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SL Tuesday, August 28, 2007
@ 10:55 AM
Do you guys ever encourage the victims to turn to Jesus as their Lord and Savior? Or is this website just meant to be against the Jehovah’s Witness religion?................Moderator response SL, Thank you for your inquiry. To answer your question simply, we try to keep the focus of the site on the issue of child abuse, and policies which add to the problem. We try not to discuss doctrine because we don’t want to make any victims, who are only looking for help, feel uncomfortable or pressured. We try to offer assistance and support, and then when they feel comfortable they can begin to seek their religious beliefs on their own.

latinaprincess Monday, August 27, 2007
@ 12:05 PM
finally, no more silence!!!!
I'm glad someone has finally taken the bull by the horns and is speaking out about this. I too was told not to talk as well as my sister to the police about an incident that happened to us. May you continue doing your good work.

NF19 Sunday, August 26, 2007
@ 8:24 PM
For Amely
I am not an expert on why people do things. MAN has a degree in psychology he said. His comments said people do things 'cause they have needs from their past or they have problems now. but they don't do things because they think the bible says it's true all the time. If people think attacking children is okay because the watchtower says so then they would be mentally sick. I think many witnesses don't like the wt becuase they protect the bad men but if they complain, they get in trouble.

SKB Saturday, August 25, 2007
@ 10:52 AM
Congress needs to hear these cases
The United States congress needs to act when religion goes wrong. If a religion acts wickedly, the United States congress needs to step in and act. I feel any religious institution that permits should be fined $1 Billion USD per incident. Congress needs to make it clear to these pedophile paradise religions (Catholics and Watchtower Bible and Tract Society) that this will not be tolerated in this great country. Here are 2 links that should get people going: Senate ( _cfm.cfm) and the House of Representatives ( Likewise, All other countries should do the same. We have to make it clear to these 2 branches of government that these actions will not be tolerated. Let's go.

Amely Saturday, August 25, 2007
@ 7:02 AM
to melody
First of all, I want to say thank you to melody that you have the strength to share your experiences and fears with us! you're really a strong person and I admire you for that! I also wanted to say sorry, 'caus I didn't even recognize that this was a guestbook in English (I’ve only seen the translation in German, so I also wrote in German :)) I just cannot understand how such a group has that much power to persuade so many people with their belief and their rituals. if I read something or some typical things about Jehovah’s witnesses it terrifies me. I don't want to have nothing to do with them. but why are there so many people who believe whatever is written e.g. in the watchtower... that there will be a war in our world and that just the witnesses will survive this?? I don't get it. everyone who can think a bit logically knows that these are all lies!! I wish all those who are affected and who have to fight against this group just the best!!! stay strong!

david Saturday, August 25, 2007
@ 12:36 AM
No Sanctions? Not the case
"There are certainly no sanctions against any congregation member who reports an allegation of child abuse to the authorities." I found this an interesting statement, when I reported my own sexual abuse to the Police I was approached by the elders and asked to stop the case. The alternative was DF, this without a hearing. As I would not drop the case this is what happened; so is it the local congregational elders who are not following the proper guidelines?

Earl Friday, August 24, 2007
@ 11:48 AM
Melody and all
Thanks for posting the web-sites to sign the petition, it only takes a minute or two and is so very important. Also thanks for positive comments. People here are so very nice. I also encourage all to donate what they can to help Silent Lambs as all money goes to the cause. I don't have much to give this month but every little bit helps. I appreciate all who are getting the word out and I like the idea of contacting people in the media to catch these people. We may never know how our service may touch others but anything we can do will help someone. Blessings

Melody Blankenship Thursday, August 23, 2007
@ 9:13 PM
Petition to the Congress of the US
A Matter Of Truth ----------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- To: The Congress of the United States of America We demand your prompt and thorough investigation of all religious personnel and their institutions in our country who bear responsibility for the sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults. We demand a full report of your investigation and recommendations so these abuses will cease, so those accountable will be brought to justice, so those people harmed will have restitution, and so appropriate laws will be enacted to ensure the prosecution of offenders and their superiors. Copy and paste the above address into your search engine to sign the petition, or you can also go to and sign it there as well. Thank you for your help in getting this petition signed and circulated. Blessings to Each of You!

