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Michael Monday, August 13, 2007
@ 6:13 AM
Bula Yani!
After seeing so much pain and hurt, I can only add the fijian phrase to press on, endure in doing good, bear up under suffering, keep fighting evil, never ever give up...I was df'd for 17 yrs and saw David's words come true: for you yourself o Jehovah have helped me and comforted me. Work out with me a sign meaning goodness, that those hating me may see it, and be ashamed. Congrats for such a well set up website and the encouragement of good things being worked out.

Sunday, August 12, 2007
@ 7:18 PM
To all - - whoops
Hi, it turns out that the Watchtower cover I was worried about was a fake cover making a jab at the WTB&TS. If I'd been observant I'd have noticed that the magazine said Jehover's Kingdom on it, which would have definitely proven that it was a fake. Live and learn. Hope I didn't cause anyone else concern. If so, I'm sorry. I'm going to have to be more observant about these things! :-)

Natty Sunday, August 12, 2007
@ 5:10 PM
You are doing a great job. We all know you are busy and have many plans for the website. I'm sure it will start off slow but grow in time. Please, give our warmest regards to the victim you spoke of in you last post.

Natty Sunday, August 12, 2007
@ 5:07 PM
I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you. That just shows how encompassing the 2 witness policy is. It is sad that the detective let the JW way of thinking cloud his moral judgement and probably allowed him to forgo his own police departments policies. Please find some solace in that we here on the guest book are here for you and behind you.

Natty Sunday, August 12, 2007
@ 5:03 PM
That is so funny, my huband used to do witnessing at a booth at the San Antonio airport. That would be awesome to have people there providing the true story on the abuse probelm within the JW's. I hope you get some bites as far as that goes.

louise Saturday, August 11, 2007
@ 1:25 PM

hi everyone are the watchtowers the same everywhere? could try get a copy see what on earth they are printing now. hope every one is ok.

Friday, August 10, 2007
@ 9:46 PM
Hello, LJD, I am so VERY sorry about the abuse your mother heaped on you when you were growing up. To tell the truth, it sounds as if she was a very disturbed and sick person! Pulling knives on you and pouring boiling hot water on you - - that's sick!!! Your mother needed help! Your dad needed to be told, so that you could be protected. If the elders were to have disfellowshipped any of you under the circumstances, that would have been cruel! It is NOT normal, NOT right for the elders to handle abuse issues the way they do. It is NOT okay! Any religion that treats victims of pedophilia the way the Jehovah's Witness religion does while it "pampers" the pedophiles is NOT running smoothly! Far, far from it. To be afraid to tell the elders things, to be afraid to go to the police about abuse - - this is NOT natural. It is NOT an indication of a healthy, well run religion. You did the best you could to take care of yourself once you turned 18 to make up for what you didn't get in your childhood. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made. I am sorry you couldn't go to the elders while you were growing up. I think people in the 'rank and file' should be able to be open with the elders and tell them ANYTHING without fear of any consequences. That is just plain wrong. Again, I am so sorry about how your mother treated you, the things she did to you. I hope that she is very sorry about how she hurt you, damaged you, but it is possible that she is too sick to realize how horrible and inappropriate her actions were to you. It sounds as if you were trying to take care of your parents when you were a child and that you neglected yourself. Your parents were supposed to be taking care of YOU, not the other way around. You needed nurturing while you were growing up, and you didn't get it. Mothers and fathers are supposed to NURTURE their children! I am so sorry you didn't get that nurturing! The elders, too, need to be a part of that nurturing to the 'rank and file', especially to the victims. You were a VICTIM, and you needed help!!!

