it is blasphemous to use God's name among the nations while being such hardcore hypocrites about pedophilia in the midst of the religion! The WTB&TS tears apart the Catholic religion about this disgusting and sickening abuse that is pedophilia while letting this crime run rampant in its own 'religion'. How hypocritical can anyone get?! Words can be cheap. It's true that actions speak louder than words. To knock another religion for its abuse problems while the abuse problems are also prevalent in the JW religion is a joke, a very bad, poor, blasphemous, hypocritical, and ignorant joke! We here are for the most part former Jehovah's Witnesses. We are not spreading hypocritical words here in God's name. Yes, we ARE simply messengers here. Don't "shoot" the messengers! By all means, be Jehovah's Witnesses, if that is what you want. Nobody, but nobody, has the right to attempt to try to control what religion someone should be in. However, please wake up, and be totally aware of the pedophilia problem and how horribly serious it is - - and that it is definitely a very, very real and very, very prevalent issue in the JW religion. Please, please, please read all the personal testaments to abuse people send in to Silentlambs! Anyway, DJB, I really liked and appreciated your insightful and intelligent comments! Keep 'em comin'! :-)

Thursday, September 13, 2007
@ 12:49 PM
To Earl
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just couldn't remember the exact words to the quote, and I really appreciate your posting them! Thank you for BOTH of the quotes. They're both good ones! I am going to use both of them along with the Silentlambs website address when I post my index cards. Thanks again!

Earl Thursday, September 13, 2007
@ 10:46 AM
Quotes on Evil
Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction. Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662) All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke

DJB Wednesday, September 12, 2007
@ 7:45 PM
Calling us Apostate??
Calling us apostate??? Just calling us that doesn't make it so...The scriptures tell us by their fruits you will recognize these men. If one answers these questions I listed further on... HONESTLY... It will be obvious!!! I ask is what we promote against the bible?? Who is practicing behavior that is illegal?? Who is it that takes pride in saying they are God's People but dishonor God by allowing pedophiles access to children because of wt policies?? Who is it that has knowledge and truth teach others the bible but they do not teach themselves?? Who is it that preaches "Do not steal" but "they rob" children of their innocence or they consent with those who do?? Are not Pedophiles teachers of what is bad?? Isn't this being one of Jehovah's Witnesses in name only? And resting upon one's membership to save them instead of by what they practice?? Or do you think it is it those who expose those who practice pedophilia?? What does the bible say??? Romans 2: 24 warns these apostate hypocrites that "the name of God is being blasphemed on account of you people among the nations." Which Group uses God's name among the nations?? Many of us here are not considered JW's...but out of org. So I ask who uses God's name among the nations??? In verse 16 it says that "God through Christ Jesus judges the secret things..." How does he judge them?? In verse 6 it tells us "he will render each one according to his works... regardless of whether "one is with law" or "without law." If one is JW or someone who is not. By what we do shows if we are apostate. What kind of fruit is being produced here?? What does the evidence show?? Isn't this web site exposing those who are apostate JW, by what they do?? The sexual abuse of children couldn't get more APOSTATE then that.... The evidence is overwhelming!!!!! We are only the messengers!!!!! DJB