Melody Blankenship Thursday, August 23, 2007
@ 4:46 PM
To anyone who appreciates this website, I would strongly urge you to make a donation to this cause! Silentlambs has been such a blessing to so many people, exposing the Jehovah's Witnesses for what they really are...wolves in sheep's clothing. Donations are tax deductible and I am sure that every little bit helps. God bless Silentlambs, Bill and Janet Bowen, and you as well!

NF19 Thursday, August 23, 2007
@ 2:45 PM
About MacLean and Porter
I live in the south part of the USA. I know one author in New England. I'm going to contact her about these 2 animals. Eventually someone has to see them. I don't know how to tell all the media but I'll let the pros do that. I do know that if either slime ball is spotted in Texas, the cops won't be needed. I'm not good at reading all the comments but I wouldn't blame anyone if either of these pigs got murdered. One victim was 18 months old? You have to be a really sick weasel to do that to a toddler. If the elders allow this, they serve Satan. Well, I knew that anyway. The whole WT serves Satan. If my friend will print an article in her paper, the WT will not like it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007
@ 12:29 PM
To Earl
I enjoyed your e-mail - - it was so well written! Yes, even in rural areas you never know if there might be someone whose life will be changed for the better if they found out about Silentlambs. It was encouraging when you said the word is getting out more and more all over the United States and the world! Ephesians 5:11 is such a supportive scripture for what Silentlambs is all about. Thanks for sharing it with us. Silentlambs and everyone keep on exposing the evil that is going on and is destroying children! Keep at it consistently, persistently, because what Earl said is so true - - eventually the WT and JW congregations will know that they can know longer keep on harming the silent lambs! As Ephesians 5:11 says, "expose". Expose, expose, expose. Thanks for such an encouraging and supportive e-mail, Earl! Your support is so helpful to so many victims!

Earl Tuesday, August 21, 2007
@ 9:15 PM
To all
Nice to see so many people responding and sharing their experience. I was thinking the other day as I put up some Silent lambs posters that there probably wasn't much of a chance of anyone in need in my rural area finding them and calling Sl's for support. But then I thought what if just one poor soul who had been shunned by family and other jw's, and suffered many years in silence and shame was to find a poster that offered help to them, then it was surely worth the effort. I know there were times in my life that I was so desperate for guidance and prayed for help and somehow someone or something came along to show me the way. At first I had to question myself if I was doing the right thing by educating people I know and warning others about the dangerous doctrines of the WT org. I knew I would make some waves and the JW's that I tried to talk to basically cut me off, refused to even listen or look at evidence, and actually quit talking to me. I guess I am marked now:) I prayed over my decision and asked for strength to carry the message and day by day I see more evidence that SL's is providing a much needed service and the word is getting out more and more all over the US and other parts of the world.Last night as I was reading the scriptures I came across a verse that summed it all up for me.Ephesians 5:11 speaking of immoral acts it says 'take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead EXPOSE them. For it is a shame to even speak of the things they do in secret, but when anything is exposed to the light it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light" I thought that really spoke of the evil that goes on that must be exposed and the work of all involved with SL's that brings such abuse to light. Soon WT and all JW congregations will know that we are watching and they will not get away with harming the silent lambs any longer and that makes my heart glad. You all keep up the good work. Blessings

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
@ 7:20 PM
To Melody
I am sure sorry about your dad! That must be so very hard for you and your family to see him so different from the person he used to be. It's so sad! I hope that eventually he will see that he was hooked into a cult that uses and exploits people, not just when it comes to victims of pedophilia but in other ways. also. There is mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse. One of the worst things I've heard about when it comes to abuse of women, for instance, is that when they do the so-called "right thing" and go to the elders if their husbands are abusing them, and, instead of getting help and support, they are simply told to go home and be "better wives"! That is absurd! There is no excuse for the abuse they are receiving from their husbands. No excuse! There is never any excuse for abusing someone whether it is physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Elders are just demeaning women when they tell them to just go home and be better wives. That is also abuse. How can people just sit back and let these things happen - - pedophilia, spousal abuse, and spiritual abuse of anyone at all in the 'rank and file'?! It sounds, Melody, as if your father has suffered spiritually, and that is terrible! In a true Christian religion these things would not be tolerated, would not be happening! I wish your father the best, and, you, too, as it must be so difficult to see what your dad is going through!