Melody Blankenship Friday, August 10, 2007
@ 9:41 PM
Amarillo, TX members
Are there any members of the Silent Lambs in Amarillo, TX or the surrounding area? If so, I need to get in contact with you. I am interested in setting up a table in the Bill Husband International Airport next to the table of Jehovah's Witnesses who are currently out there on a daily basis, it seems. At least they have been there handing out their "free literature" the last five times I have been there. If anyone in that area is interested in helping, volunteering to work a table, etc., please either post on the guestbook, or the Silent Lambs have my information and they could get in contact with me. Blessings to you all!

Friday, August 10, 2007
@ 8:42 PM
To all
I saw something today that was so disturbing and appalling. It was on, on the thread about pedophilia. It was the photograph that will be on the cover of the November 2007 Watchtower magazine. Has anyone else seen it? I can't get it now. It's a picture of a man half dressed. He is nude to the waist, and the picture is a close-up. To me the picture is repulsive, and I don't think that if I was a householder I would want to obtain this magazine. At the bottom of the magazine it says something about why JWs shouldn't try to keep their children from associating with former pedophiles. What kind of an article are they trying to pull?! As far as I am concerned, the photograph of the man looks practically pornographic itself! If I had children I wouldn't want them to see the cover of that Watchtower magazine! The photograph and the article that goes with it are upsetting, especially when you think that children might see them. I can't get that picture now, at least not on this computer. It was on another computer that I saw it, and there were several pages on this thread which is based on Barbara Anderson's CD that has 5000 pages of documentation on pedophilia in the JW religion. On this computer I could only get one page. Maybe others of you can get the whole ten pages. I certainly hope so. I think it is terrible, not only the picture on the cover, but that the WTB&TS would dare to print an article telling parents that they should not keep their children from association with former pedophiles. They don't know what they are talking about. It is disgusting what they are doing!!

Friday, August 10, 2007
@ 4:36 PM
Hi, Louise
Please keep on trying to feel that power over your own life, because that power is there. In you. It's just there. That's all there is to it. Your life is in your control, it is under your control. It does take time for that to sink in after being in such an intimidating so- called religion. However, just making your own choices in life, doing "your own thing" can help you achieve that wonderful sense of being a free agent, an independent, healthy, unique individual person. You are an autonomous soul. Your spirit is your own free spirit. You do not belong to the WTB&TS. It is not your owner. Just keep living your life as valid, worthwhile human being with your own power over yourself, and eventually, as you do that, it will be easier and easier to be that person in control of your own life and to feel that control over your own life. The WTB&TS is not the military, into which people come under the jurisdiction of the military. The WTB&TS may try to come off as that kind of thing, that kind of government. But, you, indeed, nobody, has to take that seriously. Any time a religion starts to show its intentions to take over people's lives is the time for people to stop in their tracks and back off, way off!! No, Louise, you and other JWs and former JWs are not and never were peons in the Army. Anytime, anytime a religion tries to intimidate its congregants it's a huge signal that it is something to stay away from! I cannot emphasize enough that the WTB&TS is nothing to be afraid of. When it comes to children and women being abused, it is really none of the WTB&TS's business, or the elders' business! They have no right to try and take control over the victims and their families lives. Nor do others in the 'rank and file' have the right to treat victims like dirt under their shoes! That is totally disgusting!!! Hang in there, Louise, and please, please realize that you indeed are in control of your life, and that is good, and that is the way it should be. Shame, shame, shame on the WTB&TS for treating victims as villains and pedophile perpetrators as the poor, innocent ones! That is horrible! And shame on any elders who allow themselves to get caught up in the WTB&TS's attitude. And shame on any in the 'rank and file' who take the cues from the elders, who take their cues from the WTB&TS! The pedophile issue in the JW religion is horrendous and appalling. Never be afraid to do the right thing! Never fear going straight to the police in a pedophile case. Never!!! Never be ashamed or afraid of doing the right thing. Not ever. Stand up on your own two feet, everyone, and forge ahead doing the right thing - - just like Bill Bowen and others have done. Don't let fear of shunning stop you. It isn't worth it. Please don't ever put that ahead of doing the right and NOBLE thing! Hang in there, Louise, and others who are still going through a difficult time. Give it time and patience, and in the end it will be worth it - - to be away from the teachings and power trips of the WTB&TS and its marionettes! Take care!