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
@ 3:48 PM
Can't understand
It has become so very hard for me to comprehend otherwise intelligent and seemingly intellectual people being so taken in by this religion, especially in light of the abuse issues. It just seems so crazy that these good people get hooked in and actually STAY hooked in! It doesn't matter if they have hearts of gold. So many of them still can find no fault with the Jehovah's Witness religion. The facts have been coming out and staring these people in the faces and STILL they do not see. This is not an apostate site. This is a site that people come to, because they want to see the pedophilia issue settled and stopped once and for all, for the WTBTS to change its policy on pedophilia. The victimized children need help, and the elders are trying to help the abusers! This is NUTTY, and how can anybody try to excuse it one little iota? It doesn't deserve any excuses! How on earth can these poor misled people be helped to wake up?! How do you get through to them? The whole situation is so stupid and incomprehensible - - that the so-called religious "leaders" are letting something so criminal to take place! Please, JWs, go ahead and be Jehovah's Witnesses if that's what you want. But, please see the pedophile situation for what it really is - - criminal! The whitewashing to cover up these crimes is also criminal. The whitewashing is simply to present a phony pearly white exterior. Peel away that exterior and see the filth that's underneath exposed. It is not apostate to want to annihilate and to try destroying such a hideous crime! It is a good thing to want to do that! The children deserve that! They deserve EVERY consideration they can possibly get to protect them and support them. They deserve to heal and find happiness. For them to be punished and scapegoated is criminal in itself! How, how, how can anyone treat CHILDREN in such a way?! It's inhuman! Let the blame go where it really belongs. The blame needs to lie on the pedophiles. If the WTB&TS can't see this, and actually, it doesn't really seem to care, then, speaking for myself, I would want no part of such a religion, ANY religion, I repeat - - ANY religion that is so cold, callous, and inconsiderate of its most precious "members" (after all, Jesus himself wasn't baptized till he was thirty!) as to put these children's abusers above them. Not only is it not natural it is CRUEL, and it is bizarre!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
@ 3:12 PM
Once or twice I have seen a quote here on Silentlambs that says something about evil being people who do nothing. Can anyone please say what the exact quote is? It's a good one, and I would like to share it with others. Also, I would like to post it along with the web address for Silentlambs. I hope that it will get people's attention, so that they will want to look up Silentlambs and check it out! First, the quote will be the grabber, and then underneath it will be the Silentlambs address. I don't know how much good it will do, but it's something I want to try. It's short and to the point - - all "in a nutshell". I just want a quick attention getter to post on various bulletin boards, like at the mall and so on. I just wish I could remember that quote verbatim! Thanks to anyone who may know what it is!

Earl Wednesday, September 12, 2007
@ 11:46 AM
Progress Report
Just wanted to report on my posting of Silentlambs brochures. The word must be getting out in my N. Michigan area because every time I post something in banks and markets etc. It will get taken down within a couple of days. I suspect jw's are finding them and throwing them away. I can't imagine they would be bothering anyone else. But in the mean time the public is also seeing them. I am going to ask management if they are taking them down just to be sure. I keep putting them up and printing them out. Anyone else have this experience? Regardless of who is trying to stop my posting, the truth is getting out and hopefully someone in need will know that they have a place to go for help at SL. Blessings to all

Socrates Tuesday, September 11, 2007
@ 6:17 PM
I agree with Earl 100%. According to the real definition of apostate, Jesus was an apostate because he left the faith of his youth. He was also an apostate according to WT definition he was an apostate because he spoke out about evil practices within the religion that at the time was accepted as God's true people.

Earl Tuesday, September 11, 2007
@ 12:56 PM
'Apostate' word again
I notice again the word apostate being used. Lets look at this word and why JW's use it so often when someone disagrees with them. One of the definitions I like is an apostate is someone who leaves their religion or faith. Would they call a Catholic an apostate for leaving the church and joining the jw's ?? Do you see how one sided they are when they use this word. I would suspect that most jw's are apostate in that they changed religion at one time. Being an apostate is not necessarily a bad or good thing. If one finds that he is involved with a false religion it is his obligation to move on. People who know the bible will tell you that the word apostate meant leaving your faith in God, not religion as there were not the denominations back then that we have today. So why do they use this word so often, from my experience with them it is mainly because they are simply parroting what they have heard from the WT. You see everyone who disagrees with the WT is an apostate because they are taught that they are saved and the rest of the world is not, very simple theology and many are brainwashed to believe it. I challenge any witness to disagree with the WT some Sunday morning and see how fast you are shunned and soon become an apostate if you don't cave in. So all you apostate slingers please stop using a word that doesn't apply here. As someone said here that there is nothing that is not settled by using scripture, I would refer them to Ephe.5 where it speaks of being no part of unfruitful works of darkness and to EXPOSE them.Also do you think the apostle Paul would have allowed pedophiles in his church as he tried to keep it clean, he ordered those evil characters to be expelled and not protected. This is not about religion, its not about anyone being an apostate. It's about exposing an evil that is allowed by WT doctrine and the personal thoughts of some elders. It is about a cover up of grievous acts in the org. If you are a typical witness you will refuse to believe this and instead call people names but I assure you that you are either part of the problem or part of the solution to change things that will stop the abuse of our kids and others. Calling names will not change anything so why not join us and help out. If being an apostate means separating from the jw's beliefs then that is a complement to me for I realize it takes a smart and brave person to challenge a religion but once one listens to their conscience they can see what they must do. For me that meant separating from the org. as there was no choice as I as well as everyone else had no voice to even question things. How could I sit there and know that abuse was going on and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it? I felt ashamed, I felt like a slave to men, I felt like a programed robot but I always new in my heart that I had to get out and when I did I finally started seeing the Truth and feeling free and loved. I have seen many others express the same feelings. Lets keep our eye on the goal to help the silent lambs.