Melody Blankenship Tuesday, August 21, 2007
@ 5:09 PM
In response to Amely
While the main theme of the Silentlambs is to protect children from sexual abuse, the Jehovah's Witnesses definitely do abuse not only the children, but anyone who is vulnerable. They sucked my dad into the organization a little over ten years ago at age 66, and he has been going down hill fast ever since. He is not the same person I grew up with at all...they have got him so brainwashed, it is sickening. He is more like a robot than the once head strong man I knew...currently on medication for depression, as well. For the organization to claim to be the only ones that know the "truth," and to be the perfect organization, it sure seems to me that they have quite a few members who have some type of mental illness, and they try to hide that as well. I just hope my dad comes out of this cult before he dies and goes to hell, and yes, there really is a hell, but thank God, there is also a Heaven! That's where I'm headed and I hope you are as well!

SilentLambs Moderator Monday, August 20, 2007
@ 8:49 PM
Thank you for your request to make a donation to silentlambs. The website certainly does take time and of course money to maintain. There are monthly and annual fees to keep up with as to educating the world about abuse within the Watchtower's worldwide corporation. Also we receive countless emails from abuse survivors daily that we correspond with, along with time in educating media as to how Watchtower's 'two eye-witness' policy continues to hurt children. We sincerely appreciate the kind donations of others to help us protect children. If you would like to make a donation, please email us at or click the 'donate' tab under our logo at the top of the web page. We do accept 'PayPal' and also all donations are tax deductible as we are a non-profit organization. Once again thank you for your kindness over the years, and if our work has protected one child, it is worth the sacrifice of a lifetime!

Monday, August 20, 2007
@ 4:32 PM
To Daniel
Hi - - I agree that we shouldn't fear the WTB&TS, even though it likes to make such a big deal out of itself. It ISN'T a big deal, and it is pompous and arrogant of the governing body to think it is. A true Christian religion has the great gift of humility. To show humility and loving kindness, the so-called "leaders" in the governing body would show real Christian love to victims of pedophilia, instead of acting like such hard liners and making these children and their parents suffer miserable lives for wanting to do the right and correct thing. That is to go to the police. The elders should advocate THAT, not advocate for the pedophile! If the WTB&TS tries to shut down Silentlambs then they would be showing who really is in fear - - themselves!

JB Monday, August 20, 2007
@ 1:45 PM
Financial Need
I wish I could donate the $1,000 that the Silent Lambs need a million times over, but I cannot. What I can do is donate a small part of it. Where can I send a check? To whom may I send my credit card number? Please let us know!

Melody Blankenship Sunday, August 19, 2007
@ 9:23 PM
New Hall going up across from grade school
We, the children of Bobby Gene Powell of the Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses of Elk City, Oklahoma, succeeded in getting the construction of the new hall stopped on our home place, but the new hall is now being constructed across from one of the grade schools here in town. Are there any picketers out there? We need to let the townspeople know that these people protect pedophiles and to watch their children with an eagle eye. If anyone feels up to protesting, just let me know via the GuestBook or contact the Silentlambs and tell them to get in touch with me, I am pretty sure the building will start over the Labor Day holiday, but am not positive about the date.