Friday, August 10, 2007
@ 4:02 PM
To mt
Hi! It was so good to hear from you! I miss you when time goes by with no posts from you, but I do know that you have a lot on your mind and that you are quite busy. It sounds as if you have created a network there in Denmark of victims who want to help other victims. It's amazing, isn't it, how things work?! Well, I think it is awesome what you have been accomplishing! Keep up the good work!

tarponi Friday, August 10, 2007
@ 9:09 AM
For MT
At some point you should write a book to help finance your website and educate the public better, MT.

Thursday, August 9, 2007
@ 1:07 PM
To Georgette
Hi, Georgette, I am so sorry your detective turned on you and went along with the elders! I think it would be great if you were to become a spokesperson for victims and for the Silentlambs website! It would be good therapy for you, too, to be an advocate for victims. Through helping them you would be helping yourself. And, who knows, maybe you will find someone else to help you out about what your father did to you. If not another detective, perhaps an attorney or a therapist who specializes in abuse issues. Anyway, don't give up, please!! Please keep us posted about how things are going! Take care.

louise Thursday, August 9, 2007
@ 5:51 AM
hi you didn’t leave a name. I hope you are well. Thanks for taking the time to write in. oh its sad that so many fully trust and get blinkered by them and of course they then do have the power. I need to be honest I am still learning to take back control over my own life in a healthy way! It just takes time I guess, but also makes it harder to reach the innocent victims in there organization.

louise Thursday, August 9, 2007
@ 5:44 AM

mt Thursday, August 9, 2007
@ 3:14 AM
that I haven’t been writing to you, but I have had a lot on my mind. And still have. Yes I am so happy that the media's finally got Tavse Vidner's intention. And more to follow. I have many plans and are going to start with the first one next week. Our website is very quiet. Not many have been writing in there. But I hope it will come. We just have started. There has been a victim of abuse mailing to me, and she has recovered so much, that she now wants to help other victims of abuse. She is actually a very clever girl. And are doing just fine. I am looking forward to work together with her. But thank you for asking, it was so nice of you. And then I can see that there are some new victims of abuse, who has been writing here since the last time I visited Silentlambs guestbook. To you I just want to say, hang in there. It is possible to recover. And I am so sorry for what you have gone through. I'll send you love and the warmest thoughts. It is so good that you speak out. It will help you recover. Blessings to your all Maja

Georgette Wednesday, August 8, 2007
@ 8:58 PM
emotional blackmail
The elders in a CT congregation covered up my father's sexual abuse of me back 1997. I know that it is to late for a lawsuit and I really don't think that money would fix it anyways. The detective assigned to my case was studying with an elder on the judicial committee and told me that he was going to go along with whatever the elders found since their was no physical evidence. The elders found him innocent and told me that if I went around telling other witnesses that he had that it would be slander and that I would be disfellowshipped. In the past few years I've put having my family around before my conscious that tells me that I should speak up and really try to get this out into the media to protect innocent children from going through first sexual abuse, and then spiritual and mental rape at the hands of what they are told to believe is God's organization. Since, I cannot and will not sue-I would love to be a spokes person for you and an advocate to empower others so that they can survive or avoid ever going through being guilty of God's wrath for speaking up as a rape victim and a child. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and helping to protect and seek out justice for all of us victims of the wtbs. Thank you, Georgette ********************************************* Moderator response: For your personal safety you personal information has been removed but has been forwarded to the administrator of this website. Feel free to contact them at