T.J. Tuesday, September 11, 2007
@ 12:31 AM
My response to Geo C
JW's are hilariously insane. They love to quote that scripture about "throwing stones" when it applies to their foibles and apostasy but not other faiths! I remember hearing JWs never quoting that scripture when the Catholic Church scandal broke out concerning pedophilia! Never! All I heard was how this is the reason why God will wipe out "false religion." Whenever there's a scandal involving the WBTS they would make blanket statements like "perfect organization, imperfect members." But if they are what they claim (the oldest and only true religion) they should not be making life-altering false doctrines like they have. They first said organ transplants were cannibalism then changed their minds; then they said vaccinations were ungodly and changed their minds; they've even gone as far as saying good Christians should not celebrate wedding anniversaries and then changed their minds. Think about all those who died obeying they man-made laws. Think about all those who never married or had children because they were instructed not to due to the "time being short." I recall back in the late seventies a brother actually saying in his discourse we are on the "very, very end of the system of things." Yeah, right. Think about those who quit good- paying jobs and sold land etc because the "new system is right around the corner." How about condemning college and later lying by saying they never did! Ever work with or for a JW? Talk about dishonest and scandalous. Oftentimes they swindle their brothers and hide behind certain elders who's butts they kissed. On many occasions I worked and never got paid. Or underpaid. And yes, by elders. (Ever work for $1.00 an hour?) JW's make me sick with their double standards and chicanery. I was one for over 30 years and I don't know what finally woke me up but I'm so glad it happened. JWs have shunned me socially for walking away but just the other day I got a phone call from one of those "shunners." It seemed he was moving and wanted me to help him! Apparently he couldn't rely on the "brotherhood" the "friends" ... so he wants my help. Make up your mind, am I bad association or not? And this is not the first time it's happened. I apologize for straying from the purpose of the website. But for those of you reading this who are interested in joining (or remaining) I merely share this as a warning. Of course, in light of what I shared, it should be no surprise they have no regard for victims of child molestation! And, lastly, if you want to talk about child abuse ... How about dragging their children out door to door in the blistering heat and/or freezing cold to pawn their lies on others. Thanks for letting me speak my mind. Love the website.

jcurry Monday, September 10, 2007
@ 10:56 PM
Life mest up
People tho imperfect and use these sights are usually apostate,I have never in any of my years seen a time when Bible Principals were not used to set matters straight as 2nd Timothy 3 :16 states

DJB Monday, September 10, 2007
@ 6:51 PM
Throwing the First Stone???
In bible times in Israel, the accuser threw the first stone at the person they accused, this is after the case had been heard by the older men of Israel and they had been found guilty. So another Israelite could accuse another Israelite of an offense under law and expect justice. In Leviticus 5:1 the Israelite had to come forward as it says "...and he is a witness or he has seen it or has come to know of it he does not reports it then he must answer for his error." There is was no shooting the messenger as the error was in not coming forward. So they had their own justice system to maintain law and order for criminals in the nation of Israel. "let no one suffer as a murderer or a thief etc..." 1 Peter 4:15 It was the death penalty for deliberate murder and sexual crimes. The penalties were much harsher and less tolerant then today. So does God feel any different today? Today there have been many cases involving fellow witnesses before the courts of the lands and many found guilty and many victims had to figuratively throw that first stone. We can see the mountain of cases that have been before the courts ...the cases that have been won... This is happening over and over... it says something about the conditions in God's house... Further on after it tells us not to suffer as a murderer/thief it warns "For it is the appointed time for judgment to start with the house of God." 1 Peter 4:17. So I ask if the righteous one in God's house is saved with difficulty where would the (sinners...) murderers or thieves or pedophiles in God's house make a showing??