Amely Sunday, August 19, 2007
@ 2:41 PM
An Alle
ich habe einige fragen an alle, die bei den zeugen jehovas waren und es geschafft haben, sich von ihnen los zu lösen (wenn man das so sagen kann...) ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, wie das alles abläuft. ich finde es so unglaublich, dass eine solche "organisation" so viel macht über einen menschen aus zu üben vermag. andererseits fasziniert es mich. ich möchte aber gar nichts persönlich mit dieser sekte zu tun haben. mich würde es einfach interessieren, was für rituale es gibt, oder wie die zeugen das leben des einzelnen genau beeinflussen. ausserdem verstehe ich nicht, wenn die rede von missbrauch ist, meint ihr dann sexuellen oder psychichen missbrauch, oder schläge? es wäre wirklich toll, wenn jemand meine fragen beantworten würde. ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass alle diejenigen eine sehr sehr schwere und harte zeit hinter sich haben, die die zeugen verlassen haben. doch andererseits kann man noch mehr leid der anderen menschen doch nur verhindern, indem man offen über sein schicksal und die wirkliche realität die hinter dieser mächtigen sekte steckt, spricht... Rough Translation German/English as follows------------------I have some questions for all who used to be JWs and tried to get rid of them (if you can do that so to say) I can't imagine how that goes. I find it so unbelievable, that such an "organization" could get some people to do such thngs. On the other hand it fascinates me though I've had nothing personal to do with this sect. For it is simply interesting what kind of rituals there are, or how the Witnesses can have such an exacting/precise influence on the individual. Moreover I don't understand when abuse gets spoken about, whether you're talking about sexual or psychic abuse, or beatings? It would be really great if somebody would answer my questions. I can well imagine that all of those who've left the Witnesses have a really really difficult and hard time. Yet on the other hand a person could do more to prevent a lot worse by openly speaking out about his fate and the true realities that are put behind this powerful sect...----------

Daniel Chamberlayne Saturday, August 18, 2007
@ 2:00 PM
First and foremost ...I want to commend you on this website. This website is needed to keep people informed with what goes on within the organization of Jehovah Witnesses !! I've already read a couple of articles and I'm still reading ! Beautiful job and keep it up !!! Don't allow the organization to shut you down....they might if they have already tried.....DON'T FEAR THEM !!! Thank you so much, Daniel Chamberlayne

Wednesday, August 15, 2007
@ 11:41 AM
To Melody
Hi, Melody, I agree with you about educating people about abuse of the elderly and others in the 'rank and file' by the WTB&TS's attempts to get money from them, and property, too. I was acquainted with someone who lost some property to the JW religion, and she was quite unhappy about it! It seems like the kind of thing scam artists do! There are so many naive, vulnerable, and innocent people in the 'rank and file' who are such easy prey to scam tactics. I agree with you that it's also abuse to take advantage of people in the JW religion for their money and/or property! It's another kind of abuse that should be addressed. I'm sure glad you brought this up!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
@ 6:48 PM
To Herbert
Yep, apparently the picture on the Watchtower issue was a fake. I had submitted a question about it to Silentlambs 'Contact Us' about it, and was told that some very professional looking magazine covers had been made that were actually mocking the JWs. It's really hard to say what the Witnesses might be up to next. But, this particular cover seemed really "over the top" for the Witnesses. It seems like they would be really taking a chance if they were to publish a photograph like that on the cover of the Watchtower magazine! It was very well done, though! It was a very good jab at the WTB&TS and the pedophile issue.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
@ 5:29 PM
To Natty
That would be so cool if people would provide the truth about the abuse issue at airports and other places! The Jehovah's Witnesses don't have a monopoly on the right to place literature and to teach people. The Witnesses also don't have a monopoly on being 'good, decent people who live decent lifestyles'. A Witness said to me the other day, "We're Witnesses. " and then something about the lifestyles of people who aren't Witnesses. Most people I've ever known, Witnesses or not, have been really nice, decent people living healthy lifestyles. I'm a little tired of non-Witnesses being shot down as though they live poor, indecent lifestyles. Man! And then for the Witnesses to knock the Catholic religion about pedophilia when this crime is so prevalent in the JW religion. Talk about nerve the WTB&TS has to mislead the 'rank and file' about pedophilia in their own midst! Yes, in airports, bus stations, and elsewhere, the truth about pedophilia and JWs should be made known. The JWs aren't the only ones who have a right to be at these places providing their version of the "truth". Pedophilia IS a real, appalling problem in the JW religion, and the public should be informed about it. It sounds as if the 'rank and file' should also be better educated about the horrific issue!

Melody Blankenship Tuesday, August 14, 2007
@ 5:37 AM
Elderly abuse
I think you should add abuse of the elderly right up there with the child abuse issue....God knows the JW's prey on the elderly, especially if they have a little money! Get some lawyers on board that specialize in that area. Blessings!

Herbert Tuesday, August 14, 2007
@ 3:56 AM
Watchtower cover fake
So, the Watchtower cover was only a fake. At first sight I thought it was true. Could it have been true? Yes, it could. It's odd, but in my view the reputation of the Watchtower organization is so low that I think they are capable of anything.

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