Wednesday, August 8, 2007
@ 1:47 PM
Re: Slow
The guestbook does seem a little slow the last few days. I hope this finds everyone well, and I hope we hear from you soon. Maja, please drop us a line! Take care, all!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007
@ 6:36 PM
To mt
Hello, Maja, how are things going? How is your website going? You sure got the attention of the media! Good for you!!! Please keep us posted about how things are going! Take care!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007
@ 6:32 PM
To Louise
I really liked your comments about power. You are so right! The WTBTS and the elders only have as much power as people in the 'rank and file' give them, allow them. Nobody has to permit the elders to have power over them! That is such a sham - - their so-called power! Everybody, the elders and every single person in the "governing body" is only a human being, a simple, powerless person. Jehovah's Witnesses need to look unflinchingly into the eyes of elders and not allow themselves to feel intimidated. Elders are JUST mere people, mere human beings, not super beings! Let your inner strength be in charge, not these power tripping individuals. That power doesn't really exist. Yes, it is a sham! Be guided by your "gut" feelings, your instincts. Then it will be clear that the right thing to do is to go to the police about the pedophiles. Not the elders. Do not let the elders pull the wool over your eyes. Always remember they are just people and only have "power" if you turn that power over to them. It's YOU who have the power over yourselves. So. Be true to yourselves. Be true to the victims. Not to the pedophiles. Not to misled congregation members who think they are supposed to act cold and calloused to the victims. Common sense should give them a clue as to whom they owe compassion and loyalty. And it certainly isn't the pedophiles. It's not the elders. It is and ALWAYS is the victims, the poor, innocent, and vulnerable victims, the children. Give allegiance to these children! Forget the pedophiles. Forget the elders and the WTBTS. Support and love the children who are the helpless victims.

natty Tuesday, August 7, 2007
@ 6:07 PM
The guest book seems to be kind of slow the past few days, I guess with school starting, everyone is really busy. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and hope everyone is doing fine.

M.E. Sunday, August 5, 2007
@ 6:24 PM

In news interviews Jehovah's Witness spokesman Carit Stypinsky tries to play down the number of JW pedophiles in Denmark saying JWs report only 2 or 3 cases a year to the Danish police. They probably do report only 2-3 cases but those are only 2-3 cases out of many many more such cases. This shows he is using "Theocratic Warfare" verbal misdirecting or what most of us would call deception or lying. JW elders have also used TW to misdirect and deceive Judges and Government officials in different nations.

M.E. Sunday, August 5, 2007
@ 6:16 PM
Shocker in Denmark's news
A SHOCKING NEWS EXTRACT FROM THE DANISH NEWSPAPERS: Jehovah’s Witness parents discovered that their six year old son was forced to perform oral sex in the Kingdom Hall (church building) at Amager, by a fifty-five year old man who also was a Jehovah’s Witness. When the elders investigated, the child could not produce a second eye witness and so the case was dismissed on lack of evidence and the man of course did not confess. The molester to this day remains a Jehovah’s Witness in good standing, with all his privileges intact as he continues to have access to young people and children and goes out in the door to door service alone.

louise Saturday, August 4, 2007
@ 6:47 PM
That is true, the only power anyone has is the power we give them. When I looked at my attacker with power he got weak, he likes fear. It’s the same in anything. Standing up for right has much more weight. Nobody can argue against truth unless the person isn’t strong enough, which sadly the victims aren’t at the time. I can’t wait for jws to knock at my door again! Thank you for your strength.

louise Saturday, August 4, 2007
@ 6:39 PM
Hi, sorry to hear about the abuse you suffered. When I was very little a family member was disgusting in a lot of ways with me he was not a jw, but the only person I told was a jw who went on to hurt me. That taught me to never trust or tell for a very long time. To tell the truth I still get freaked out. I think it was only natural not to tell as you would be protecting you parents but also what the hell would have happened to you if you did. You would have had to go home with her. I hope you keep visiting the sight as it can be a great comfort and strength. Take care. You know you should have been nurtured, cherished, and protected. I hope you can learn to value and respect yourself for the strength and ability to survive the nightmare.

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