adrienne Sunday, September 9, 2007
@ 11:25 AM
not teaching the bible
I was in the JW’s for many years and although they appear to answer your questions and are supposed to answer it by the bible they do not always give you an accurate answer. You only believe what you want to believe but they have a way of teaching that goes beyond the bible. Believe me they are trained to say the watchtower words not gods word. I was talking to a elders wife once and she said if the watchtower society asked her to wear a spotty dress for the rest of her life she would. This how deep it goes; you jump when they say jump. Also, they mark people within the organization if they feel they are a bad association. Even if you have been in the society for years, if you don’t toe the line they mark you individually and you are not invited to their gatherings etc. They appear to teach you the bible but its a question and answer from one of the society’s publications, as you are not allowed to read things from the world, therefore you are not informed by the outside. This is there ploy to keep you in, in ignorance. When you leave them you could not read the bible in a normal way as you will forever read it through the eyes of the watchtower soc. I know I can’t read the bible anymore with a open mind. So I just believe in the way my mother originally taught me when I was small to love everyone in a human way that’s all you need to follow. Its much safer not to get involved with any man made religion because that’s all they are. Just trust in god and you can’t go wrong. I was foolish to stay so long. Like I said there are some dear friends I’ve left behind, but as they are not allowed to talk to me I can not help them I just pray they will find out the abuse that is within.

Socrates Sunday, September 9, 2007
@ 10:43 AM
geo c "throwing stones "
Geo, I find it offensive that you see the matter of reporting about child molestation as "stone throwing". When I started talking about my molestation and other abuses, I don’t think that it was throwing stones it was simply conveying facts, in an effort to warn others of possible danger. If you were driving toward a serious car crash on the freeway, which could potentially cause you harm, and a police officer were warning you about the danger, trying to help keep you out of danger. Would you say that he was throwing stones in regards to the person who had crashed, or the state which owned the road, or the maker of the car that the person was driving? No, he was simply trying to keep others from being hurt. That is my intention as well as most of the other people who post here, to warn people of potential impending danger.

Socrates Sunday, September 9, 2007
@ 10:05 AM
I can also confirm what they said about treatment, poison pen letters, and slander etc. I was raised as a JW and have experienced all of that many times even though I did not break their rules. They in ever case made assumptions about me and took action because they believed they were right. Then I was stupid and submitted to them, but not any more. Now happy and actually have self confidence.

CW Sunday, September 9, 2007
@ 7:09 AM
Confirming Adrienne And M711's Statements
I confirm what adrienne says below here: "I had to have an injunction on my husband and the jws as they went into my work place asking questions they sent individuals to my home to pester me, poison pen letters, so i sent a letter to end all contact with them, they now say I'm dead in there eyes and refuse to speak to me." I also confirm what M711 said about JW elders sending a backstabbing slanderous letter from one congregation to another when a JW moves from one congregation to another. The Watchtower Society's Service Department is behind the harassment which is directed against us wherever we move to and the harassment right at our own homes.

Anonymous Saturday, September 8, 2007
@ 9:53 PM
I agree with the previous post about telling the local authorities to get rid of them. I am from Massachusetts and I call the police quite frequently on the Jehovah's Witnesses. I tell them that there are pedophiles in my neighborhood knocking on doors. When the police arrive they tell them to go away. As soon as I tell the police that they are pedophiles Jehovah's Witnesses, they come quickly. We can never be too careful with these perverts on the loose.

SJG Saturday, September 8, 2007
@ 9:26 PM

I meant to say, I have to THANK the creators of this website. THANK YOU!

Sheela Saturday, September 8, 2007
@ 9:23 PM
My Happiest Ever!
Hello All! God bless & keep you all! It's been almost a year now since Jehovah removed the veil that satan has put over me in regards to the bible & true worship. I now attend a local Abundant Life Christian Center. I listen to Pastors from all over the place. I am allowed to now. I can pray about things & question things. The teaching of the Pastors I've been listening to & at my church is soooo deep. I keep pinching myself, so to speak, because the witnesses would speak on some of this stuff, but I've come to learn that it is in a very surface way, not deep at all. These Pastors really know the word & they tell you to prove what they say from the bible & don't put them on a pedestal, worship God. We do about an hour of Praise & Worship where we sing & you can dance if the Spirit moves you. You don't have to feel like you're unclean because you want to praise God with instruments, dancing & rhythmic singing. It's like the worship when King David was alive & they brought out the cymbals & tambourines. Satan does not want anyone doing Praise & Worship…… I ask that you all keep praying & asking God to help you to worship Him His way always. Then when you make mistakes, He will pull you back. I feel for the witness because they are like Lazarus & The Rich Man (Luke 16), I fear. I feel like the ones who have died may be in hell being tormented by the devil & begging Jesus to warn those who are still alive. At any rate, God's Love & Peace to you all! PS=I have to thank the creators of this website for being used by God to remove the veil. Much Thanks!!!............................................. ............Silentlambs response Sheela we appreciate your thanks. We are glad that you have found happiness in your life.

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